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The Venetian, the Veer, and the Veil

Part Five

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"Across the boulevard and into the palace. We walked all the way through and out the south side toward the Bellagio. One more long path through that beautiful casino and to the street. All the while Andrea's hand caressed mine, along with her other hand on my arm. The air was still quite cool so we decided to warm up a bit inside PH. Too much walking in the outside air made me wonder why we left the Italian resort behind. No matter... I was up against her loveliness and the comfort of our freedom kept the cool from affecting me much. Andrea's glances toward me and her smiles told me that she was on the same level.

'Cocktail, love?'
'Yes, angel.'

We sidled up and again Andrea stood between my knees, holding on. We stayed a long while and discussed our lives leading up to the flight to Florida. I learned of her reasons for taking off with me, plus all about her leave of absence from work. None of it was surprising, and the more we both revealed, the more I realized why we latched on to each other. My depression matched her depression. Our shared recklessness provided us the determination to run from everything and leave that departure without a planned return. Freedom from our lives was the priority and on that point we were in the exact same place. Therapy, missing days from the job, straining to keep an everyday posture and composure while near friends and family were some of the nails which held our individual lives together. Upon the top of such a violent mix add the lack of any clear solution, shake well, strain, and the cocktail became the road ahead poured out before Andrea and myself. We began to see the burning wall at its end. Frightening, blackened, sullen. What to do? Deeper down. The longer we stayed and held each other, the more I saw the need in Andrea's glassy eyes. I could feel it in her embrace and wallowed in the same muddy sludge which tried to take us in. Push. Up.

The drinks were not excessive. We sipped slowly because the draw was us together. I fucking needed the peaceful warmth she provided and absolutely ached with the desire to provide her the same. Her lips drew me over and over amplifying my desire to attack her like an animal. The gazes were obsessive and unending. We remained unable to act, however, as the worry continued to paralyze. The fucking worry kept the impending heaven beyond reach. So... we relaxed together and ceased the weighty discussion for a while. Away from that bar and out of PH in favor of something to sustain the stomach. Further south, hand in loving hand, slowly. As we rolled, I was realizing the addiction and the related need which had the capability of destroying us. I felt the trials of my relationship with the Brunette clawing at my heels. Every fucking step. The parallels were stark and illuminated but any association to that wondrous soul slid toward the rear of my consciousness. Andrea quickly removed the darker time from me and that was a good portion of the draw. We both needed to escape whatever had come before, and to such a degree as I had never experienced. The closeness felt natural and invigorating, just like that shvitz after a long night of eating and drinking the richness of life. Add to that her scent and brightness of eyes, and any consideration outside the two of us burned away immediately.

We walked into the Excalibur and straight to that massive Irish pub off the casino floor. Up to the bar for coffees and more snuggling. Andrea expressed to me her desire to be alone, and considering the distance we covered during the previous few hours, any wait was necessary. The lounge was quiet considering the afternoon hour. We sat and talked of everything once again. I watched Andrea's hair move around her neck and brush her cheeks. She held me the entire time, and those eyes went into my soul. Each word squeezed me like a vice, just as the thoughts of what may take place throughout the coming days. I pushed all of the bad away and stared at her as if she was the world. I could not get enough of being against her endless beauty and comforting voice. Andrea kept on with her loving, caressing manner and again we found ourselves lost in the knowledge that we were far out of anyone's control. Eventually the attraction and contentment left troubling thoughts behind, returning us to peaceful bliss. There was little reason dwelling within worry. It was all there, but we pushed hard. Drowning.

"I hide myself away in the dark
I can't find my way in this hole
This twisted life is cruel, I'm so sick
I need to find her soul... To save me"


Andrea and her leggyness

Coffees refilled, coffees gone. And a taxi toward the north. The Venetian again welcomed us warmly. From the lobby we moved into that huge casino and through to Double Helix in the Palazzo. Andrea sat on my lap, pressed her beautiful face to my neck, and I held her as if the sky was falling toward the earth. Just as on that wonderful flight to Pensacola, the whole of society melted away like ice on Mercury, and my heart took charge. Longing, as the lunar pull upon the ocean tide. Andrea. Jesus fucking hell... where were we going? To the room following a half bottle of wine. Warmth, loving touching, and her scent overpowering my senses.

'Would you like to enjoy a shower, love?'

And that was the outset of another level. Chrissakes. She undressed me with loving eyes and gentle fingers. I was ensnared by her soft touch and slowly reciprocated until we kissed again. Into the water and the most wonderful hot and smooth soapy period of time in recent memory. Andrea was so playful and fun. Her breasts were screaming for attention (and AT attention), she could see the desire written all over my face, yet we both restrained ourselves from the sex. I felt her need as well. But the importance of our hearts staying the course took priority. We held each other, spoke of simple pleasures, and took good care of each other under that steamy light. Robes, body lotion, gazes, and sighs. The self destruction was a part of the sex and kept each mind behind a formidable door. We knew it and hated it, however the emotional glow within which we bathed stood paramount to any physical gratification.

'Yes doll?'
'Don't let go, ok?'
'Ok my dear.'

To the sofa. Quiet and still for what seemed an eternity. Andrea sat in front of me with her knees up and together. I stared at her blue toenails which were partially visible through the gap in her thighs. The sight nearly broke me in half. Her fingers running through my hair, the soft robe opened just enough to reveal both breasts halfway, the smell of her damp hair... I began to waffle between dressing and finding a meal or diving between those warm thighs for hours on end. Andrea leaned on me, her hand never ceasing its motion on my hair and face. Jesus Harold Christ on a fucking rubber crutch...

'We have to leave the room. Now, mister sexpants. Or we won't be able to avoid something which could ruin what we are sharing.'

I was unable to move. Unwilling? Whatever. Her words were soft and her voice nearly as small as that fateful night's phone conversation. The warm comfort and sights I was seeing were disallowing any other direction.

'I can't seem to move, doll.'
'Ok, love. A little while longer.'

Damn it all, it was true. She turned her head and kissed me deeply.

'Tell me we can make it.' Nothing.
'Tell me.'
'We can make it.'
'Thank you, love.' Long pause. Kissing. Pause.
'Let's go to a dim restaurant, ok?'
'Ok, love.'

And off the sofa she went, turned back toward me and opened that robe to my face. I stared at her chest as she smiled. Her eyes told me everything was ok, so I briefly fondled before she closed up shop and walked away. I sat there and watched her dress. She looked back at me with hungry eyes, and not for food. At long last I arose and slowly put clothes on. Andrea paced around the big room, all the while glancing and smiling at me. Her boots were calling to me, just as that fucking gyrating ass as she moved. We had to go for fear of letting go and heading into the unknown territory of that most intimate level. Fucking hell, never before had I found more difficulty in restraining the tidal wave of passion and lust brewing within. We were making the right choice, but longing to a great degree. Out... elevator... among others on the casino floor. Andrea cooled off, while I remained nearly hotter than I could stand. Fuck, every inch of her was so gorgeous, sexy, shapely. Just take me. Please.

Nope. Restaurant. Sigh. We strolled, hand in warm hand, into the steakhouse and a corner lounge table. Our server took the drink order and left us alone. I noticed Andrea's eyes were again quite glassy and asked of the reason. She gushed that the swirling inside her was driving the desire for us to let go completely and enjoy each other's skin. That need combined with her difficulty in maintaining posture in public were tiring her greatly. The truth was both of us were still dealing with a mountain of similar issues and the sexual want felt like nothing more than a temporary escape from the inevitable. Dive in and reap the rewarding satisfaction, or stay on the shore, keeping the demonic past under lock and key? There was no easy solution. Earlier she told me in no uncertain terms that I was allowed to take her in every way, and as strongly as I felt about that physical heaven, the truth was a tremendous fear of the damage which may result from moving us in such a direction. Would there be complications? Pitfalls? Worry over what we left behind so quickly? The questions were piled upon each other and mounting. I just had to cool the jets and relax. Get her labia out of my head and try not to over drink and fall through the floor as I had on so many occasions. Andrea's soft hands and gentle nature were helping. And that big heart was beginning to fuse itself to mine. Oy God. Please... no. Not the fucking heart.


Her thighs brought me to my knees

And then dinner, on the lighter side. Andrea asked to share each menu item which suited me perfectly. My needs were far from culinary. They were clothed in silk, denim, and lace. We sat and enjoyed the subdued lighting, very personable service, and some quality cuisine, all the while staring and touching. I just could not get close enough to satisfy my soul. No matter what or where, my mind was in a loving place. It was all her. Andrea's smile helped to keep me grounded and detached from the world around us, her mannerisms and giggles propelling me up and out of any concern. She sat there across from me looking energetic and bright, and such a mindset formed the beginnings of my running nature manifested in the coming days as a further escape. Thoughts of engineering methods for keeping us high upon the sky rails were intermingling with dreams of diving into her thong for the rest of my living days. Oy. But the time stayed at point throughout all.

Upon leaving that fantastic restaurant, Andrea asked that we take to the street and enjoy all of the south strip lighting for a while before heading back indoors. Hands, smooches, and a path to the boulevard. Part way to the giant sidewalk she stopped me to speak, and it seemed serious. I put aside the worry and gave her my full attention, focused upon her big eyes. Tearily, she tried to get across just what her running from Florida had meant, and the fact that I had saved her, in more ways than one. She went on to describe something -- by glossing quickly with no specificity -- which apparently had her at odds with moral judgment for days. I saw the concern amplifying her eyes and intensifying the seriousness of her wording. She paused, I waited. She then pulled me toward a bench and readied herself for the spill... and that was the beginning of laughter for longer than I could stand. The big reveal was her need to visit the restroom, yet she built up the tension over minutes in order to push me into a fricass. Holy shit, it was so funny that I could not help but salute her effort in creating a diversion of that magnitude from our evening. Fucking hilarious, and then back to the stroll. She kissed me over and over, assuring that I understood my place within her.

Out the door, still smiling and with my appreciation for that angel at an all-time high.

We walked along the crowded pavement and crossed to the Bellagio. Standing at the railing in front of their lagoon, the words took a back seat to the staring and snuggling. I spun myself several times and looked upon all of the colored lighting and activity around us, and Andrea took my face in her lovely hand, kissing me and thanking me for bringing the trip to fruition.

'Anything, angel. Whatever keeps us together and hidden from view.'

A bigger smile and the remainder of my sense flew away like birds reacting to the crack of a gunshot.

'Let's go and warm the sheets. I need to hold you, ok?'
'Ok, my love.' Gawd.

We returned to the villa and she made me very aware that our lack of sexual contact was soon going to come to an end. As her clothes came off, I stared and dreamed of all manner of things. I needed her in my mouth so badly and had waited due to the command we held of ensuring our time was not rushed. That endless array of lingerie in differing colors was driving me nuts and every set looked so beautiful on her skin. After relaying the volcano of desire through my eyes, we slid under the covers for the night.


'This is so wonderful, but I worry of the cost.'
'Angel, I am prepared for this and we both need it. Please don't worry.'
'I won't, love.' Smile. 'You have to know how much this means to me.'
'I can see and feel it, angel. All of it.'

Another smile, and off to sleep glued to her skin.



I awakened expecting a warm lingerie-clad body next to me, but instead reached to an empty sheet. Andrea was not there. Bathroom? Maybe? There was not much chance of her showering without me. Hmm. I left the loving bed and took a peek. Not there. And then I wondered... Could she have gone for coffee? Or a snack? We had been physically bonded since the first flight, so the idea of her out there alone was not emotionally comfortable. I began to worry excessively. To my phone... Nothing. Dressed, concerned, and missing her like my own heart was absent. Damn. I had the idea to look for her but did not feel that leaving the room would accomplish anything, so I made myself presentable, ordered coffee and croissants, and took to the sofa. My mind was waffling between Andrea being just fine and needing some time, and my depression taking over and telling me that she had fled to a different locale. The latter possibility only served to cause distress. And the idea that she was simply out in the resort exploring was there to keep my head above water.

Time passed as I swilled the coffee. All of the possibilities were twisting my brain into knots, the worst of which was the fear that Andrea had run from me. But why would she do such a thing? The day and night leading to my solo morning were wonderful, warm, and playful. I went over the conversations and interactions repeatedly and failed to find anything which may have pushed her out. We were having trouble with the situation of being there in Vegas without a word to anyone outside our space, true, however the reminders which popped up randomly had been ironed over and over to minimize the struggles. The worst aspect was how alone I felt along with pain over not being near that angel. More coffee.

A knock. God yes. I raced to the door, threw it open, and the housekeeping crew appeared on the other side. Sigh. Deep breath. I sent them on their way and slowly swung the heavy door as my heart dropped. Back to the sofa and my distress. Fuck. Of all of the material possessions I had wished for throughout my decades of life, one person put them all to shame. I needed her like fresh air during a fire. All of her. Nope. More waiting and much pacing.

Ding. 'I'm in the casino, love.'

Andrea told me she needed some time to reflect, and seeing her message pulled me back to stability. She had wandered downstairs and left early to avoid disturbing me. What a doll. She asked me to avoid the shower until her return. Nice. The thought of sliding my hands all over her took the worry away in an instant. I understood the need for some calm and time alone, especially considering everything we left behind. I told Andrea to take whatever time she wished and I would wait.

The wait was short. The electronic lock whirred and that angel again came to my arms.

'Let's clean up and go to brunch, ok?'

Yep... The word no was far away when she made a request. We took to the shower and again enjoyed the warm water and dimmed lighting. Her skin was screaming to me -- as I expected -- and I did my damnedest to stay away from the most tender parts of her body. That was an exercise in restraint as I had never felt. While gazing below her breasts, that fucking waist and smooth tummy were just asking to be surfed. Andrea's eyes were approving anything I wished. We washed, shampooed, and took a long pause to let the conditioner do its job. I stared at her as she leaned against the tile wall, hands behind her back and feet together. The image of her standing there was something I could have gazed at forever. Keeping my hands and lips off her skin was another story. Those breasts were all silky with water and it was dripping slowly off her nipples, running down her nonexistent tummy. I was losing my mind with desire as her eyes stayed locked on mine. Oh gawd... I kept away and stared. The conditioner was obviously ready to be rinsed, however her soft labia was entering my head and leaving me weakened. There was just no thinking straight to be found. Either we would leave the shower and get on with the morning, or stay there and engage in every imaginable sex act known to mankind. Hmm.

And then, to my utter surprise...

'I need to taste you. I want you in my mouth. Relax, let me have what I desire, and when you get to that point, just let it go, love. Let it all go into me.'

Holy hell. I froze and forgot my name. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Back inside, to her knees, and the planet's rotation ceased as quickly as my mind turned to clay. I stared at her ass and little waist as she moved and was so far outside myself that my brain felt as detached as Andrea and I from the rest of society. Her dreamy, gentle caressing was unreal and sent me up the hill quickly. During those moments, she became the only soul which existed. Watching, feeling, and marveling at her motions placed my heart into warmth. Her wet hands explored me slowly, over and over, and her lips were like velvet axle grease upon my skin. More and more.

Then... a pause.


Yes, all of those radii leading to the drug

Andrea looked up with a smile, slid her hand across my cheek, and informed me that our stay at the Venetian was only the beginning. The top of her head showed itself again, so I reached down to her breasts and lost myself. Trembling, steadying my body against the glass and tile, and reaching to take in her loving manner. I had no words left inside. She hugged me around the waist and slathered my skin with kisses, stood, and requested we go for some food. I followed her out of the shower on shaky legs and stared at her loving eyes.

'Jesus, angel.'
'Anything, love... anything you wish. I hope I pleased you.'

Holy bleeding fuck did she ever succeed. I took a few minutes to catch my breath on the sofa and watched Andrea dress herself. She smiled every now and then and made the affair of donning her clothes into a playful show. Her skin was screaming to be devoured.

'The next time we set foot in this room, I am going to fuck you in half, love. Consequences can kiss my ass. No more wondering and holding back.'

Damn. Yes ma'am. She gave me a kiss and I decided to dress myself with still-shaking hands and a head full of her tender labia. Longing, above all things. The time outside that fucking room would not pass quickly. Andrea came to me with arms open and professed her feelings, just short of the borderline. Her eyes became teary, and her words melted me -- yet again -- into a smoldering puddle of butter. Yes, again. The world was becoming Andrea. I could not pull free from her powerful draw upon my being, nor did I entertain any wish for the same. She needed me, and I her. The timing of meeting on that flight as it burned into my memory was in the fucking stars. Jesus Christ, but the damage would rear up soon.

We sauntered down to the casino and pointed ourselves toward the lobby for a taxi ride to the New York New York. The ride was so warm. Andrea stayed against me with her head upon my shoulder the entire time -- her fingers intertwined tightly with mine. The smell of her hair and perfume drove me nuts throughout. She looked up to me several times and her eyes were soft, loving, and filled with desire. Their darkness pulled me in like a powerful winch and had me reeling from what had taken place as well as that which had yet to occur.

We sat opposite each other and our hands did not separate. Andrea stared at me with those big puppy eyes, looking as if she could pounce at any second. Thoughts were spinning inside me after that wonderful shower leading me to dream of having every inch of her available to my lips. Brunch seemed like the last activity on our minds, however when she spoke I began to see the reasoning.

'Energy, love.'

Okay. Who was I to argue with that angel? We never really ate heavy meals anyway. The focus was upon each other, not the frilly aspects of that town. Still distracting ourselves and avoiding any damage, brunch went by, all flirty looks and enticing words. When we left, she wished to have a glass of wine somewhere comfortable, so the slow strolling commenced up Vegas Boulevard and into the Monte Carlo. She spied a lounge and we dropped our asses there for a little while. During the wine swilling, Andrea began to look away more and more, each led me to believe that the recent past was returning to the forefront of her mind. I began to see a difference in her lovely eyes in the form of sadness and concern. I took her hands and gave her a bit of solace with my expression. She smiled and stated that she needed to jump me, and soon, for fear of dropping into a pit of negative emotions. I pressed her to ensure she was thinking clearly and received the eyes of a succubus. Drawing close, she whispered... 'We need the escape. Let's go back and destroy the bed, love.' Fuck yes, but more worry. I wanted to have her completely at my command for anything desired since first seeing her ass flowing up the aisle on the flight. In seconds I went around the fucking world in my head, dreaming of spending forever with my lips planted on her most intimate space. And I mean glued. The thought of returning to our Italian villa on the twentieth floor sent me into the clouds. I needed to see and feel her in the positioning of my choice. Andrea's midsection was a wonderland of sexual envy, and one of the most beautifully formed ratios I had ever seen. I fully intended to explore all of it without limit. Would it be ok for us emotionally? Kill us? Something else? No fucking idea, but after feeling her lust in the shower and the forceful words directing me toward sexual bliss, my next charge was to ram her body down my throat.

'I have to make you happy.'
'You already have, my love. Let's go... now.'

Cash slapped on the table, hands joined, and out of the lounge. The strolling prior to that conversation then turned to purposeful stepping toward the street. We made our way back past the clubs and a beeline to the Venetian. Up the elevator, door locks thrown, and Andrea jammed her lips to mine so quickly that I thought she would break my jaw. We stumbled around, kissing, until reaching the bed, at which time she pushed gently and whispered,

'Slowly, love. Take me. I am yours.'

I took Andrea's jewelry off, slowly unbuttoned that lovely blouse, and released the front hook between her breasts. The blouse remained dangling from her shoulders as I went south toward the buttons. One by one... Listening to her heightened breathing... And pulled gradually at the waist, revealing the little blue thong and the paradise which awaited my lips. Within moments, she was on her side, knees paired, and looking at me with loving eyes. I stared longingly, caressed her thighs, and gently plunged. God help me... Delicious and damaging alike. The sound of her voice and the motion of her legs pushed me to please her more. Hands gripping mine and thighs trembling... Andrea loved all of it and whispered words of love. I soaked it all until her physical attack began. She tossed me, swung me, jumped me, and sent the afternoon into the exosphere. On and off she grabbed at my face, kissing deeply and straining to avoid professing her love.


The inside of my head

The room had become a space Andrea and I inhabited as if we belonged there and nothing outside existed. She looked at me almost constantly and her heart came right through those eyes and slammed me with the force of emotion. I held close to our little world and took as much in as was possible. Andrea's loving ways lifted me above the din. As much as the darkness followed behind each of us, we continued to create a bright path in defiance and maintain the line out of absolute necessity. It amounted to a survival instinct of sorts. As I lounged and held her lovely hands, her hair stayed on my face and I could see Andrea focused upon the touching. The longer we remained on that warm and cozy sofa, the more I began to realize that I needed to keep her next to my heart as long as possible. Ideas formed in my head to extend the loveliness, and one of them meant a flight out of McCarran and back to the eastern side of the land. Everything was outside our embrace and the distance seemed to be increasing. She sent me to the moon and back with that tenderness which felt as if it was invented by her heart. Carrying Andrea across the country again seemed the prime atmosphere for us to find a change of scenery and sink into each other even more. God help us for the future of such a wonderfully fulfilling and shared experience. The end would come. And I had to push it out as far as possible to allow the loving illusion to carry on.

The evening progressed with us wrapped around the other and filling the voids of our lives with affection and denial. Before we regrouped and left the room for dinner, I decided to offer my insane extension to the adventure. Andrea looked upon me with hungry eyes, and not seeking food. Her reaction to the plan for flying was fantastic, which led her to jump up and dance around the room with excitement. 'Yes! Let's go there and have fun, love!' Absolutely. And to the phone I went with my head all over the reservation system of several sites. I had resources coming out of my ass and fully intended to exercise all. Flight, car, resort, park tickets... everything. Five nights in the lap of luxury forced the shadow to the rear and so far out of vision that I redefined the term 'drowning'. We would avoid all sense and stroll throughout one of the most expensive vacation locales in the nation. Together, every step of the way. God help us at the end of that road. Fuck it though, all the way in. I reserved everything for the following afternoon. Andrea ordered cocktails and appetizers to celebrate, and then proceeded to thank me in her adorable manner. To the tub we went, nude and smoldering. The planets were aligned again.

Andrea left nothing out of her physical attention. As much as I felt lacking in my return, she assured me that such was not the case. The bubbles and imminent switchtrack carried us to a level we both desired, leaving the body heat on the side of the highway for the moment in order to absorb the new trip and additional time in each other's eyes. The very idea of a hell of a left turn for us to be close for more days and nights was dreamy. Strolling hand-in-hand, spending time in the tropical weather, and savagely attacking each other every day and night added up to happiness our way. Yes. Just fucking yes.

We stayed in the water for some time before stepping into the shower in anticipation of a dim restaurant. I stared for a moment and then stated, 'I need to gaze at you, please.' Andrea smiled full of understanding and replied that I was free to do anything I may have desired. And she called me love again, after which I melted into a puddle of mushy desire. So I stood her in the big, tiled room and took to my knees. She remained still -- arms at her sides -- and allowed me to indulge in the sight of her waist, hips, thighs, and those radii which appeared as a stark lesson in the French curve template. I turned her around and gazed further into that wonderland of dimensional ecstasy, causing my brain to soften until the need arose to contact the space which dictated my carnal thoughts. Andrea took my shoulders and asked to pause until we were out and dry, at which time I took her hips in hand and pledged myself to her tenderness until she slapped the back of my head. Her foot was rested comfortably upon my waiting shoulder, allowing me the space and time for a hunger I so strongly desired. The feeling was wondrous, passionate, warm... and listening to Andrea's breathing drove me to please her more and more... waves of orgasms. I could not get enough, nor was I able to pull away. Deeper, over and over, into the flames of ecstasy until she turned around, bent forward, and told me to plunge in for all I was worth. Good god. I grabbed her waist and did as she asked. And that did not take long. Heh.

We cooled, finished our shower, and then I apologized for not waiting, to which she shakingly replied that it did not matter in the least. She also stated that she had never been so happy in the shower. Heh again. Out, dry, into the bedroom to get dressed for a walk to the casino floor. As Andrea donned her lingerie, I again gazed upon the form of such an angel. I just could not look away from the curves she carried and that mane flowing all over her upper body. Fucking hell anyway. Soon after, we gathered our calm and took to the elevator. Dinner, cocktails, conversation, in the clouds. Wonderful. And then back upstairs to make ourselves into a pretzel and sleep. The following day held plenty of excitement and the anticipation of another trip was fantastic. We drifted off, dreaming.


Andrea's most intimate space... all mine

Early morning arrived with us still attached. We laid there a long while before deciding upon some coffee in the casino. We showered a little more quickly than the previous night, although no matter the need for anything to eat or drink, thoughts of her labia slathered all over my mouth were still commanding my attention. Still, we took care of business and headed down the hall for the elevator. Our hands found themselves naturally each time we took to our feet. I looked over at Andrea with her short halter and shapely legs, simply continuing toward the doors in disbelief. Always in heels, always looking ever the model. Fuck.

Over coffee and croissants, we discussed what to bring across the country. Pretty much everything was not much at all, so I remarked that there would be laundry services in the resort in Florida. No worries there, but still I told her that picking up a few things would be fine if she felt it necessary. And smiles. Once finished relaxing and sufficiently full of caffeine, we rolled toward the big doors and off to the Forum. Andrea said she wanted some nice things to wear for me which propelled me to the sky. 'Um... ok.' More smiles. We traveled across the big boulevard, through Caesars, and shopped around a while. Nothing really flipped her lid, so we went back outside and over into the Fashion Show. That place had everything, allowing Andrea to located what she wished. I also grabbed some staples to wear there, including a swimsuit and chargers for the phones. Afterward, we reversed ourselves back through the Forum and to our waiting room.

'Drinks, love?'
'Yes, angel.'

Down the elevator, snuggling the entire way and ignoring others, and through the club to Double Helix. We sat, drank, and discussed the upcoming change in adventures. Andrea had not been to Vegas or Disney World and told me she was overjoyed at the opportunity to experience both with me. Flattered to a large degree, I blushingly thanked her and went into a slough of compliments and grabbed her face. Straight into her eyes, I stated that being with her had brought me a peace I never knew, and our affection toward each other was deep in my heart like nothing else. Her big eyes nearly teared which sent me flying for the billionth time. She sat there looking so fucking beautiful that I could not contain myself. Smooches, and her legs across my lap. Wonderful, always.

More than two hours passed as we carried on with affection and thoughts. As the morning turned to afternoon, we took to the hallways and prepared our things for another flight. Back to the desk, account closed, and out the main entrance where our passionate connection found its path.

Taxi. Smooches. Off to McCarran.


Her body and its unending thrall upon my heart

First fucking class on Virgin again. Fuck yes. We stowed our shit and slumped into the big seats for the second time in less than a week. The excitement over traveling to a destination full of wonder kept both our heads in the clouds. The previous flight was utter bliss, and just like that snuggle-fest the armrest went up immediately. We spoke less, drank more, and engaged the flight attendant much less than days earlier. The simplicity of knowing we were completely out of reach and hidden away kept the shadow at bay. Enjoyment without worry. I had spent a considerable amount of time and money in order to keep us on the high side, meaning nothing other than ourselves would have been allowed to interfere or slow the pace. The flight was very comfortable and afforded us the closeness we needed sans interruption. As usual, we stayed there in typical fashion with constant caressing and occasional smooching. The feeling was wonderful and had me so full of love that I was certain to burst. And the flight was direct, though the passage of minutes and hours escaped us completely. Two hearts, and no clock. We just cared for naught.

Arrival. We cruised the jetway and terminal slowly, and as was the norm, her hand inside my arm and shoulder to shoulder.

'Is the drive long?'
'Maybe forty minutes, angel.'

She gripped tighter and smiled continuously as we rode.

'We might need a nice dinner this evening.' And then a big, heartfelt look and smooches. God damn what a girl.
'Ok, love.'

Every time Andrea called me love, my heart shifted nearer to hers. I had to maintain my vision and stay the course, although still I knew one of us could implode at any time. I feared it like nothing else in the world. The space we had created was small and with little room for anything outside to intrude, yet the fear crept... still. It was coming, so my only choice was to shower Andrea with attention and make her happy. In doing so, I also found happiness for myself. Three thousand miles of flying across the country added up to my needing her more and more. Upon departing that first jetway, I felt as if nothing was able to keep me away, and the latest leg of our stumbling about, all of it was advanced to the point of reckless planning coupled with excessive spending. And none of it was questioned within. Togetherness and warmth dictated every fucking aspect. What was ahead? Much more of the same, except mixed up with some Disney magic. Heh.

Baggage. Rental car. Out of our minds, out of contact with everyone, and into the loving embrace of the Polynesian. We entered the lobby, moved to the desk, and then stepped into the room creating one of the finest moments of the adventure. Andrea rolled on the bed and kicked her shoes off, spun and rested her head in those pretty hands... 'Yes, love. Just fucking yes all the way. Now take me.' She peeled off her top and those lovely jeans, and that was that. Flop. I looked at her lying there, on her back, knees up and paired, and I began to drool over the sensual radii leading from those slender thighs up to the little space which held me unlike anything on the planet. I took her as she requested. Everything, everywhere, and all over the big room. Heaven. Oh boy. And we were deep into the type of world around which existed zero else. Nothing. What the fuck were we doing? Pulling the veil further over our eyes and steering the days to our advantage. That was all. Anything which could be pushed into a line we would follow. Deeper into each other, and nowhere near reality. It almost ceased to exist as we dove beyond limit. The necessity went from a slight longing to a burning compulsion that increased with each passing hour.

The flames of sexuality and loving words continued through to the late evening. Andrea, and fucking nothing else. Eventually we arose from our embrace and spiffed up for dinner. Her outfit floored me for the tenth time... black stretch pants, thin black lingerie, and a halter enclosed within her leather jacket. She looked like the culmination of sexy and cute, topped off with boots upon heels -- black fucking leather above and below. Her walk out of the room and toward O'Hana sent me to the moon and back. Because of the tiny thong underneath those pants, nothing was there except the natural curves of her ass, legs and waist. She looked incredible from head to toe. Unbelievable that such an angel chose me for a fucking fling, and looking as if her eyes could command an army. Fuck me running. I was still incapable of absorbing her desire to cling to me, but cling she did, in excess. Her personality matched mine from the inside out. My feelings were such that denial took priority over the whole of life at that point, so Andrea staying by my side -- continuously -- served to feed my drive. And holy fuck was I driven. Dinner was similar to Vegas, although the number of young people might have been multiplied by a factor of ten. Dining and staring and touching. Her big, gorgeous eyes froze me and sharpened my options. I knew what I had to do. Keep going, hold the line, and share my soul with that angel as never before. Andrea and I stayed and imbibed, after which the dark sky sent us to consider the park tickets and their open options. That discussion led us to the ferry and its primary route. We waited, whispered words of love to each other, and boarded the boat. Across the lagoon and into the Magic Kingdom, where business was in full swing.

Soon enough, however, pain would be approaching at terminal speed, a la Juliette so many years earlier. Big fucking surprise. We pushed it away like everything else and maintained our veiled forward motion. The fucking Magic Kingdom. Holy shit."