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The Voice of Blood

Part Twelve

read ( words)

"I did my best to stay quiet and leave Andrea undisturbed in her slumber. The thoughts were spinning me into a whipped pile of worry, but after a while I was able to cut the tears off while staring at her closed eyes. She did not stir until I left the bed for the bathroom. The glow of night lights in the garden illuminated her outstretched hand reaching for me to return. I went to Andrea and buried my face, causing her to notice my tears. Oy. She immediately wrapped around me and held tight as I whispered to her my fears. The angel took my face and planted a kiss while beginning to cry.

'I know, love.'

And then we both fell, trembling and sobbing over our impending separation. Andrea felt like half of me and to think of being apart longer than a bathroom visit was frightening. We had lifted each other so much and stayed up while together -- even during the downward spirals. I did not wish to cease our happy, loving place at all... not even for a second. I fucking needed her like nothing else in life. After some time we calmed and stayed quiet. Her fingers were all over mine, with her other hand on my cheek. I was absolutely sweeping with love for that woman like never before. Seeing her cry just crushed me. I loved her smile and positive nature, but like myself she had internal issues which boiled to the top of our pool every now and then, leaving me to wish for her happiness and stability. More crying, and then my mood fell further than during the early morning with the suicidal thoughts creeping into my outlook. The fall began to take me over. Andrea saw my eyes through her tears and clasped her arms around me tightly. I nearly lost my breath from her physical command, and the fire started in her big eyes telling me that anything destructive would be shot down quickly. She took me over completely with her strength, pulling herself up simultaneously, leaving me to follow without other options.

I steadied myself and attempted to cease the flood. Fortunately, the early morning meant that I was otherwise clear-headed, and that fact kept me from dropping all the way into the pit of despair. Andrea held continuously. And then her expression changed for the worse as she felt our actions deeply. I immediately switched from needing care to providing the same. Her torrent of beautiful tears flooded my neck and shoulder, while those trembling hands gripped at me as if I was the rope between her safety and mortality. God help us... waves of shuddering took over as the realization of life set in firmly. We clasped one another and rode the storm unlike any thus far in the trip. Our moments became wrought with fear and the knowledge that we were indeed doomed, and soon. Her frightened eyes removed any clear thinking but still I knew my only option was to turn from lover to savior. My mind focused and solidified in order to calm the flood emanating from that angel. I needed to see a smile, and soon. I needed it as the air I was attempting to breathe. Again she dropped, again I tried. Moments passed like decades. All I could do was hold on and wait it out. My own tears ceased as I pressed for a positive. And then she spoke to me in the smallest voice I had ever heard.

'We will be fine, right love?'

The silence passed and we softly pledged ourselves to making the most of those remaining days in Florida before hopping first-class back to Vegas and its vast comfort. Andrea knew everything I was worrying through. Every fucking word in my head. She was in the exact same situation with regard to such an unreal getaway. Our time in the comfort of the Polynesian was getting very short. Our beloved Monorail, too. We needed to hang on and keep the forward motion close to maintain our way. Two days and we were flying back to the goblet and whatever that stay would entail. Once again we were physically close yet the sex was at a distance in favor of that which our hearts needed.


Candy on heroin

'Pancakes, love.'

God damn that was always so fucking cute. What it was, I would never know, but her request for that breakfast item absolutely filled me with warmth. I gazed back at her beautifully cute eyes and stated they would be in front of her soon. Into the shower with loving hugs, and out of the room with my face longing to be buried in her ass as usual. That morning was different due to us having a huge breakdown for a while, yet the love still flowed as the Colorado in spring. Hand in hand, and to the embrace of the rail. Soon after another session of staring and gentle touches, we arrived at Epcot to partake in the same meal as past days. Walking slowly as was the norm, our hands were as attentive as ever. Her heels forced me to glance down and watch each foot step nearly in front of the other, creating a pattern of graceful movements I would never forget. Breakfast, with loving eyes encasing an underlying worry. Still, we enjoyed one of our favorite restaurants without issue.

We talked softly about remaining upon such a high for days on end and the struggle to find sense in our connection. Nothing. There was no sense. Two passengers seemingly opposites in life with a bit of conversation, and hours later in need of togetherness above all things. No explanation. We drew close and escaped reality, and the idea of giving a shit ceased quickly. Andrea smiled at the fraction of a chance that such an occurrence took place, and despite none of it being understandable, our time together ended up helping both of out of previous overwhelming din. The high was unreal, and I did not wish it to end. Nor did Andrea, but she pointed out our trip extension and the comfort it would provide. We needed it before flying again.

After sitting a long while, the House patio bar felt like a good choice. Every time we took transportation or sat in a bar or restaurant, it was an opportunity to touch and gaze. All of the switchtracks and changes throughout our days had us taking trains, boats, and buses often. There was no staying put in any one location for very long. We always stuck close and carried an unspoken understanding that our little world grew out of necessity. Each ride on the Monorail became more than the last -- loving and caring time which kept us afloat within the world. And every single queue became a snuggle fest.

Again we walked past Spaceship Earth and out to the shuttle. Once boarded, Andrea took my face in her beautiful hands and told me that she would never forget the trip, no matter what may happen in her future. The statement caught me off guard, just as many of the things she whispered into my waiting ears. All I could do was stare back in disbelief for the tenth time. Her loveliness and affection were nearly too much. My heart swelled with emotion. Just as I was about to become overwhelmed, we arrived at DD and the angel planted a kiss. Oh boy. If anything could pull me from concern, that was it. A beautiful smile later, and to the bar we cruised. Our favorite bartender greeted and sat us at the same table from earlier when I had called to extend our stay. Andrea ordered and we sat... gazing again. I did not realize it at the time of the call, but those extra nights were very important. We talked about the flight back to Vegas as I watched her hair flowing in the breeze like a horse's mane from heaven. I looked into her big eyes, considered her facial features as she spoke, and marveled at those slender fingers all over my hands. Jesus fucking Christ, she was so beautiful sitting there in that formed leather and silk. Black half-boots again, too. Fuck me in a delivery truck... Andrea was art at the highest echelon.

After a couple of drinks and my goo goo ga ga at the angel's appearance, we took to the path for some enjoyment. Yep... back to the lovely Monorail and to the Kingdom of bliss. The attractions came and went -- all of the classic dark rides first -- until we desired some food. A little bit of Terrace snacking, after which we strolled to our favorite Mansion. Walking through Liberty Square and Adventureland found me being pulled slightly by Andrea's long gait, with my eyes watching her move and becoming absolutely snowed by that form. I kept picturing the lingerie underneath, and that spun me into a flurry by the time we reached the gates. Fucking hell.

'Jesus, angel.'
'You ok love?'

Her smile told me she knew of my thoughts. And then her eyes told me much more. God damn. As usual, the very slow queue heated me like a torch but I had to resist due to the family crowd. We stayed close with PG behavior all the way to the elevator. Those few moments in the dark allowed us some R-rated space, and then the buggy became cozy. There was much less talking along the ride as opposed to days earlier. The heat was there, of course, however we both considered the coming few nights as critical, leaving any trivial discussion out of the present. Still, I could not help but glance at the gap over and over as her fingers held tight to mine. We knew our days were short so every second was placed upon a pedestal. The love we shared was fantastic, meaning the end of the adventure would be trying, to say the least. Andrea had become the epitome of everything for which I had dreamed for decades. All of it -- inside and out. A soulful person that aligned with my being perfectly.


The point

After the mansion we circled the park, slowly as usual, and softly exchanged thoughts of that day and the next. Pancakes again? Likely, because I could deny her nothing. Our moments were important to the point of focusing upon genuine warmth and comfort at each step. The attractions were enjoyable, but more than amusement, they were opportunities to be in constant physical contact and to share ourselves as much as possible. Andrea looked at me as if I created beauty, and I reciprocated at each glance. We were one. Another loop around and we took to the lines again. The cuddly Matterhorn, the darkness of Space Mountain, and the smooth cruise in the jungle. All of them were us being close and embracing all that we could -- sights, sounds, each other. My mind was narrowed to us. The world went away... far away.

But it would return soon enough.

Time passed in the park, and considering my near-constant dreaming about Andrea's beautiful orange lingerie, I began to send signals that I desired some time alone in our plush room. She agreed immediately and remarked over her surprise at us refraining from a sexual fling thus far that day. The previous night and morning found both our hearts writhing in pain and worry, so that was likely the reason for tenderness instead of jumping each other. We headed back to the entrance in anticipation of another physical session of heavenly bliss. Along the Monorail loop, we held hands, Andrea keeping her face in my neck. God damn it all, if there was any act in the world which had the ability to settle me from soul to fingertips, it was the simplicity of that face buried against me, and those big, beautiful eyes staring at our intertwined fingers. Good Christ the moments were indescribable. Andrea and her stunning inner and outer beauty... glued to me in more ways than one. We stayed in those big seats four times around the lagoon. No shit. The ride was as every other -- warm and wonderful.

Upon reaching the Polynesian, we sauntered to our room and embraced a long while. Andrea looked at me with those dark eyes displaying both love and worry, along with a beckoning I could not deny: 'Take me away from everything.' Oy, mama... I grabbed her and lost myself in the heat. All over the room once again, just as each prior day. We took each other to the limit, after which a period of comfort on the bed turned into us staring into the other's eyes for what seemed hours. No words, just loving and caring through vision. My head swirled with appreciation for every second. Andrea was my universe, and the location and surroundings lent to the exotic nature of the trip. Every step we took was out of a mutual need to be autonomous and comfortable in our isolation. The quiet nights and freedom allowed each to explore and think with purpose. All of the distractions served as breaks from such demanding circumstances. We were still very far outside everything else and needed each moment of solace in order to plan for the future. Much of that consideration was completely unspoken. For whatever reason and from wherever, we just knew.

Her first words after such a wondrous period of relaxing warmth were to revisit DD and its vast array of options. I agreed, and we showered together. Andrea blew up my head when she dressed in the light green undies and jeans, while up top was satin and lace lending a hint of the beautiful bra underneath. I stared and damned near drooled all over myself. She simply smiled and accepted my endless appreciation. The woman was incredible and there was no limit to her beauty. Just damn.

Andrea's long legs once again directed me to the big platform in anticipation of a soft and smooth ride to Epcot. A few minutes later we took a seat and stared. We were halfway around the loop before muttering anything. The simplicity of looking each other in the eye had become more important than anything spoken. Another loving ride, followed by the shuttle to DD for what felt the millionth time. I led the beauty back to the scene of one of the crimes -- the House of Blues main bar, where we found the friendly manager working. Nice. He greeted us and expressed appreciation for our returning despite the odd circumstances of the previous visit. I told him that our choices had been pretty firm, and we were more concerned with atmosphere than quite a few other aspects of the restaurant. A few smiles later, and we had cocktails incoming. Andrea settled herself with legs crossed and the barstool turned to face me.

'We may have to sit here a long while.'
'Whatever you wish, my love.'


Anything I wanted

And sit we did. During our visit comprised of chit chat with the manager and several drinks, Andrea and I discussed every single aspect of our trip, from the first moments speaking as strangers on the Virgin flight to Pensacola, to that very morning awakening as friends and lovers who knew each other deeply -- and each small step which took place between the more dramatic events. The Venetian and its discoveries, the flight to Orlando, and the snuggly days at all of the parks... everything led us to the point of separation representing the end of a journey neither wished would come to pass. It had to happen nevertheless... the 'No Outlet' sign forcing a u-turn. We saw it clearly, and despite the reinforced mindset combined with much consideration, the days ahead still felt sad. So, just like during our first visit to the Kingdom, we pushed it. We pushed against it hard in hopes of riding the cuddly love-sex-booze-comfort wave until it crashed into rock. Day seven, one more full day at the Polynesian, and then the fucking airport again. Ugh. Not enough... nothing was ever enough, except her loving eyes. They went on forever.

Round number four, along with teary eyes on the angel's face. Happy tears over our remaining days. And the flight, which had much meaning since our first hint of a connection. I held her hand and assured her that the Venetian stay would be very plush and comfortable. She smiled in a way only she could. A combination of love and playfulness. Andrea then asked if we could return to the World of Nations to stroll the lagoon in the late afternoon hours. Absolutely. We settled with the friendly manager and exited the big bar. Shuttle, cozy, Epcot. The geodesic dome was beginning to glow purple in the waning light. Slowly around the Showcase lagoon, counterclockwise. Canada, England... puppy eyes and wrapped arms. Several stops at the water to gaze at Disney's beautiful handiwork, and the rest of the circle with soft words. God damn fucking hell, my fortune in meeting Andrea when I was a complete wreck appeared trigonometrically calculated into a scarce chance at best. Jesus. And she was just as happy. Hmm... perhaps I was not a wreck after all. Just hmm.

Could that have been a boost to my confidence, and something I needed to enable a return trip without throwing myself into the ocean? Another hmm. Seeing the Brunette again after days and days of gallivanting around the nation sans restriction felt uncomfortable, to say the least. She was the push to visit my family in the first place, and like all other suggestions aimed at helping me emotionally, my actions ultimately failed. Fuck me, but it was true. Add to that my silence and utter mass-ignore to the world I left behind, and returning with expectations of appreciation felt like a boulder tumbling and melting into a giant volcano from hell. In short, I was fucked.

As our walk carried us back toward the big Spaceship, my face had apparently been broadcasting the home turmoil, causing Andrea to -- of course -- notice. I shared my thoughts which seemed to melt her a bit. She told me there were no worries because we both had those weights on our ankles, but at the same time, she did not enjoy seeing me upset in any way. Wrapping her eyes, heart, and arms around me, Andrea stated that the thinking for the day was over, but perhaps we could have a calm discussion in the hotel. Enjoyment, but not without some conversation about our situation and the ups and downs of moving forward. Yes ma'am. Further along until the dome was upon us. We rode that meandering tech show and then cruised back to the platform toward home.

On to the rail, off to the Polynesian. We rode in silence. Back in our garden room, Andrea dropped her gorgeous boots, and the discussion carried forward from where we left off at the bar. I listened intently to her reasoning for the run, she in turn expressed curiosity as to what developed prior to my relationship with the Brunette. She had already known about my previous trips to the goblet -- including Juliette, Jasmine, and the time with Ashley, that doll. My life leading up to living on the coast? None of that. Well, there was a story, but I hesitated to share at that point. Her genuine soul was not a problem, however I was concerned over my fucked up decisions of the previous year and how that angel might view me as a person. I felt bad much of the time, filled with regrets and tremendous remorse over causing emotional distress in others. Andrea saw it all in my eyes for days, and that prompted her to ask. She felt that going over everything might help alleviate some of my depression. I could not have wished for a better or more appropriate listener.


Her lingerie drove me nuts...

My concern would not let up, even knowing that Andrea was sweet, kind, caring, and could likely absorb anything I may convey without issue. I stared at her eyes as she gently twirled that mane. She stared right back at me, awaiting my words, and looking ever the sexy therapist. Within moments of sitting, all of the physical desire through which I normally would have been swimming, disappeared. Andrea looked like the compound result of every possible sexual descriptor melded together, yet the thoughts of what I had caused just months earlier smashed everything other than disdain and disgust with both myself and the actions which led me to Florida in the first place. For her body and all it entailed to leave my head that quickly spoke volumes. My turmoil just took over without hesitation. Damn it, but whatever. I had to share and deal with the possible consequences. The need was far too great and her help compelling. I began to feel relief just knowing that my listener was more understanding than I could have hoped. Considering the reasons for her running away was difficult for me, and the fact that she did it anyway meant I was not the only one with unfeeling behavior and lousy decisions under my belt. Andrea and I were together due to each other's circumstances, good or bad. God damn, she looked so beautiful. The eyes invited me into her soul.

So, we ordered a bottle of wine, relaxed on the sofa -- those long legs across my lap -- and I laid it all down.


...even while relaying a damaging tale

[There are no names due to the need for privacy. The woman with whom I was married will be referred to as the 'victim' for lack of another term. I caused her so much difficulty that the descriptor is appropriate. 'Innocent' could also be applied, so keep that in mind. The font color is contrasting the remainder of this page for clarity.]

'The Brunette and I met through a mutual friend on Facebook during the summer of 2010. We exchanged greetings and a few songs for many months, but nothing more. I did not really know her because she was quite guarded on Facebook. That is very safe. The mutual friend was a woman with whom I went to school, and she worked with the Brunette's husband for a few years. The Brunette and I became friends because of the Farm Town game (of all things) and until August 2010 we were just acquaintances. She sent me a message to let me know she was switching accounts on Facebook because she separated from her husband and many of her friends were also his. She wished a fresh start but wanted to remain friends with me. After that, I regularly messaged her to see how she was doing and show support during her difficult time. She really appreciated my caring nature.

In September, I mentioned to the Brunette that if ever she came out my way I wanted a hug. I was going through my own difficulties in life, and another pair of ears listening was nice, however speaking in person felt compelling. I had no idea where she lived and for some reason I thought she was back east somewhere. She asked, 'don't you work in Mountain View? I work in Los Altos.' I then asked if she wished to meet up somewhere and talk in person. She said yes very quickly and we soon met at a little pub in Mountain View. The victim knew that I had wanted to meet the Brunette and despite her hesitation, she agreed. I had no idea what to expect. Once seeing her eyes, I thought I might be in trouble. I was, and the Brunette felt the same. That evening when we parted we actually kissed and it felt magical. It really was, and for both of us. Over the next few weeks we met here and there and became very close to each other very fast. By the middle of October I was calling in sick to spend the day with her at her home. We grew to love each other while I was still with the victim. In addition to this new person in my life, I had found myself falling out of love with the victim. After more than thirteen years together the excitement and passion was drifting away. Meeting the Brunette brought those feelings back to me and the more time we spent together the more I knew I would eventually leave the victim. The ridiculous aspect is the nature of long-term relationships can be straining upon two people -- keeping physical attraction alive and at the forefront can be difficult for both after so much time and falling into a sort of routine within life together. The Brunette lit flames which had been absent for years.

Late October and I was in love with the Brunette. She occupied my thoughts constantly. I was missing work to see her, lying through my teeth to the victim, and completely intoxicated by my feelings for the Brunette. One Sunday I wanted to see the ocean so the victim and I took a drive to Half Moon Bay to walk on the beach and find some lunch. The weather was hideous, though. Lots of rain and wind kept us in the car. We then drove north toward Pacifica and stopped at Linda Mar beach to watch the surfers. I mentioned that there was a nice bar in town (because I had visited it with the Brunette, and it was walking distance from her apartment). She wished to go, and then I asked if she wanted to meet the Brunette. She said sure, so I texted to see if the Brunette would meet us. The Brunette agreed, but was nervous. We arrived at the bar, had a few drinks, and shot some pool together. It was a tad uncomfortable because the Brunette was so nervous she ended up drinking like a fish. The bartender asked me who to whom I was married, and I pointed the victim out to her. She then told me, 'you're being obvious.' I asked what she meant, and she said that it was very apparent that the Brunette and I were having an affair. Fuck. Soon after, we left and the Brunette went back to her apartment and passed out. The next morning I knew she would miss work so I texted her at 4:30am as I drove to work to see if I could come by. The Brunette agreed very excitedly, so I called in sick from the car and drove to her home. I spent the whole day, night, and the next day until early afternoon at her apartment. I should mention that NASA had a lodge for employees where I would sleep from time to time. On the occasion in question I was to spend the night at the lodge so staying with the Brunette overnight did not arouse any suspicion from the victim.'


Slender passion

Wine swilling... tears... trembling... continuation.

'In early November, the Brunette mentioned that she wanted to take photos at NASA. I told the victim that I would bring the Brunette there on a Saturday and she wanted to go along. We met the Brunette at the gate and then shot pictures for a few hours. I suggested that we go into Mountain View for lunch and they though it was a great idea. We went to town and had lunch, a couple of drinks, and some pleasant conversation. The victim and the Brunette really got along well and the victim actually mentioned becoming friends with the Brunette on Facebook. We parted ways after a while and went home to meet a friend at our house for drinks and dinner. That night he and I spoke, at which time it was revealed that he could sense I was seeing someone. He just knew. I told him about the Brunette and he said be very careful. He was the type of man to have brief affairs from time to time. I believe his wife knew such through intuition, too. But they were happy together. It's possible she had gone outside their marriage too, but I could not be sure.

The night went on and I found the victim to be completely polluted and happy on alcohol. We sat outside by the fire for hours. I had been texting the Brunette the whole time and the victim knew this. She knew we talked a lot about lots of things. I was not flirting with the Brunette that night, just chit chatting. The next morning (November the 7th, I will not soon forget) the victim was hungover pretty bad. I had been emailing the Brunette that I thought about heading to Fremont to go shopping. I asked her to meet me at a restaurant and she was excited about it. I told the victim I was going to go, but did not tell her the Brunette was meeting me. I arrived at the restaurant and the Brunette and I had a beer and a snack. Part way into us enjoying the day, my phone rang and it was the victim. I went outside to talk to her, and she told me she had a terrible feeling about me and asked that I come home. I agreed. I told the Brunette what was going on and she worried. We left.

Upon arriving home, the victim immediately asked if the Brunette and I were more than friends. After a deep breath, I revealed to her that I was in love. She was very upset, and asked me to stop seeing the Brunette right away to save us. That floored me. She did not yell or get angry, just asked me to stop. I told her I had to go to the Brunette's apartment to break it off. Honestly, on the way to the Brunette's place I had no idea if I wanted to stop seeing her or leave the victim. I called the Brunette on the way and she became very worried. I arrived and we walked on the beach and talked. Hours passed, and the victim was texting me that she loved me and wanted me to be happy. I cried into the Brunette's shoulder for a long time. In the evening I called the victim and the first thing she asked was if we were splitting up. I said yes. She was understandably devastated. I never went back to my house. Before sleeping that first night at the Brunette's, my strongest thought was that I should kill myself.

I essentially moved in with the Brunette on that night. She was supportive and said I could stay as long as I needed. I went to my house a few times to pick up things, but other than that I stayed on the coast. Over the next few weeks I went to work from her apartment and we enjoyed every evening together. I quickly realized that she was becoming the whole world to me. Everything, literally. We were wonderful together. Thanksgiving week she texted me from work to say she was falling into a depressed state and was leaving work early. I also left early to come home and care for her. She was there, full of whiskey but not drunk, and so very down. I had not seen her like that. It was at that point that she decided to take a leave of absence from work for six weeks. For the next three days we stayed holed up and together. I did my best to help her and she appreciated it. After Thanksgiving day, which we spent making pasta and watching movies, we ventured to SF both on Black Friday and Saturday. That was nice. Even though she was having trouble holding herself together, both of us needed the distraction of the city. For the next couple of weeks she was up and down, and at the same time trying to help me deal with the pain I had caused the victim. The Brunette had left her husband a few months earlier and had similar feelings about it.

By the first week of December I was falling apart over the reality that I had hurt the victim so badly. Our lives were intertwined completely up to that fateful day when I drove across the bridge and stayed rather than cutting off ties with the Brunette and going home. The stress was overwhelming, however since the Brunette was next to me with those big, loving eyes, I still did not think clearly or see the gravity of my actions. Due to my being so out of balance, I decided to take a medical leave from work just as the Brunette had. My job was dangerous -- lots of compressed gases, heavy machinery, and explosives -- and I found myself distracted enough to tell my boss that I was afraid of putting people at risk. He understood, so I took four weeks off to clear my head and seek therapy. The Brunette and I then took a road trip to the Salton Sea to get the hell away from everything for a while. We took the cameras and had a fairly relaxing week, although much of the time I pictured myself with either a handful of pills or a handgun to end myself. I could not go one moment to the next without thinking of my death. After the trip, we remained living in her apartment but I could see that my being there was beginning to cause her discomfort. I knew I could not stay much longer.


The compound I needed to devour

In January I began to feel more and more suicidal. After a night of booze with the Brunette at a bar, I felt terrible about leaving the victim and the difficulty I had caused both our families. We went to great effort to arrange our wedding in Las Vegas and many friends and family attended. It was a beautiful affair and the victim was absolutely ecstatic about the whole thing. We had a big party at our house with 40+ people attending, too. That summer was wonderful. All of the bliss was weighing on my mind very much (still is, really). I was also feeling the stress that my being in the Brunette's little apartment was causing her much discomfort. I felt I needed to leave for a while. I booked a flight to visit my cousin in Florida. The Brunette drove me to the airport and was going to pick me up the following week. That was the time when I met you after the layover in Dallas. Well, after one night in Florida I was feeling worse than ever, needed to see you again, and subsequently changed my return flight to meet up with you and bring us to Vegas instead of home. I was only in Florida two nights and my cousin was driving me back to the airport very worried. No one could control me at that point because my depression and suicidal nature were dictating my actions. We flew to Vegas much to the dismay of the Brunette, the victim, my parents... everyone. It was such a bad thing to do, but I needed to drown into that big machine before plunging myself into the ground. I was in sporadic contact with the Brunette the while in Vegas, and after three nights there you and I ran here to hide and be together. At that point the contact with everyone else ceased completely. Not good. I do not know if you could see that I had cut off the world by the time we flew again, but that is the case.

I feel so bad now. This story is all true, and all me. I did it. I am ashamed and regretful, but I did it.'


Invitations with a smile

Andrea had tears in her eyes and I began to worry that she would write me off, but in there I still could tell that her heart was not going to give up on me due to the words I had been sharing. I paused for a few minutes to gather my thoughts, and before I had the chance to follow my thoughts to alleviate some of the rampant paranoia, she spoke in that gorgeous voice...

'Love, please don't worry. I'm not upset, just interested. I know there has been a shadowy sadness following you everywhere we go. I know it and I have felt it. Now I see why, but you must believe that we are all human and following our hearts can be both wonderful and dangerous. I have no bad feelings toward you whatsoever, my dear. You made the decisions which brought that big heart to this point, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to feelings. They simply are. Don't worry at all... my view of you cannot possibly change. I love you.'

'I love you too, angel.'

Relief. Period. She understood and did not judge me in any way. Holy fuck did I ever love that woman. We embraced a long while on the sofa before speaking again. During the snuggle, my head did not veer from the story, nor did I drift into sex. Andrea meant so much to me that the emotional aspects had been taking over the lustful excitement. She was an angel -- quite literally -- and drew me up from that chasm of depression. I knew the next few days would be lighter other than the eventual split. The Vegas extension had to be nice, and the thought of us strolling the resorts again was enticing.

'Well now, we need some fun and a change of scenery.'
'Ok my dear.'

Shoes back on, her pants looking like dessert, and out the door. We took to the loop hand-in-hand and glided back to the Kingdom for some dark rides. Along the way I was trying to calculate my good fortune again, but to no avail. Reasoning our circumstances was not going to happen and Andrea seemed as cuddly as ever. I told her everything, relived recent memories I wished to push away, and felt as if I had destroyed the world, yet the angel simply understood and stayed against me. The darkness inside was eased due to her loving manner. Did I say good fortune? No shit.

Off the train and through the gate, straight to Fantasyland for some indoor cruising. Andrea was like an extra appendage the entire time. When we stood, her head was on my shoulder. While moving, her hands wrapped my arm. That hair was everywhere and smelled of heaven. On the rides we stayed as close as possible, afterward strolling toward Pirates for an extended sit. The line was long and it did not matter. Just more time close to the other. As we stepped slowly, Vegas came up and I asked if Andrea wished to return to the big Venetian or a different resort. She did not care where we stayed, as long as it was comfortable. Not a problem. My head felt more relaxed than earlier, coupled with her reaction to my slew of mistakes not creating problems. I began to realize that I was going to be fine upon my exit from her life. I had no doubt Andrea would be well. Her soul and character were wonderful, meaning there was faith in her ability to rise and push forward through anything. That belief helped me to stand, too. Experiencing such a lift meant that by the time we reached the long end of the queue, flirting took over. Oy God help me. All the way through that slow, meandering river her legs absolutely controlled my vision. The view between her silk lapels was about as inviting as possible. Noticing my hungry leering, I received a big smile along with whispers of plans for our return to the Polynesian. Wonderful... the best distraction, and at a time when we almost did not need such a thing.

Out of the boat and toward the Mansion. I felt like we lived there for Chrissakes. The line and buggies were just too comfortable to pass us by. That time, as soon as we loaded and slid up into the first hallway, I was grabbed by that beauty and kissed like the sky was falling. Nearly no breath until the attic. Jesus, and I had thought I was the one in heat. Fucking hell in a mixing bowl, Andrea was possessed (really? in a haunted house? Heh.). After drooling over both the angel and Little Leota, I was ready to fall into the hedges and attack her like a rabid dog. Nope... a few more walks and darkness-encapsulated thrills before we aimed for the rail. That was a tough ride. All touching and making eyes. We rolled into the room and dropped everything -- clothes included -- and wrote the book. Holy fucking crap and everything else.

Sleep. Pretzel. God damn.

During the night I awakened to the glowing garden and the sound of Andrea breathing into my neck. I laid there a while and contemplated everything which had taken place thus far. From leaving for SFO to the bartender and her gorgeous eyes, to stumbling onto the connecting flight and sitting next to a woman who would quickly become an angel. The feeling was good on more than one level, leaving me in a place with nothing other than positivity. She fucking saved me, us, and the days we had left together. God fucking love her. All of that worry and fear was shoved into a massive space, illuminated, and subsequently dispatched. I rose more during those moments on the sofa than I had since snatching her away from Pensacola in a blind effort to attach myself with a person who brought me solace throughout mere moments. We began quickly, but the fused souls felt as a lifetime.

Off to sleep again.


Every curve... mine

Andrea was up and about before I left the night behind. That angel had been sitting up in bed and waiting for me. As soon as she saw I was awake and fairly alert, the breakfast order was in. Oh. My. God. She did it again... the pancakes. No matter how many times I heard that simple request, I still melted.


So fucking cute, as Andrea whispered quietly like most mornings. I said nothing, instead opting to relieve her of the covers and roll her onto that flat stomach, leaving her lovely cheeks staring at me. I caressed her lower back and watched as that beautiful body relaxed itself. Her arms went up over her head, fingers intertwined, and silent words were telegraphed to me that my desire was shared. Further down until soft whimpers began to press me into that warm sexual space we had inhabited daily. I could not help it... upon seeing the radii of my dreams, I was done. For nearly half an hour, I did as I pleased -- every now and then seeing her eyes burning holes through me -- and pushing her over the edge more times than I could count. I loved it like an addict with endless cash available. I moved her a bit here and there to stare in various ways and enjoy the flames of my mind. After she sighed heavily and sat up, I was told to lie still and enjoy. Andrea then took me with a passion and caring which blew me up inside. Her mouth and fingers were heavenly. Shower and big, mushy eyes.

Blue lingerie again, jeans which wrapped her body like they were stitched to that very skin, and half-boots. Andrea looked like a model bent upon devouring me again. Jesus fucking crap. I had to get that girl some breakfast or we would dive into each other's pants again. Dressed, out, rail. Along the ride we talked of how well our minds were matched. That was true... it seemed everything we did was agreed upon without the need for conversation. We finished sentences back and forth. We had agreements and discussions with glances, smiles, gestures. The whole thing was unbelievable. As we glided along, I realized like always that we were passing stations without a glance outside. The train made its way around Seven Seas Lagoon three times before we exited at the Grand. I watched her walk and immediately wished to be pressed against her sex for another half hour of moaning. I was insatiable at times -- morning being the strongest feeling. Andrea saw it all over my confused face and simply smiled.

'I want you too, love.'
'Let's distract ourselves in the parks a while, ok?'
'That sounds wonderful, mister tongue.'

Fuck! There it was. The images in my mind of her ass, labia and upper thighs became illuminated to the point of massive blood pressure. I strained to keep my composure as Andrea just smiled devilishly.

'Sorry, love.' Giggle.
'Coffee, you fucking goddess.'

Off to the restaurant with a head spinning and full of sex. Just damn it anyway. Distraction was oh so necessary. Thank Christ for breakfast and some semblance of normal conversation which steered the blood away. She could force it back with nothing more than a soft touch or the right glance, though. I sat there hoping Andrea would not light my fuse because we only just left the room for the day but it was right down the rail. Thankfully, we steered the ship in the direction of the parks and ideas on how to proceed with the morning. The decision was to stroll the Studios, enjoy the Tower and some other things, and then slide into that soft seat at the House of Blues patio bar. No shit. The main bar was nice, too, just in case the weather was too warm for sitting outside. Food, words, love, Monorail.

The TTC came and went after switching trains. Epcot incoming, and then the shuttle carried our heated asses to MGM Studios where I walked behind that fiery woman and dreamed of swallowing her whole. Her Goddamned ass gyrated so beautifully that I forgot where we were headed. The thong was in there... waiting. She turned quickly to find me drooling and that mane flew all around. Jesus Harold Christ on a fucking rubber crutch. Her shoulders, long, thin arms, towering neck, tiny waist and void of a midsection were still as amazing to see as that first walk from the airline seat to the restroom. I stared and grinned, causing Andrea's gorgeous eyes to light up. She came to me and grabbed my shoulders, jumping and wrapping those legs around me. Others looked on as if I had won the lottery. I felt it, too. We continued side-by-side to the Tower queue and snuggled in. The wait was similar to all of them -- lots of passionate whispering and goo goo eyes. The world was again fucking far away. Boarded, lifted, laughing, screaming, wonderful. Out and off to different fun, loving and caressing the whole way.


Gazing at the pinnacle

After some cruising and enjoying that park, we rolled over to the ferry to float back into Epcot. The shuttles were comfortable, but being outdoors was too nice in the mild weather. The boat dropped us part way around the World of Nations, so we walked to the lagoon and took in all of the beauty that Disney created. Andrea asked to be in darkness for a while, so we headed for the dome and its long line to fun. The wait was so nice with her stunning beauty attached to me the entire way. We arrived in the loading area and her playful self grabbed my face and whispered...

'I want to wrap my lips around you, love.'

Fuck! Again! Andrea's huge smile and laughter were cute beyond words. Yep, she had that way of killing me in public. Every. Fucking. Time. I had to step back and stare at her adorable giggling with that hand to her mouth. Oy... mouth. She was flooring me and knew it. On the upside, our worries were so far away and the closeness was at an all-time high. The concerns which days before had us stopped in our tracks more than once seemed eased by knowing that survival and moving forward were no longer in doubt. Andrea's loving manner, soulful understanding and calming presence were not things I had the slightest desire to live without, but the changes within me which resulted from our fantastic romance were becoming permanent fixtures. [To this very second, that woman resides beside the Raven in my damaged heart.] There was no avoiding a smile and tremendous joy upon her flirting every time. Together we were so far up that Vegas and the coming days were eased to a great degree. Excellent, and a massive portion of my ability to move forward without further destruction. I had been away so long that home no longer felt as such.

Andrea felt like my home.

On the slow train, cuddling and kissing, off the slow train. We then sauntered out to the platform for the shuttle toward DD and booze. Along the ride Andrea successfully floored me in a different way than an offer of oral sex while in public -- she told me in many words just what I meant to her and how I had saved her very life by drawing her sad self out of Pensacola and into the fold of luxury. I had to try hard to hold back tears and she saw it.

'You are the reason for my smile, and I will carry that to the end, my love. Remember that.'

Not even the crowd around us could stop it by that statement. We had to pull aside and rest ourselves. To the bench at the exit, and into her loving arms. Moments passed and I calmed looking into her huge, dark eyes and the love and hope they projected. Fuck me in a dump truck, there was just no end to our connection. Off the bench and toward the bar we stepped. All of my feelings for her were multiplying exponentially and so quickly that the emotions were staggering. Never in my forty-four years of living had I been so enamored in every conceivable way. Andrea had me in the stratosphere. Along the way we marveled at the dramatic entrance to Bongos and talked of the excellent service at the bar. That place likely would be on tap for the next afternoon, and seeing as we had not gone a single day without visiting DD for some alcohol and food, the idea was nice. The temperature was decent which led us to the patio and our friendly bartender. He offered table service and we lapped it up like decent alcoholics. The conversation continued with Andrea professing her joy over our chance meeting. I loved it and adored being in our element yet again. The cocktails flowed, flirting increased, and some small plates came to live on our table. I was dreaming of her endlessly beautiful lingerie stuffed in my yearning mouth for minutes, sent eyes to hers pushing us into a world of sexual innuendo. My mind ceased function on normal levels. Fucking ceased. All I could see was the view of her soft, shapely ass before my needful eyes, and the bliss of plunging my tongue into that place above all others. I pressed forth with my words as Andrea began to heat up. Her lips pursed, my desire firing on all cylinders, and the bartender sensing an inferno engulfing the bar. He came to us, smiled, and dropped the check. That was outstanding reading from many feet away. By the time I closed the check, the angel was having trouble sitting still. We stood and embraced, leaving the bartender with a smile unlike we had seen from him in past days.

Shuttle stop, burning desire, hands and lips.

Monorail, eyes afire, dripping need, Polynesian.

The room was glowing from that beautiful garden beyond the picture windows. The sight of Andrea peeling off her jeans topped it, however. I was mesmerized by the compounds on her thighs and made a point of gawking heavily, which prompted her to stand still for minutes and please my senses. My mind turned to clay as she pointed to the carpet in front of her slender feet. I did as that angel asked and parked myself there at waist level. Before my eyes was the sight of sights...

'Turn yourself around, please.'

Andrea pivoted and stood, feet together, allowing me to take in her wondrous dimensions. I looked closely as she waited and bent slightly to exaggerate her ass which presented to me a perfect image of definition between the slight curves leading up and into the oval space outlined by her thong. No sooner did I draw closer and don my glasses when that woman pulled off the tiny garment and proceeded to reposition her ass so as to afford me a stunning view. Her softness was inches from my pupils... warm, waiting, captivating. Longer I looked upon those delicate and heavenly-formed dimensions which soon sent me into dreamy locales. My eyes wide, I began to run one finger along the curves which clearly lined her inner thighs from mid to top. The feeling was like that of a person bent upon realizing a dream after a lifetime of waiting. I drooled, breathed, and with tremendous heart rate took in everything that combined to place her physical dimensions outside simple understanding. Again she moved slightly, pairing her little feet and shifting the view enough to open yet another world of my passionate need. Further in with magnified detail, I became mesmerized and drunk with what I was seeing. Andrea had the patience and caring to push such an experience beyond my imagination and far enough to burn away preoccupation with imagery and leave room only for the smallest universe containing my eyes and her vast beauty.


She was so beautiful

After my obsessive staring lightened up a bit and my brain subsequently chopped into tiny bits, Andrea took my hands, stood me up, and dropped to the floor plunging her mouth with purpose. All I could do at that point was stand there and enjoy her gratifying motions, often reaching down to caress her soft breasts and attempt to understand why I may have deserved such attention. Her eyes were half closed as she pleased me with lips, tongue, and fingers. I nearly could not stay upright. Such was her loving manner. As soon as I stopped shaking and could catch my breath, I positioned Andrea on the bed, on her back, knees up and together. I sat on the soft carpet beside her ass, and gazed as her eyes locked to me. I then asked her to relax, after which I moved to her with all of the loving passion I could feel. Andrea's delicate sex went from warm to hot to the boiling point several times. During those moments I could hear her voice telling me how happy she was and how much she loved me for so many reasons. Wave after orgasmic wave passed as my heart swelled for all that she was to me. Her legs pressed my back many times and her slender hand pushed at my head as her other hand gripped the blanket. All I could see and feel was love for that wonderful woman, my desire to please her forcing my motions. After a while she rose and grabbed my face with the beginnings of tears and wide eyes.

'Fucking hell, love!'
'My dear, you are so delicious that I may lose my mind.'

Indeed... there was so much passion that I thought I would die right there on the carpet. I could not fathom anything beyond the need to be near her -- attached, somehow -- at any given moment. Placing my touch to her most intimate of parts and bringing joy to such an emotionally damaged soul brought me to heights previously unimagined. The simplicity of seeing Andrea smile had become my life's direction. God love her... all of her. We laid there a while and relaxed before speaking softly about our shared heat. I looked into her dark eyes and saw myself. The near past had been strewn with fear, disgust, and confusion over the months leading to my departure from the Brunette's space. Andrea's situation was different than mine, but still there were many similarities which we had discussed for days. She remained quiet, and her hands slowly explored my fingers as those big eyes displayed deep feelings for our little universe. I nearly broke down just looking at her with that patient, contemplative expression and the incredible softness in her pupils. The more her eyes moved around parts of me, the more I felt as if nothing in the future could compare. One second would pass and seem as a lifetime.

A little while later we stepped into the shower with very few words. The entire shitaree was like a cyclone in my head as we took care of business before exiting the room. Andrea's softness of soul overwhelmed me in so many ways that I could not comprehend exactly what was going on around us at any given second. Yes, I was that far in. Bad? Of course. Caring? Nope... the woman swept me into a pile of mushy bliss and there was no chance of dispersion.

Back to the rail which felt like a second home (our big, plush room was home number one -- fuck everything before that). We sat and floated back to our favorite park. Yes, the Magic Kingdom. Our flight out was the following mid-morning, so any visits were very slow and appreciative. Every fucking second. I was still trying to think straight after experiencing Andrea and her never-ending thrall upon all of my senses. Just sitting next to her on the train became an exercise in restraint. As much as we had devoured each other throughout the past couple of weeks, there seemed no end to wanting more. Her hair and exposed shoulders were quite the dream, not to mention a slight amount of cleavage and those fucking thighs which controlled me completely. We cruised past the park platform a few times before exiting into the Kingdom. The ride was typical -- lots of quiet contemplation and staring at our hands together. I was going to miss the simplicity of traveling from place to place as much as the destinations. Whenever we had a wait or some time to sit still, the affection flowed. Wonderful.

Through the gate we sauntered. I could not help but glance at the light blue strap that showed itself from time to time as we walked toward our favorite queue areas. All of the lines were long and we cared not as everything was us and time waiting did not matter in the least. We enjoyed every damned thing, no matter the crowd, lines, speed... none of it became an issue. We constantly needed to be close. That was the only way. When we arrived at the Mansion, the wait was excessive -- all the way through the inner queue, through the iron gates, and around toward the train station. We slid in, held on, and calculated that it was ideal. Along the nearly one-hour slow walk we talked again of flying and the Venetian. Not really planning, but ideas on how to stay within our little sphere of comfort. Vegas is purchased comfort, nothing more. But it didn't matter. We could sink into anything. I still had the means. The gates finally arrived and we moved along to the graveyard section of the queue, hands clasped the whole way. Thankfully, Andrea's flirting and sexy eyes were at a minimum. That made the wait easier and very relaxed. Conversation here and there, appreciation for being in that park amidst the beauty and wonder, and a love for us being completely out of the reach of others dictated our direction. Once inside, we spoke quietly about having first-class tickets and yet another hotel among the multitudes who did not know of us. Perfect. And then the buggy, the rise, and the stunning beauty of on of Walt Disney's historic visions. Within that, two swelling hearts devouring each second. Little Leota and her gorgeous voice, exit, Pirates queue, hugs. Again... right where we needed to be. Slow wait, slow boat ride, slow walk through the exit. And her beauty commanding me.

Fuck me in a muddy ditch. Another drop began to take over my head, and the effort to keep it at bay was tremendous. I pulled the angel off our path and toward a quiet corner so I could have a few moments to put it away. Her emotional eyes told me everything -- relax, stay calm, cherish all of it. The beauty of her intense staring smacked the shit out of me and illuminated our loving path again. Calming took a little doing, however, and that meant keeping ourselves on the entertainment path and away from the precious booze. Onward to the three mountains and their cooling winds. Very nice. The hills of thrills, and not the warm hills nestled in that soft blue bra. The rails of splendor... two outdoor and one indoor. After those cozy lines and exciting rides, the gates were calling, as were the sheets. Andrea suggested stretching our evening slightly with a nightcap, and I could not disagree. Monorail, Grand Floridian, bar.

Cocktails at a premium. No fucking caring.


I just could not help myself

The rail carried us back to our glowing resort, where the garden room awaited our presence with its glowing lighting and warm accents. We undressed together, showered briefly, and took to the bed without clothing, as was our way. The night was very quiet and allowed us to whisper of the next morning, business to be handled, and the trip to the airport. On and off we talked of how the Orlando leg of our adventure felt too short, yet at the same time just enough. The resort was everything we needed, from food and drinks to services to transportation right outside the door. Our stay those many nights had been exactly what we both wanted and dreamed of for a long while. From the amenities to the wide-eyed wonder, that massive place had no equal. Andrea's big, beautiful eyes showed me just how much she appreciated me snatching her from the shackles of her life and opening doors to places which allowed the necessary exploration for carrying forward and surviving. I, in turn, told her she was the reason for my being in a similar headspace and could say with all confidence that I would remain out of the ocean's cold grip. We saved each other. Andrea's warmth of heart, body and soul kept me clear of the mighty jaws of death. An angel, through and through.

We laid there a long while before drifting off. Some hours later I awakened to hear her breathing next to me. One long leg was across mine and one hand on my chest. The quiet was so nice after being within the gears of Disney's machine. Andrea's soft skin was all over me, prompting me to switch gears a bit to avoid waking and jumping her. I began to think of flying back to SFO and finding my way after being gone so long. I had reentered life after spending many days in Nevada with Juliette and the adorable Ashley, and that return was wrought with issues. Work, family, everyday living, all of it. I had heard the exit calling and saw it illuminated many times, and the ease required months of patience. There was nothing in me which could help without walking straight back into my life, arms wide. Choices had been narrowed so severely that I felt the fear deeply. Andrea helped me to believe that survival was up to me, yet still my apprehension was mounting. I heard a voice inside telling me to listen to the angel, push back into my prior world and make myself fit as best I could. Another voice was telling me to flee further after Andrea went home. It was my blood. Upon realizing that the journey she had been pressing may be too much to ask, I began to fall yet again. Tears, trembling, worry, fear. I rolled up into a ball and let it happen. Breakdown.

There was no getting around it that morning. Andrea stirred, rose, and latched on to me with all of herself. Over and over she whispered that she loved me deeply and we were going to be ok. Both of us would make it. But I was not hearing it. The blood was speaking in the voice which would not be ignored. All of the past -- especially the previous year -- slammed into my brain like a pair of rams fighting. It was bad. I felt horrible, even with a gorgeous, loving woman wrapping me in herself. That skin, the curves, the height, long fingers, sharp shoulders, and the intimate points... during those moments falling into a pit of despair, none of it was visible to me. All I could think was doom. Being away from Andrea for longer than visiting the restroom just did not compute. My dependency in Vegas and being tied to Ashley felt multiplied with the angel. Yes, we jumped each other at almost every opportunity, but the truth was all of the comfort inside she provided felt like the support I needed in order to make it through any given day. The thought of being alone was too frightening. Even watching Ashley stroll away scared me and that exit was after just a few days. Andrea and I had been physically and emotionally attached to a deep level for weeks. Everything fell down upon my shoulders with her holding on.

'Calm yourself, love. Breathe.'

I tried, but the effort took a long while for it to happen. With Andrea's soft voice in my ear and hands to my cheeks, I finally relaxed enough to see the light coming up in the garden and pull my head out of the black. As soon as I had enough brainpower to think my way into a better place, Andrea and her nakedness jumped up, dressed, and stated that coffee was incoming. She did not want to wait for room service. A smooch and out the door. During the moments she was absent, I tried to further compose myself. The hour was very early, and that meant lots of time to prepare our things and ourselves for leaving the beauty of the resort. I considered all of the reasons for my initial switch from the family visit to a long adventure with a woman I had known for mere hours. Yes, she was too gorgeous for me to have avoided giving her attention, but soon after began to feel like we were ideally suited for spending an extended amount of time together. I was drawn to any number of attractive females and at any time (always needy), so her outer looks pulled me immediately. Upon speaking and seeing those pools of emotion looking to me for help, my choices were removed and I turned back into the expert escape artist with tons of cash. I knew it well from running away on and off for years. Cut to many days later, and I sat in that room awaiting the return of one of the most stunning women I had ever seen, nearly twenty grand lighter, and with a simple cup of coffee upon her return. As I realized the gravity of my decisions and the uncaring began to creep back in, the door opened and I saw a smile, a tray of cups, and her body approaching me like a gazelle on a runway. God damn... hair and breasts bouncing the entire way. Fear out, love in.

'I wanna be out early, ok? More time to avoid any rush getting to our flight.'
'Ok my dear.'

We sipped, showered, and packed our things. I asked her to wear the orange so I could dream about those globes during the trip. Andrea agreed adorably, and said perhaps I should be the one to put the lingerie on her body. Oy fuck. Not easy, but I tried my best to get the little bow centered between her gorgeous breasts. And the more I fiddled, the more she giggled. Her hands began to caress my shoulders and neck, pushing my speaking blood south with purpose. Finally, and beginning to sweat, I successfully hooked the thin bra and sat to wrap the tiny thong around her delicate self. Nope. I gently placed her foot on my shoulder and traced the radii on her inner thighs until I could take no more. Softly into her, moaning, writhing, until moments later she crawled onto the bed on all fours. I took her as she requested, and did not last long. My hand went around her nonexistent tummy to tickle as hers went between her legs and back to do the same to me... and that was that. I fell back, smiling, Andrea laughing over us being unable to resist the other's attention. We cleaned up again and dressed to exit the lovely room. One look back at our little home for the past nine days and out the door before 7am -- on shaky legs for the millionth time. We headed to the registration desk to settle up, and then to the rail for the last time. TTC, Epcot loop, shuttle to Downtown Disney. We awaited our town car for a bit, and then rolled to the airport in typical comfort. Along the ride Andrea sat with her legs crossed and looked so beautiful with that mass of wavy raven hair, heels, and impeccable makeup. I stared, and she stared right back with the same intensity. I knew our flight would be what the last was... bliss. At the other end... comfort and warmth. Everything that woman was to me swirled through like the flow of water over huge rocks. More I gazed, until roughly halfway to the airport when she finally spoke.

'I'm going to blow you on the plane, love.'

With a mischievous smile! God damn it anyway, there went my sense. Her eyes showed me how serious that statement was, leaving me a steaming pile of unfocused, dreamy mush. Holy fucking hell, why did she have to put that in my mind? And then her giggling with one hand over her mouth which melted my entire being like butter on a radiator. Andrea was adorable beyond words. A bit later we pulled our eyes from each other and cruised into ORL. Being outside the big resort felt strange, but not unwelcome. Andrea peeled off her leather jacket, revealing glimpses of orange and cleavage. She stuffed it into her backpack, took my arm tightly, smiled and suggested we go through security and find a soft seat to wait. Vegas on the horizon, again.

Inside me? The storm was brewing, my blood still speaking and wanting to be released."