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Second Skin

Part Nine

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"I was awakened by Andrea's soft fingers gliding over my inner thighs. She sat between them with a smile and that fucking flowing hair in front of her shoulders. Her eyes looked like those of a demon, and her positioning and facial expression startled me. I cleared the cobwebs from my brain and attempted to focus.

'Tell me I can have pancakes and I will swallow you right now.' Wink, smile, giggle. Fondling... Seconds... Attention.

'I will find whatever you wish.'
'Ok, love.'

And straight down she went without hesitation. Her motions were as dreamy as that shower in the Venetian. Gentle, caressing lips and tongue, slow and loving. Within minutes I let loose and she moaned in response. Holy hell in a handbag, I was going to feel that trembling for hours. Andrea kissed me all over, softly, laid herself down next to me, and stated that pancakes needed to arrive soon. I hugged her and grabbed the phone to order breakfast. At that point I looked at the clock -- not realizing darkness outside in the gardens -- and saw that the time had not yet reached seven. Jesus, she was in a hurry.

We had time to shower and dress before the food arrived, after which we sat and enjoyed our meal at the big window. Andrea said she woke me up early because there was a need to move past the prior evening's trials and tears. She brought up our unlimited time and all of the fun on the horizon, the idea of staying autonomous, and our flourishing romance. I loved her for the forward thinking and returning us to a track we both so badly needed. The hideous damage would arrive soon enough, so maintaining our path was important for sanity, if temporary. We discussed the issue at length and concluded that everything had to stay open for conversation throughout our stay. The extra three nights went away in favor of open options after the Polynesian. We still did not know what the road ahead had in store for us, but the clarity was approaching and we both needed it. Andrea's eyes showed me that the turmoil had passed for the most part and continuing our adventure of love, affection, and exploration was wide open. That was so good to see. It lifted me out of the depressive din and into the positive light that I knew we could find.

After the morning business was in order, we ventured to the rail and out to the TTC again. At that point Andrea snuggled up to me in her way I loved so much and looked at me with those big, beautiful puppy eyes. No words, just eyes. My gaze met hers and I was locked. The world and the World melted away as I held fast to those soulful windows and the intense love we shared. My focus upon enjoyment became sharpened once again, leading us toward the Studios to look around and relax. Riding the shuttle again felt much nicer than the night before as we were able to leave things alone. Andrea did not leave me alone, however. Her affection seemed to have doubled. That warm angel took me in hand and smiled just like the covert meeting in Pensacola. Wonderful... Seeing her happy. And her hair smelled like cucumber and apple. Fucking hell. Lots of hand holding, her head on my shoulder, and my brain turning into an industrial mixer with love, sex, caring, worry, and fear being dumped in and subsequently frapp├ęd. I tried to calm it by peering into her tank top and saw right down to the little white bow at the center of her orange bra. I slid my fingers around her waist, stared, and held on tight. The shuttle rolled along with others paying little attention to our snuggling. The view down her top made me wish to be back in the room and away from the eyes of the mass. Her breasts sat nice and warm inside that bra and were screaming to be caressed. The feelings led me to hold tighter, but wait until privacy. Just us. I needed her skin like I needed to draw breath. As we pulled up to the Studios stop, I ripped my brain out of her shirt and put on the public face. We exited and I watched Andrea's excited stepping toward the entrance, glancing at those windows every few seconds. Disbelief that such an angel was there with me, along with her expressive eyes showing me love and excitement. I backed off briefly to watch her boots against the pavement, that gorgeous ass moving beautifully with each step, and her hair bouncing all over the place. My mind was awash with her image and my unending desire to attack her. Andrea was shaped precisely to my dreams and I needed to ensure that I appreciated every second of our togetherness. I had to focus, and she saw it in my eyes as we walked into the park. Hand-in-hand, onward. God she was wonderful. And all of it took a back seat to that huge heart.

The Tower of Terror. Enough said. Andrea held me tightly as her unfamiliarity with that attraction mounted fear inside. I made my best effort to calm her, and as I did she kissed my neck and whispered words of love. I stayed wrapped around her lovely body in support. We meandered through the beautiful queue and awaited the big elevator. As the doors opened and the attendant guided us to our seats, Andrea gripped my hand tight enough to damned near cease blood flow. Holy crap, she was frightened, so I spoke to her calmly and tried to get across that the thrilling aspects would soon take over. My hand was just about to lose feeling when she began to smile at me and appeared more relaxed because I was next to her.

'I will not let you go, angel.'

Bigger smile, less grip. We rode, she screamed, and I loved every second of watching her chest bounce when the car started and stopped. Upon exiting that fantastic building, Andrea said her heart was in her mouth for the whole stretch. She was also laughing and holding one hand to her chest... something I desperately wished to do with both of my hands and lips. Oy, God those globes were captivating. They were mine for the taking, but her soul was still out there... Floating, and my soul was similar. Further in we went.


That little waist was my wonderland

After the show of the Tower and my subsequent dreaming of her nipples, we explored the park more. A show, some ice cream, and the dire necessity of alcohol. Andrea asked if leaving the Studios so soon in favor of finding an acceptable barstool so early in the day was out of line, and I responded that the idea was right up my fucking alley. She also made clear that my physical desire was matched by hers, and when our gallivanting was done she had every intention of making our hotel room into a Goddamned sexfest. Holy shit. I loved it, but had to wait. Ugh. Her bouncing breasts and that fucking beautiful and delicious ass were calling me at every step, and I could not have them until whenever. Oy.

We strolled through the park back toward the entrance. One more glance back to the big Tower for posterity, and then to the shuttle. Intertwined fingers, Andrea's legs tossed over my lap, and me leering at her chest again. Yep. I could see one orange strap as she sat there relaxing, and those tapered thighs which were enthralling. She saw me staring again and smiled. Our closeness made every ride and any wait very nice. Time was under our control which made each occasion requiring sitting or standing and awaiting some attraction an opportunity for affection, so we prolonged it as much as possible. The shuttle ride was fairly short, and dropped us off at the Downtown again. Straight to Blues and its cozy patio.

Cocktails and professions of love, followed by our usual caressing. We sat there and discussed the night before, covering things more calmly than when we were leaving for the room and the big realization. Andrea remained comfortable and focused as we worked on somewhat of a plan for the rest of our stay at the Polynesian. I could see in her lovely eyes that the hopeful nature which drove her to meet with me was back again and the look made me smile at her. I just loved her demeanor -- confident beauty. Another round, and she crossed her legs in order to rub mine with her boot. Andrea was about as flirty as possible, but not teasing. She did anything I wished and damned near any fucking time. That afternoon was light with the sexcapade talk, though, because the priority was to avoid a meltdown. Although nothing kept me from glancing at those breasts and their prominence above her tummy. Jesus. And orange. Fuck me. The conversation kept on a while, after which we decided to stay away from many of the people in the parks. She suggested the spa at our resort which sounded nice considering the cool air. I settled with the bartender, and he asked if our visits to that bar would be a daily routine, to which I replied that such just may be. We exited, boarded the shuttle again, and rolled to the TTC. A few moments waiting and we stepped into the quiet comfort of the Monorail. Andrea sat with one leg over my lap as usual, allowing me to hold on. Again we spoke of the necessity of remaining stable and happy for the time being, which meant keeping the lines open between us as often as was feasible. We both knew well of the importance regarding understanding where we were as well as the road ahead. As much as we sought to drown, hide, and ignore the ramifications of our trip, the best plan had to be consideration and thoughtfulness. Andrea stated that there should be no lack of enjoyment in our escape, however, and I kept that feeling close.

The ride around Seven Seas Lagoon ended on a very high note. Andrea was showing off eyes of desire again, and she needed the warmth of the spa with me. I loved the way she expressed so much emotion through those big windows, and as much as I desired slathering my mouth all over her chest, the prime idea was quiet and calm. Once we arrived in our lovely room, swimsuits were donned -- Andrea in a fucking bikini with a three-quarter cut bottom -- and we grabbed towels. She came to me for a hug and I could not get my eyes off her nipples pushing forth from behind the purple material. We embraced for minutes, and when she let go and met my eyes, I apologized for staring all day.

'Don't be sorry, love. Stare all you wish. I know how you feel.'

Jesus crap and everything else. Andrea was so wonderful and loving, constantly. Out the door in flip-flops and around to the spa, which was mostly empty. Watching her walk along the hallway was unreal. The gap was displayed beautifully, and the narrow swimsuit bottom drove me nuts. Again I fell into disbelief that Andrea spent time with me because she wanted it. And she wanted me, too. Holy shit, the sight nearly broke me. The hot water was welcoming in the cool air and we greeted the two gentlemen who were already there. Andrea sat on the edge of the spa, facing me, which forced my eyes toward all of those curves leading up her inner thighs. She looked at me with a smile, and then dropped in and came to me with arms wide. Andrea whispered in my ear that she loved the attention, and loved me. God damn, what a fucking sweetheart. The men in the spa did not pay much attention to us other than staring while she entered, which was understandable. Once submerged, I could no longer gaze at her breasts and finally pulled my brain from the sex. We had more important things to cover. Sitting against each other, the earlier conversation continued. My hands wandered about her midsection as we spoke, and after seeing the desire in her eyes, I mellowed out a bit. We had to stay the course.



After nearly overheating in the water, we left for the room. I held her hand tightly due to our discussion, and once in private, she proceeded to kiss my lips and neck sending all of the issues away instantly. I felt her hands wander back and untie the little top, freeing that beautiful pair. She stepped back with eyes asking me to take her, and that was that. We ravaged each other all over the floor and bed, after which the shower called to us, and on shaky legs yet again. The conversation carried forth, and I thought of bringing her back to California rather than parting and leaving that angel in Pensacola. The idea stayed within me, though, due to my living situation. Hauling Andrea home likely would have caused a massive war with the Brunette. Had I already secured the apartment by the ocean, the plan might have been more feasible, however it still could have caused problems with the two women, but there was no getting around the dream of keeping Andrea close. The separation was going to happen at some point and scared the shit out of me. As I began to tense over everything, her soapy hands caressed me gently and all of the bad went away as usual.

'I love you so much.'
'I love you too, my angel.'

Hands, soap, and those nipples staring up at me. Christ on a cross, splitting us felt like sin. Instead of dealing with worry, I went to town on her gorgeous breasts and did not let up. One hand wandered south to that tenderness leading her to lean back, and just like days earlier in the huge Venetian shower, I lowered myself and placed her foot on one shoulder. Her Goddamned labia looked at me with its lovely form. I gazed in wonder for a few seconds, gave her a soft kiss, and proceeded to make her very happy. Andrea moaned and shuddered through multiple orgasms again. Holy God, the softness and delicious writhing drove me insane. I could take no more of the blood pressure, turned and bent her forward, plunging, pulling, and loving. What a fucking shower, and so soon after we destroyed the mattress. Neither of us held back at all. She was so beautiful that running my tongue all over her golden skin was on my mind very often, and knowing she would allow me anything was too exciting to leave alone.

'Jesus, love.'

Out of the shaky shower, I dried Andrea and watched her don blue lingerie for the second time in as many days, and though I was exhausted, the idea of gluing my lips to her sex still held strong. God damn there was just never enough. I squashed it and dressed myself for dinner. Andrea put those fucking black stretch pants on over the little thong, climbed onto the bed without a top, buried her face in the big pillow, and presented her ass up in the air, whispering... 'Explore me.' Fucking hell in a plastic cup. I dashed to her and smoothly ran my hands all over her warm beauty. The curves made me crazy for the tenth fucking time, and I had no hesitation in peeling everything off and tasting her. More moaning, more orgasms, and more of my brain cells melting away like pieces of wet cake falling to the floor. She then turned and slathered her mouth along my excessive blood pressure, smiling all the while. Jesus God, we went through the escapades one more time. Afterward, I was unable to think straight, and Andrea was on cloud fucking nine.

Fuck me in a barn, she was so caring and affectionate. And before we dove into the sexpool a fourth time, the clothes went on quickly and we headed for 'Ohana. As I was obsessed beyond common sense, I watched her fucking unreal ass gyrate through the hallway and into the restaurant. I could have attacked her again, for fuck's sake. Thankfully, 'Ohana was cool and comfortable which stopped our motors a while. When the cocktails arrived, Andrea was displaying the emotional eyes again. We held hands across the table, stared, and wondered of the future. She looked so fucking gorgeous with the hair all around her face and an off-one-shoulder blouse which drove me nuts. Her chest sat there in the blue bra, and above was the strap of satin looking stunning against her skin. Once again, I sat there floored, mostly over the fact that she was with me -- all the way. God, the woman was unbelievable, and I was shot back in time to our meeting on that first flight.

Dinner was comfortable, delicious, and very long. We sat and enjoyed for close to three hours. Light food, drinks, and much conversation regarding the main issue that tried to define our wonderful time together. There seemed no solution other than extending our coziness and maintaining full sail with the decadent living. We both loved it. I had every intention of treating and caring for Andrea with everything that I was. Her loving manner and complete affection swept me in to a pile of mush. All of the words about our situation came slowly throughout the evening, and continued to the room after we left the glowing restaurant behind. Through the door, Andrea grabbed me and held on tightly, whispering her love into my waiting ears. The embrace lasted a long while, and then we decided to repeat the first night in the Magic Kingdom. To the Monorail, where Andrea proceeded to sit at a right angle to me, legs across my lap, and showing me that heavenly gap. I stared for most of the ride, and she smiled the entire time while gripping my hand. Her other hand was glancing the blouse and warming me up like a fucking blowtorch. Craaaaaaap anyway, I gazed.

Off the train, hand in loving hand, through the gate, toward the Fantasyland dark rides. Andrea had the face of a child on Christmas and her excitement and energy were captivating. She held me close and wished to relax and enjoy the entertainment. Our arrival coincided with one of the parades which left much of the more popular rides nearly empty. We rolled through some of Fantasyland when the Haunted fucking Mansion popped into my head with those dim, private Doom Buggies and their open seating. I turned Andrea on her lovely heels and told her we needed to enjoy all of what that legendary ride offered. She smiled and wrapped around my arm, beaming with excitement.

Across the Plaza, through to the Mansion to find the line was fairly lengthy, despite the crowded parade route. We stepped and awaited the fun, snuggling the whole way. Her ass was not out of my vision for more than a few moments, as were those prominent breasts within the soft blue bra. Lots of hand holding and caressing of cheeks dotted the aisles. We kept the affection minimal due to visiting families, but on the inside the carnal thoughts brewed freely. As we entered the huge elevator, I moved behind her to hold on tight. That wondrous landscape between her chest and hips ended up being fully explored by both of my hands. And then longing to be alone again. Oy God, Andrea stood as a prime example of the manner in which I would have built a woman had I found the ability. Jesus, nothing was enough and she knew it. When the lights died, she spun and planted a kiss upon me with love. Oh mama. And God damn... The passion and emotions were steaming us along.


She invited me over and over

The elevator reached the lower level and we moved along the spooky queue. I remained behind and against Andrea, hands still on her waist. The scent of her cucumber shampoo wafted through that big hallway as we slowly approached the loading ramp. I found myself in a euphoric state, knowing the woman to whom I was fused felt the same. Day two had brought us such happiness and physical pleasure, and the high we created began to force a return of the worry. We were diving in, keeping close to each other's heart, and taking advantage of every opportunity to express love, yet the end of the street awaited and would not go away. Juliette had told me a few times that she and I could not ignore such a time because doing so would make the split much more difficult. The emotional nature of our days together meant that the communication lines -- while always open -- had to include the tough subjects or we would implode. Bad. My mind recalled all of that activity from years earlier as I helped Andrea board the buggy. And then she saw my eyes when I snuggled in next to her.

'I know, love. I fucking know.'

A peck on the cheek, my arm around her shoulder, and we were off.

'We are not doomed, love. We are going to be ok.'

Every fucking time she tried to comfort me and call me love, I went another step up into the heavens. Fucking hell, the sweetness and caring took me by storm and I wanted to be inside her genuine heart. God help us. Into the mansion, slowly, and into a place I wished to reside for eternity.

Madame Leota addressed the buggies with her mystic rhymes, Andrea stayed tight against me, and the worry began to subside. I felt as if we would be ok, and that concern was something which ping-ponged through me often. Her hair again, hand across my chest, and then that head on my shoulder. During the ballroom scene, I glanced down to marvel at her thighs -- knees together as always -- and the sight was the end of me thinking of the future for the time being. God damn, I was looking at something rare and beautiful in a manner nearly indescribable. More dreaming as we dropped into the big graveyard. When the buggy turned around and leaned toward the downhill, Andrea laid back with fingers glancing her chin, staring at me with a smile, and I was done. Well done. Crazy, passionate, impulsive. My head again ceased functioning and my heart peaked with love and appreciation. Yes, I wanted to fuck her in two right there on the conveyor, but the feelings were further, deeper, and more damaging when considering our extravagant delusion. Her beauty took my brain, wrung it out, and tossed it into the fucking dryer. All other life concerns were not only shoved quickly to the back burner, they were thrown out just as during my fling with the dream.

Out of the buggy with Andrea's arms around mine, and Little Leota looking beautiful in her wedding dress as she beckoned visitors to return. 'Hurry baaaack. Don't forget your... Death certificate.' Oof. Yes dear. We left the wondrous Mansion behind and slowly headed through toward Tomorrowland. Along the way through the well-lit Plaza, Andrea stopped us and turned, placing her hands on my chest.

'This is so nice. I could not imagine being anywhere else right now, or with anyone other than you, lover.'

Damn it all, she did it again. Floored me. Puddle, mushy, teary, and clinging. She was so wonderful and loving. We had to fucking keep going and leave the world to the rear as long as we were capable. I still had resources up the fucking wazoo, and fully intended to keep us hidden. I wanted Andrea all to myself and she felt exactly the same. So, what next? Further into the trip, and further into us.

The Peoplemover queue was busy. A long line was favorable to walking due to our preponderance for cozying into the other. And that line was no different. Andrea's heels propelled her to roughly five-foot-eleven, making her stand out in the crowd. She towered over me a bit and met with appraising glances thanks to that gorgeous ass with only the middle seam dividing her cheeks. I did my best to keep my hand above her waist, instead remaining behind her and in as much contact as possible. On more than one occasion during the more than twenty-minute wait I felt the blood rushing a bit toward something I had to keep hidden. She felt me on her ass and whispered that our sexfest was far from over. And there went the rest of the blood as I dreamed of her beautiful sex upon my lips. Fuck. I replied that I needed to calm down and avoid embarrassment in public, so she changed the subject to the mechanics of the elaborately crafted Mansion we just rode. That helped to a degree, but I had to concentrate and keep my hands off the ass of asses. Further into the line, and toward a ride which would doubtless distract me from her body, thank Christ. And I had thought Juliette was sexual. Not to Andrea's degree. Nope... not even close. We boarded and held hands for the millionth time. Ride. Blood flow done. Out, and through to the main thoroughfare. Hands again, and my fucking heart about to explode. Andrea was my little world, and in her glowing eyes I saw the same emotion. Cloud fucking nine, people.



Into the Space Mountain line, all warm and loving. Andrea attached herself to my back, head resting, and with her hands all over me. Wonderful. The woman directly behind us complimented our attire and said that she had not seen anyone dressed for the opera in a theme park. Hee! Andrea turned and thanked her, giggling in that adorably young voice. After a little while, we made our way into the mountain. Down the ramps and into the hallway which was attached to the main show room, dim for good reason. The scrim hid everything from view except those glowing stripes on the two-car trains that rushed by at high speed, along with the striking sounds from within. Subdued lighting suited us to a tee because the affection took over. Loving words whispered, hugs with her face in my neck, and fingers intertwined. The woman behind us again addressed Andrea, stating quietly that we were cute together. That was nice. She also politely remarked that our affection was at the limit for Disney. Oy, oops. We held on but toned down the lip action out of respect for the atmosphere and establishment. Andrea's hair and perfume were making my fucking head spin, so easing off was tough. I just wanted all of her all the damned time, along with her being fiery hot for me. Sexual symbiosis, but much more. Hearts inflamed, too. Everything.

Eventually the line brought us into the light of the last hallway before the huge loading area. The whole way saw us stuck together, sometimes me on her, and equal time the opposite. Boarding was narrow single-file, during which I held on to her waist, getting lost in a passionate, loving cloud. We sat, locked, and weaved our fingers. Andrea smiled excitedly and I thought I felt the ground shake to the rhythm of my pounding heart. God damn, just more and more with every minute. Launch. Screaming, laughing, and no more of the worry from that point forward. Yes. Just yes. We exited and walked slowly along the lagoon and enjoyed all of the colored lighting which showed off the underwater landscape. Words of love and affection yet again, along with her fucking beautiful eyes looking brighter than ever. She asked of our next day and I was at a loss. Nothing we did mattered more than being together, and much like Juliette and those overpowering days at the Luxor, comfort was the key. I told her that we could visit the Animal Kingdom or any destination she wished. The response was quick and to the point... Anywhere, as long as we were together. Not a fucking problem. The walk resumed toward Fantasyland which brought us to Small World and its endless tune and plethora of wide-eyed children. Through the queue with a lesser degree of physical contact, yet more eyes aimed at each other. The boat came by and we were seated by a young man intent upon gawking at Andrea and her flowing form. I said nothing because his stare was understandable, primarily due to my ceaseless interest in the same, however she lent him a glance with knives. 'No, my dear, I am taken by a wind you will not soon understand,' along with one waving finger. Oh my, she caught me off guard with such a remark. I fucking loved it. Once in the boat's bow, Andrea quickly turned her attention back to me and wrapped her lovely body around mine. One quick kiss later, and the attendant immediately turned on his heels.

'I am yours, love, and in every way imaginable.'

My goodness... one additional level up. I was flattered heavily and more enamored than ever. I was not thrilled about the child-heavy nature of Small World, but that woman changed my outlook completely. Yes.

The little boat worked its way through the huge, colorful rooms as we held on and relaxed. No words other than the occasional love and a few happy sighs. I was still overwhelmed but handling it well enough. Those two days took me by storm in a good way, and at no time did it feel rushed. Deeper into each other with each glance, touch, kiss. As we exited the show building Andrea asked that we return to the Polynesian and snuggle in. She enjoyed the early morning which meant hitting the sheets at a reasonable time. Making our way back through the park was a zig-zag route due to the density of guests. We didn't care, though, because our private capsule knew no intrusions at all. We strolled along floating far from anyone. To the Monorail instead of the ferry. Another smooth, quiet ride against each other, and into our slice of the resort. Lovely. Andrea mentioned finding a nice restaurant in the Grand Floridian the next morning. I had never been inside Disney's flagship resort and would have gone anywhere she wished, so it became our next destination. She also mentioned that midday would be nice at the House again for quiet conversation and cocktails. I could not disagree. We left the cozy train and headed to the room, which hours earlier found us in a whirlwind of sexual desire. Damn.

Both of us were fairly tired from the walking and needed rest, but as soon as I watched her wiggle out of those fucking pants and show me the little thong, my eyes sent familiar signals to the brain, leaving the desire to taste her again very strong. I moved to her with hungry eyes and ran my hands all over her bra, watching her nipples begin to press the light material. Yep. That was it. I gently laid her beauty on the covers, kissed my way along her tapered thighs, up to the thong which was peeled off and tossed to the wall, and again brought that gorgeous woman to a loving, shivering series of orgasms. Her soft, delicate parts became my wonderland once more. Afterward, I lost my clothes and laid down, folding Andrea into the sheets. She held my hands and professed her love again, kissing me over and over. My passion was still strong, and she told me it was my turn to enjoy her attention. Lips, tongue, eyes looking at me as if I was making her as happy as I, and soon her motions brought me to that place which filled my heart and her loving mouth. Good gawd. Number four on day two. Tired, shaking, sleep. She was everything, and felt the same about me. Oy. Were we doomed?


So very thin, yet with the curves of dreams

Darkness. Andrea was awake before me and staring at my eyes when I opened them, and that was a sight to behold. The puppy eyes had returned and melted me for the umpteenth time.

'Morning, love.'

Puddle. Just damn. We arose and went straight to the shower to wash off the fluids we shared the previous night. And it was the first shower in days in which we did not attack each other, although the thought crossed my mind as she soaped me all over. I could not help the natural reaction to her gentle, caring touch, and that led her to ask if I would like her mouth all over me again. I told her that I needed to recover from the day before and those hours of physical passion. Giggles, smiles, and more Slippery hands. I returned the favor and asked the same of her, and her reply was in the positive. Oh God, more? Yes. I did as she wished, pushing her into climaxing territory. She loved every second -- as did I -- and upon drying ourselves I could hear her haphazard breathing and see those big, loving eyes looking upon me as if I created such an act. As usual, she dressed herself beautifully with low-rise jeans and another tank which strained slightly in holding her lovely breasts. Boots again, leather jacket, lotion, perfume. Fucking hell.

We headed out to the Monorail and sat comfortably attached to each other. The ride goes counter-clockwise around Seven Seas Lagoon, and that meant time for more discussion of us and what was to come. The exchange was pleasant and dotted with the occasional smooches and intertwined fingers -- something I adored. Our talk was strangely light and lacking any dramatic worry for a change. I knew we had to keep the fire lit and stay all over each other despite the glaring reality that everything would be destroyed at some point in the future. We did not ignore the facts, instead softening them more and more as time progressed, and held to an understanding that the incoming damage had to happen no matter what. Our lives were too separate outside the little capsule. Ripping the fabric of our individual situations in order to force ourselves together would be terribly damaging regardless of our intentions. The fact that we were able to calmly talk our way through such a hideous subject meant there was hope. During such words, we each kept hold of the idea of being alone again, but without allowing the negative aspects to interfere. And then I gazed down through her little top and saw the white bow in the center of that light green bra, and all of the concerns went away. She saw me staring with my mouth open and helped to a degree by tugging slightly on the material which revealed a bit more lace and a measure of cleavage and contrast. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Blood pressure changing position and my lips wanting to drool.

'You are so fucking cute.' If I flew from the Monorail window and died at that moment there would have been no regrets whatsoever, only a Goddamned perpetual smile on my face.

The Grand Floridian was nearly all the way around the lagoon and one of the most beautiful resorts I had ever seen. Quite southern-themed and enormous. We latched on and headed into the lobby, where a large map helped us to find a suitable breakfast. I kept thinking of Andrea asking me for pancakes and offering up oral pleasure in return, causing any concentration on the location of parts of the resort to fly out of me immediately. Hilarious. We entered a bright cafe and sat in its large, round booth with menus. After ordering from the fucking sweetheart of a server, Andrea threw out the House idea again. I loved it completely.

She sat there next to me with eyes of appreciation. I looked back at her and could not help but consider the ramifications of our isolation. We had ignored the world. We had disregarded sense. We had chemically welded ourselves together and thrown all else to the high wind. Further and further into the most definitive exit from reality that I could have imagined. And there was no sidestepping any of our interaction since seeing her eyes and feeling the beginnings of that big heart days earlier on a Virgin flight which had nothing to do with such delusion. I was already drowning into a fantasy of sorts since the exit from my beloved whirlwind with Juliette, and reaching so fucking hard that I doubtless would have responded and lunged toward a friendly catcher's mitt. My mind had been swamped with dreams and desires long enough to press me into reckless behavior like never before. The deluded nature of everything only served to cause further damage as a result of years mired in a muddy ditch full of negativity and the knowledge that nothing I wished for would ever come to pass during the span of my life. Every day sent me deeper into fantasies and ceaseless visions of erotic, passionate moments that became distant worlds full of wonder and discovery far out of reach. Upon meeting Juliette or Andrea, the overwhelming need squashed my shyness and drove me at high speed to take a leap into territory previously unexplored. Andrea entered my life while flying somewhere over Texas and became the culmination of everything. She took all of my issues and cooled them... all of my needs and fulfilled them... everything for which I searched with futility. Half gone, depressed, inundated with endless visions of her body and all that she freely gave to me. The downward spiral ceased its slide while we were together, but back there in the shadow I knew it would all come back, possibly worse than before. The path was bright and wondrous, however nothing so beautiful could remain constant. As our love toward each other grew, the end result was pushed further down, and knowing we were worsening the consequences was becoming more and more difficult to ignore. Damn it all anyway.


I could not avoid her tenderness

After a lovely breakfast, we exited that resort and went back to the Monorail -- a place that was beginning to feel like home. The comfort of those trains cannot be overstated. Into the seats and holding on, as usual. The short ride ended at the TTC, and from there another shuttle brought us to the center of shopping and dining. We walked slowly over to the House and rested ourselves in the patio, after which the bartender smiled and told us he was looking forward to another visit. Naturally, I calculated that his interest was Andrea's unbelievable form, but after ordering and speaking a bit, I realized that the reality was our conversations with him. Very nice... A people person, and one who fit that type of position perfectly.

The day before found us discussing all manner of the situation, and the new day was no different. Andrea revealed to me that the depths of sex within our room at the Venetian and Polynesian were partly due to her fear of the future. She had sought those screaming and steaming moments in order to distance her mind from the reality of us and the direction in which we were headed. And I could understand all of it completely, as I had been smothering myself within her attention for the same reason. I responded by offering more detail regarding Juliette's exit from the Luxor and from my life. Tears, but not as excessive as the first occasion within our room. She understood me very well and could see the pain in my eyes. My hands grasped hers, and we sat quietly for a while trying to absorb the exchange and our possible outcome. Neither wished to be apart, and for quite a length of time we did not need to separate at all. I could have kept us traveling and snuggling for weeks if necessary. Andrea remarked once before about the cost of both trips, to which I replied that our closeness and gallivanting meant more to me than anything. She sat there with a thoughtful expression and awaited our drinks. Once they arrived, we went on about our ideas for how to proceed and the expectation of an end. Fortunately, there was no hurry. We sat, drank, and pondered.

I stared down at her hands as they caressed my fingers, and could not help but feel my heart pounding. Her attention was always gentle and caring. Once my eyes moved from hers, she quieted and sat there with a smile and hair flowing over her shoulders. Every now and then our eyes met again and the world went aslant. However we had latched on to each other, the connection was solidifying like nothing before. All of the days to that point added up to an ethereal world we created out of loving care, and the longer we sat at that little table, the more I felt for her. Andrea was stunning, both inside and out.

'Maybe the extra three nights will come in handy.'
'I couldn't agree more.'
'Ok, love.' Big smile.

The Father, the Son, and the holy shit. More days, more togetherness, and perhaps more of the ability to ease what was inevitable. I stepped to the bar and asked our friendly bartender for the house phone. He directed me to the restrooms across the esplanade where the little white phone was located. Back to Andrea, into her full hair, and I whispered that I needed a moment on the phone. 'Thank you, my love.' Fuck, just hearing those words again pushed any doubt regarding extending our stay right out the window. I crossed and grabbed the receiver, glanced back at her, and she was smiling even more with her boots on my chair. Three more nights... secured. In-room breakfast... Ordered. Laundry service... Detailed. Done. In total, we had eight booked nights in that paradise of a themed world, and endless options looking ahead. Nice. I headed back to the table where she jumped me just like at the Virgin ticket counter. Kisses, thank-yous, everything. Two more cocktails were incoming, my life was shoved further into the din, and our path was lengthened.

Damage... Pushed and shining."