01-02-2020 06:49 pst

I have returned this section of the site for reasons of good form. All of the information has been sitting by the wayside for quite some time, and as of this morning is now better organized for anyone interested in reading. What was once more than thirty pages has been combined into much less. The old editor and display technology forced me to cut everything up and spread it out, and such a state meant lots of navigation issues and the entire section was very difficult to follow. As most of those old pages contained only a few images and little text, putting things together and making the story easier to follow seemed the only way. Add the active server page framework and all is good. If and when I decide to update and add work to the chronicle, notifications will be left on the main index for ease of locating. [Update 02-24-2023: Extensive progress was made on the truck between last summer and fall and this section will be updated as soon as the material is completed.]

A note to those individuals who pushed for this and believed in the process, a big thank you.

You know who you are.

Index of pages below.

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Page 1: 2002 to 2007
Page 2: 2007 to 2014
Page 3: 2014 to 2017

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