Fuck You

If you are visiting for the first time, go fuck yourself.

Fuck You

 fuck ( fucks)

"Looking for the archive? If you have not visited this site before, we apologize for the missing content. If you have been here in the past, well, things have changed. You can fuck yourself at any time within this reading without interrupting the point.

All those words trying to figure things out for years. What a waste of time. We could have drawn this conclusion long ago and avoided all the fucking bullshit in between, but alas we followed along instead thinking that we were important to others and relied upon and defended. Well, all that is behind now and we see everyone once again in even more light than mere months ago. We see. We know. 'Better not come near.' The reality is very important, too, as it can leave us slightly more comfortable at the expense of other people. Wonderful. Any gain we can achieve while steamrolling over people will be a celebration in and of itself.

cross base

The list is longer. Knives, whatever. We are finished. We see, we feel, we hate.

Somehow, we always knew. All that was necessary? Just a little something to steer us in the right direction. Now that such an event has come to pass, we can move along as we were, yet displaying more resolve and possibly the reality of what has been done coming out in the words from time to time. We are not certain yet, but if you do end up fucking yourself in a ditch while maybe bleeding from a fall or something, we will wait until you're finished bitching about it to continue. Don't worry, we still care as much as we did yesterday.

'Don't worry about what we know. It's too late.'

We will be right here, as always, yet different. We actually have hope, believe it or not, although the hope may not be what you expect.

We are hoping...

We cannot say. There are key words on the Internet which can flag certain people into paying attention. We can't have that, so sit there in your ditch and wonder. Keep bleeding, keep fucking yourself."