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Rachel and Recklessness

Part Two

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"After returning to the car and heading back toward my partner's hotel, I was angling. I could not get the young, adorable girl out of my head and the paper in my pocket felt as if it would burn my leg. The anticipation was killing me in a good way, however I knew full well that the next decision could have had dire circumstances if I was not careful. I was out of balance after the trip east and clear thinking was simply not possible. I had to see that young thing outside the restaurant and away from everyone. Oy. My need was overwhelming and seemed to have been amplified by her willingness to allow contact. The first step in a connection with her was to create space and options. I could not remain locked to the return flight that evening. I had to get out of it, change the flight, anything. So, I fabricated enough bullshit to ensure arriving at the airport early. Very early. Once alone, the work would begin.

I was dropped at the curb with backpack and a hug. A few words regarding my return trip and that was that. Through the door and straight to the bar for a bit of planning. I pulled the paper from my pocket for the first time and read her name. Rachel. Gawd damn cute. Rachel, willing to go outside her life to speak and possibly meet with me. Call? Maybe? No... Wait until later in the evening. Her work hours were unknown to me but the restaurant schedule had to be public. I searched and learned that closing time was eight. Half an hour to work out my reckless plans. I calculated that heading to the counter would answer some questions.

I proceeded to undo my return with the assistance of the airline staff. A knot formed in my stomach as I realized the gravity of my actions. The pull of that young thing was too much for me to bear without attempting to connect and learn more. What the fuck was I thinking? Well, at the outset when I asked for a phone number I was convinced that the idea would lead nowhere due to her lifestyle being so vastly different from mine, so the line I tossed out seemed futile. When she forwarded her information I leaped within and became nervous at the same time. Further, until actually changing my travel plans everything was fine. I felt at ease knowing that I could fly away and never call her and everything would have been calm. No changes, no worry, and no issues of hiding or covering my tracks. In the end, and as I stood there at the counter, all of the good flew away and I was too compelled to explore. Sense? Gone. I did it.

Next up... I had no idea. Back to the bar which was empty aside from yours truly.


Scotch number two along with a concerned look from the lovely bartender.

I needed to secure a place to stay and gather my thoughts while alone, so again I relied on the phone for help. Plenty of options around the town, however being so close to my partner and her coworkers seemed a bad idea. At some point I would have to contact her regarding the trip home. The late hour meant nothing would be exchanged until the next day and that was a touch of comfort. Was I going to lie when the time came? Hmm... Not a good idea. Past occasions found me gallivanting around the western states for a getaway when things at home went awry for me, so I figured that idea was the best option to relay for her understanding. The woman knew full well that I was an odd bird that needed to fly the coop every now and then for mental health reasons, and she never had an issue with it unless I ran to Vegas. The concern over her knowing that I did not return home began to ease and allowed me to get myself together for an extended trip. Much better.

I had to call first before deciding where to stay.

Check closed and out. I told the bartender I would be returning shortly for lack of anywhere else to sit. A tentative smile from her and I blew a kiss, turned away, and made a beeline for a rental car. No reservation, no nothing. Transportation was important if I was to find that girl again. Thinking of her next to me was much motivation and a car meant freedom. Well, I hoped.

One full-sized car coming right up.

Back to the bar without even seeing the vehicle I rented. From there, I decided to call Rachel and learn if my day was going to improve. If not? Return the car, swallow the fee, and book a flight. Not a pleasant thought. Then again, she did give the number to me which meant there was a strong possibility that we could be close. Phone. Dialed. Ringing. A male voice pleasantly greeted me and I politely asked for Rachel. Silence. Moments. And then her adorable voice...

'Hi again.'
'I was hoping you would call. Where are you?'
'The airport bar. I changed my flight to meet if you still wish it.'
'Yes. I will be there in a little bit.'
'Ok, lovely.'

Huh? Right then? Oh my, what? She had a car? The situation kept improving but the knot began to form again. At least I could sit and wait there rather than dashing out into a mostly-unknown area. I was not familiar with Evansville or the surrounding towns other than the plant where my partner worked for the summer. I had always been fairly resourceful, but on that occasion I had been thrown for a loop by Rachel's willingness to meet with me in the first place. No hesitation, no nervous voice, no changing her mind. Wow.

Nervous. Scotch number three.


More than an hour passed as my bartender checked on me often. The fucking airport was so small and deserted most of the time that not one other person sat there during my entire visit. With my head partially full of alcohol, the idea of flirting with her began to enter. Why the fuck not? I did, but began with a simple compliment. My reckless behavior knew no bounds nor did my nonexistent morals. The lovely long hair responded with a smile and assured me that any number of business travelers had addressed her with similar words. So I went further but kept it tasteful. I also told her of what I was doing as there seemed no harm. Amber informed me that the Amish in that area -- along with the outlying towns -- were quite a bit more modern than in the regions further north. Well, that lit my fire and I proceeded to tell her more. Our conversation was wonderful and it felt really nice to open myself to someone so responsive. Another thirty minutes of waiting, one more drink, and Amber and I were all over the map with the subjects. I thought of Stephanie in Cincinnati and wondered where that may have gone with different circumstances. Eventually my comfort level increased enough to head into private directions. And no sooner did I secure another phone number when a tap on my right shoulder pulled me out of Amber's clothing. Rachel, smiling and looking as beautiful as ever was right next to me. Holy fucking shit in a rain gutter, what the fuck was I doing? God help me.

There she was, in form-fitting jeans, sleeveless blouse, three-inch heels, and hair everywhere. Her clothing fit so well that I was reminded of all the searching for years and perusing images of models as I sought that ideal angle from which I could derive numbers. I stared. Shoulders, smooth skin glowing, thighs tapering both up and down, breasts prominently pushing the side seams of her top, and eyes burning with excitement. I saw no hesitation in her coming to me for a hug. When she did, I lost myself feeling her body pressed against mine. Holy fuck. The bartender greeted her and smiled. They knew each other. Hmm. Small town type of thing I guessed. But the airport bar? Whatever. I continued to take in the sight of Rachel standing there and pictured the moment when she said 'root beer'. God damn, so fucking cute. I felt like a wolf about to pounce on the delicate sheep with a hunger unlike any other. My head went around the world in eighty milliseconds as I dreamed of her all over me.

She immediately asked if we could be alone. Oy.

'Not at all. Let's go talk, ok?'

Jesus fucking Christ on a rubber crutch, I needed to ravage her beauty but no fucking way. Rachel seemed very sweet and open so the thoughts had to remain in the PG region. Check closed, out of the bar, to my rental car, and away from everyone. I decided to follow her directions to the next large town which was across the river in fucking Kentucky of all places. Geez. Along the short ride we discussed my trip and what brought me from my home, her living conditions, and the reason she responded to my offer of a phone call in the first place. The girl had to have been nearly twenty years my junior, but at the same time seemed very comfortable dashing out of town with a near-stranger. Rachel told me that my eyes expressed enough to allow her to go on a little adventure without worry. Just like Ashley and Juliette, my personality and caring manner came across without me lifting a finger and I was trusted completely. I kept dreaming of the way she said 'root beer' and the adorable smile that accompanied such a cute expression of joy. Fucking hell, so much younger than myself and sitting next to me completely at ease. Was she a psycho serial killer? A pent up girl needing to go wild for a time? Or perhaps just a person desiring some contact and affection from another? I had no idea whatsoever and simply went along following her lead to a hotel. The hour was getting late and I could not help but wonder of what may come next. So far? Very nice, albeit still concerning. And holy blue fuck in a trash can did that girl look amazing. My eyes did lots of work with my brain attempting to keep up.

A one-hour drive and we covered a lot of territory in speaking with each other. As we rolled into the suites, Rachel informed me that the drive was to allow for lots of conversation while in the car. Hmm... she had a plan? What? Maybe. Either way, we arrived and I grabbed my backpack to check in. Rachel trotted her long legs next to me looking as if we had just arrived in Disneyland. Jesus fuck she was so cute. Hair flowing from side to side, breasts bouncing within her blouse, heels clicking and driving me into her fucking pants. I had to control myself and that idea was above all other concerns. We were together, in the middle of fucking nowhere, and my common sense was as gone as the plane which should have carried me home.

And I did not give half a shit.


Once in the big room, Rachel sat and asked that we find something mellow to drink and speak a while. I immediately agreed and was dying to know of why she dashed away with me. Soon enough, I thought. Start at the beginning and go with her wishes.

Evening room service of wine and fruit.

Oy. I was sitting in Kentucky and so fucking detached from my life that the situation felt similar to me running far away and latching to Juliette years earlier. I was nearly as reckless but nowhere close to harming myself as I was during that insane trip. Rachel brought some sort of solace into me that I did not understand and only assumed it was the same type of need which sent me into more than one pair of female arms for a decade. The need was always there. And then the conversation ensued with me flip-flopping between the desire to paint her with my tongue and the comfort and simplicity of sitting calmly and speaking with each other. The latter was so necessary, and the former was overwhelming. Stay the course.

As the evening went forward, I learned that Rachel was not Amish, however her family's practices had been in the past. With the business expanding and growing into the need for more help and more high technology, they became forced to embrace new things in hopes of securing the future. Eventually the religion and strict procedures relaxed to the point of her being more independent. That was wonderful to hear. At the same time? Worrisome. I wanted to fuse myself to Rachel's lovely body but the thought of where it may lead did not allow me to relax and tease the subject. We continued to remain at arm's length as the night darkened and were finally led toward sleep. I was dying to see what she may have been wearing underneath those lovely clothes but ended up suggesting that we retire in separate beds. No worry, no stress, no nudity. A warm hug and peck on the cheek later, and lights out. I dropped everything aside from the shorts, climbed into cold sheets, and a thought slammed me like a wall of water.

The following day was supposed to be work. Fuck me, I completely let that go in favor of the excitement and anticipation of being with Rachel. Otherworldly as it was there in the suite, work pushed hard and I had to take care of that early in the morning. I laid there and listened to the breathing from a few feet away, closed my eyes, and wondered where I was leading myself yet again.

Again. Fuck.


I awakened to the sound of the shower and so disoriented that I could not process shit for minutes. When I was finally reminded of the situation, my concern amplified like a wall of PA monitors at a fucking Van Halen concert. Rachel nude in the shower. Fuck's sake that derailed me like a Goddamned semi across the tracks. The thought of work returned so I grabbed my phone and left an email that I needed to take care of some things in the Midwest for a few days. The time difference meant no one was there yet and I knew no issues would arise due to my boss being a very understanding and easygoing soul. He always placed the well-being of his two subordinates above the schedule. Great guy. And with business out of the way I decided to pop up and dress before the young beauty emerged. We had no change of clothes and very few toiletries. I had no idea of where the day would go, but my adventurous open-mindedness helped me to take it one step at a time. Holy Jesus fuck in the trunk of a car did I ever wish to join Rachel in the hot water.

Nope. Stay the course. Let her lead.

Minutes later she strolled out of the bathroom wrapped in two towels and smiling from ear to ear. Damn it. Towels and skin beneath. My brain threw a rod and immediately lost function. Rachel suggested we get some coffee and find a few necessities before returning to the suite and continuing to learn of each other. She also made it fairly clear by kissing me deeply that her intention was much more. Exploration. Wow. I felt something like that telegraphed from her eyes the night before and was dying to go further, however my being did not allow me to attempt any control. I had to let her be and just go along for the ride for fear of stepping on feelings or anything else negative. Respect for her as a person came first, and that with my head already halfway into her bra. I wanted her so badly but kept myself calm.

Little did I know, her ideas were quite different.

And the phone rang with my partner's photo on the display. Holy hell.

Recklessness. Big fucking surprise."