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La Perla, the Seahorse, and the Night

Part Three

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"After dinner that evening, we returned to the thirtieth floor to reflect on the first day and relax. I ordered some light dessert and a bottle of wine to bring a bit of a cap to the meal. Juliette took to the bathroom for a while and emerged in satin and silk. Jesus Christ I could not wrap my sorry head around what she had brought to that hotel. When I complimented her sleepwear, she told me that to spend some days at such a high level was a wonderful thought, so she made sure her attire would match. Oh my goodness did she look like the very definition of a model. She slinked to the sofa and sank into the velour and a glass of wine.

'How long do you want to be here?'
'Until the sun burns out.'

She smiled and swilled, while I gazed and dreamed.

The hour was becoming late, and we were both fairly tired after all of the gallivanting and dealing with Jasmine and her injured partner. I knew sleep would come soon and the bed just sat there... Waiting. Juliette in all her silky loveliness came to me and took my hands, leading me to believe that something was about to take place. She pulled me to the sheets and undressed me. Into the bed, and that beautiful creature killed the lights and proceeded to absolutely wrap all of herself around me.

'We don't know yet, but I need to hold you all night.'

Again... yes ma'am.

Slumber and heat.

Early morning I found myself still with Juliette's warm skin all over me. I laid there and wondered what the coming hours and days may bring, and watched as the light came up outside the slanted windows. The entirety of the previous day was unreal in my head. Beginning with the escape from my workplace to the drive, into the sultry Luxor, to the bank, and then her arrival at my door. Following, Jasmine and Bridget throwing a wrench into the gears of our evening and their subsequent departure in the garage. Everything was beginning to calm inside, however, and my worries diminished to a nice degree. I started to hope that the new day would allow us more uninterrupted time together as well as a further understanding of each other. The woman next to me smelled like perfume and warmth. She drove me nearly out of my mind with her never-ending attention and beauty. As I held her, I could feel the thin bra straps across her tapered back and listened to her soft breathing. I longed to attack her from every conceivable angle and in every way -- a deep longing I had not felt for years. And still a tinge of wonder toward her intentions. Time passed as I considered our whereabouts and the implications of being so physically close when she finally awakened. I heard a sigh, she pushed me to my back, climbed aboard, and held on for dear life. Juliette hooked her feet under my legs, buried her lips to my neck, and whispered...

'I need coffee, and I am fucking hungry. Get up, mister.'



The very definition of beauty

Juliette had a way of putting things simply and to the point. Her voice was always smooth as silk with an underlying sweetness toward me which I soaked up like the sun. We arose that morning and headed to the shower. I looked at her as if to ask if we were going to step in together, to which she basically pushed me in and grabbed the valve handle. I dashed back out to lose my shorts and she laughed. And then she opened the shower door again and made a conscious effort to be sure I was watching when she disrobed. Holy shit and crap and everything else. That was a turning point after being restrained the night before. I would not have asked anything of her in such a direction but wanted it nonetheless. Once in the hot water, Juliette stated that there was an enormous difference between being nude together in the shower and physically doing more. Again, to the point and clear. I gazed at her eyes with appreciation.

'Feel free to look all you want, my dear.'

Sooooooo... we dressed and made a beeline for the inclinator. She wished to grab a light meal wherever we could, and then meander down the boulevard to take a look around. We cruised across the big pedestrian overpasses which connect the corners of Las Vegas and Tropicana Boulevards. As we made our way toward the MGM, I noticed a billion appraising glances from any number of others in the area. I looked over at her to find that face smiling as if to say 'unavailable, but thank you for looking'. At that point she turned to me and smiled more, paused slightly, and kissed my cheek while her hands held my face. It was a demonstration I would have expected from a highly-paid escort, and my joy in her gesture was wonderful. We continued, hand-in-hand. Jesus fucking crap and whatever. And I could not keep my eyes off her. Her gait with the heels was folding my mind into a neat little square as we walked. Holding her warm hand in mine was equally stirring. I could not believe the relaxing affection that woman displayed almost constantly. I was beginning to realize that her telling me of missing out on closeness in her life was something that had become a genuine trial. I felt for her and did my best to convey everything which was bringing me such comfort and adoration. Juliette's hands were non-stop in their connection to mine, often caressing my shoulders, and arms. Seldom was she not attached to me in some manner and I loved it. Glances, as well... Back and forth and heartfelt. I happily returned all of it.

'When I saw your eyes in the bank and you asked me to dinner, I knew already that I would be cared for as I have wished.'

We stopped at the Studio Cafe in the MGM and sat for a bit with something to eat and a lovely little pot of coffee. Juliette was overjoyed to ingest caffeine and snacks. She told me part of her appetite was due to us avoiding the bedroom gymnastics. Her playful nature was apparent almost constantly along with a healthy sense of humor. Just two more points to escalate my already increasing feelings for her. We talked about her goal that day of finding something nice to wear and I suggested either of the indoor malls up the boulevard. We finished our meal at the cafe and walked toward the boulevard again. Thinking of her wish to shop, I added a little thought along the lines of stopping by some sort of a church to give thanks for her company. It was meant to be funny, but moved Juliette to stop the walk and hug me tightly.

'I was kidding, but I so love being with you right now.'
'How did you come out of nowhere and into my teller window?'

She kissed me deeply, right there in front of the many golden doors of the MGM Grand. And out we went.


Juliette and her dreamy features

Along the way Juliette and I enjoyed more conversation regarding the reasoning behind us being where we were. I gained more insight as to her situation in life and deep dissatisfaction with so many aspects therein. She told me that her decision for agreeing to see me was one of the best she had made in recent memory. Those big eyes expressed much more than that as she spoke, and I was quickly reaching a point in which I wanted all of her even more. The caressing continued all the way into and through the Venetian, and that is no short distance. I spied the massive TAO Bistro and commented about the sexy nightlife there, including the many dancers which dotted the inside during late nights. I was stopped suddenly, and Juliette took my face yet again and stated in all seriousness that any desire I may have had would be furnished by no one but herself. Huh? Fuck me in a muddy ditch, her demeanor seemed over the top until the laughter commenced. I was surprised by the possessive tone and then realized the play had returned. After a fairly serious discussion, such a flighty and flirty response was completely unexpected. God she was fun to be near.

Once again physically fused, we boarded the massive escalator to move between corners of the enormous streets. Along the ride up, she took the step behind me and grabbed hold of my waist. Her chest pressed into my back and I could feel the thin, unlined bra which held those soft breasts. All at once I needed to turn myself and attack her sexually, but just as the thought flew into me we arrived at the top and separated. Juliette walked backward in front of me smiling, with her dark hair flowing all around in the breeze like a wild horse on the plain. Fucking hell, she was so beautiful and had turned into much more than I could have wished. I watched her intently until I could take no more of being apart. I dashed my ass to her and grasped her with all of me. She held on tight as we continued down, up, and down again, finally arriving at the Palace and its dramatic entry.

Inside, the memories of previous trips took a slight portion of my attention. The past had a way of working itself inside me no matter the circumstances. Juliette sensed a bit of a drop in my eyes and pulled me toward the nearest lounge -- Seahorse. We sat and awaited attention from the Roman-clad servers. Across the table from me was a woman who forced me to consider all of the terms which typically apply to such a chance encounter... Fate, destiny, Karma... Whatever. The questions started to pull at my brain and cause me unrest when combined with memories of being there with Jasmine. Juliette knew of that trip and had no reservations about me sharing the experience. She was happy to be there with me and expressed as much often. I felt no need to keep any details whatsoever out of anything she asked. Again our hands intertwined. And then the server approached, looking ever the Caesars goddess, and bent to greet us and take an order. I found myself unable to take my eyes of Juliette, and that despite the cavernous cleavage right next to my head. Ha!

Two glasses of wine and a big smile.

The two of us managed to sink pretty deeply into that sprawling lounge. The position of Seahorse within that casino was slightly elevated and attached to the pathway between major sections of the resort. Lots of foot traffic and bright lights surrounded us. She often stared at me without words and I back at her. The universe felt as if it was shrinking down to a small space within which Juliette and I resided. The eye contact, caressing all over, and hushed words from each of us were beginning to feel natural. I longed to hold her in private, and she looked as if I was going to be her next meal. Oy. We sat, talked, leered at each other, and eventually decided to leave for the shopping. For what felt the millionth time, I watched her walk and dreamed of welding my skin to hers. God help me for my thoughts. The Roman server? Gone from my head completely.

Onward to the Forum...


The only thing more beautiful was her big heart

And straight to La Perla. Holy fucking shit, Batman. The center of the universe for lingerie. Huh? All that money to place on her body? Fuck yes. I was in, all the way. Never before had I ventured into anything beyond VS, so that shop took me to another level when it came to exotic and beautiful underthings. She walked into that place as if she owned the majority shares. I followed along like a child into a massive toy store. Once deep into the mire of their lovely inventory, I took a seat as soon as possible to avoid appearing like a wolf bent upon taking Juliette by force. The thought of cash in my pocket helped me to relax there, because I knew the prices were high. She was not the type to allow someone else to foot the bill for things which were so expensive, but I was going to try anyway. Why not? To see her in some of the most exotic sleepwear and playwear in the world? Fucking yes all the way.

I sat there and accepted an offer of espresso while Juliette browsed the displays. And I browsed her like never before. That was day fucking two and I was nearing cardiac meltdown. I needed to grab her and cram her body into my mouth. Fuck. No sooner did I sip the hot Italian coffee, and the smoldering woman with whom I entered asked that I offer my opinion of things in the fucking fitting room. Naturally, she was not shopping the Goddamned JC Penney, so when a client enters the fitting room they are not alone. And I do not mean just me. The sales girl went with us to help with the fitting. The fuck? Are you kidding? Holy hell in a food processor, I did not know things were so dicey in the lingerie business. And I did not wish to tell the two women that I was very close to yet another fucking coronary with regard to my senses being blown the fuck up. Good thing I didn't need to tie my shoe because that would have been too much to ask.

So, there I was... Entering the room with the face of a baby about to attach itself to a nipple. I went in, sat down, and witnessed the interaction between Juliette and the sales girl. Bras, camisoles, whatever-the-fucks. I attempted to hide my drooling and suffered there for a little while in desperate need of air, when finally Juliette dressed herself and led me out. Thank Christ. To the cashier, I figured. Nope. She asked me to go next door into Spago and take a seat at the bar to wait. What? Er... Yes ma'am. We parted, I stumbled to the very Italian bar in Spago, and -- still sweating from such an ordeal -- ordered a fucking double scotch.

A bit of time passed as I was enjoying the scent of so many dishes being delivered all around me, and Juliette appeared with a bag and a smile. She kissed me and sat.

'I am loving this.'

Her eyes showed me as much. Our hands found each other's and the world felt perfect. She called for a drink and told me that her shopping mission was complete. Okay. I knew not what to say other than being happy that she found her desired merchandise. Of course, I wanted to see in the bag but it was off limits, to say the least. We enjoyed a bit more conversation and went out into the big mall, strolling against each other just as the trip down the boulevard. Every now and then I kissed her hand, caressed that gorgeous tapering back, and occasionally slid my hand over her ass. She appeared to be allowing anything which was not too much for the public eye. Vegas? Yeah... A little further than shopping near home. As we passed hallways to the left and right, I felt the overwhelming desire to draw her back into the darker areas and absolutely ravage her with every fiber of my being. I needed it, and she had to know as much.

I did my best to calm the storm inside me as we sauntered through the mall and made a turn back toward the casino. Part way through the gaming area I pulled her in the direction of the Seahorse again. We took to a booth and caught some breath awaiting the server. Once again Miss Rome came by and brought us our cocktails. Juliette and I spoke at length as always. The feelings inside my head and heart were toward the roof and I found myself daydreaming. She spent the entire visit caressing my hands and arms along with the occasional kiss. The world was turning aslant and I felt the best course was to go with it. The warmth was unbelievable and I soaked it up like a sponge in a lake. Heavenly, to the last.


I had to taste all of her

We stayed in that lounge for quite a while. Drinks, a few snacks, and the calming experience of being next to her allowed me to let go of hesitancy and worry. I did not need to be concerned with how Juliette was feeling because her eyes constantly showed me what was going on inside her head. All was warm and wonderful. She seemed playful and relaxed. Knowing that her comfort was at a high brought me peace. And then as usual when I was drowning in that enormous delusion, the world kicked in and started to cause concern. I told her as much, and her response was to remain quiet and give me soft attention and expressions of empathy.

'Whatever you need, my dear.'

Wonderful. I longed to be all the way in... Hers, completely.

Shortly thereafter we left the embrace of the Seahorse to stroll south through the resorts. Juliette wanted to sit in the hot tub in the room, so we made our way down the boulevard all the way to the huge Excalibur entrance. At that point she stopped me and held on tight. We stood for a few moments in the embrace of the other. She then looked at me with the beginnings of tears...

'Cherish this, please. We don't know how long it will last.'

I knew she was one hundred percent correct but still tried to push it away. She stopped me a second time...

'Please don't push... We will both be okay. Just savor the seconds.'

God damn fuck everything to hell and back. I didn't need to think of such things but again she was right.

Delusion. Drowning. To the pyramid with all haste.

By the time we rolled through the Excalibur's casino, the feelings for both of us seemed to be softening. A few words here and there led us to believe things could go well or badly, depending upon how much we wished to be happy together. And we agreed that the underlying emotional need was shared. Whatever had brought each of us to such a point in time and in such a place must be allowed to run its course. Being together and enjoying that bloated strip became a must. Out of the Excalibur and into the Luxor. Home. Juliette stopped in her tracks, looked at me with bright eyes, and detoured us toward the front desk. She brought her bag to the concierge and asked that it be delivered to our room. A hefty tip later and it was gone with courtesy. She turned to me and again smiled with that devilish and beautiful face. I melted as she asked if we could venture back to the big green monster. Of course. Anything.

Across the boulevard again with the playfulness that I adored. Her eyes were everything. Her walk was gorgeous. Her hands were warm and loving. Again we returned to that place which was desperately necessary. We walked through the golden doors again and gazed at the giant lion's head atop the MGM's corner entrance. She slowed a bit to take in the sights and sounds and then took my arm. Along the casino and toward the Grand Garden. We wandered all the way past restaurant row and through to the parking garage.

'Hmm. Where was I going?'

Where, indeed. I had no idea what Juliette had in mind, but would have followed her off the edge of the earth. A moment later and she made a u-turn while maintaining her grip on my hand. Back toward the restaurants. She pulled me into a small bar and perched her lovely self upon a chair, pulling me in to the seat and between her thighs. The server approached and Juliette asked for two cappuccinos and almond cookies. She seemed to be taking the lead to an extent which felt nice. At that point she could have done any fucking thing in the world and I would have happily followed along. Once we had our beverages, she leaned in and said there was only one more stop on the way back to the room. Huh?

Coffee slurping, and dreams of her skin all over me.


Flowing hair and definition everywhere

Once again we enjoyed a nice exchange while sitting there watching others move past. The server was pleasant and sensed that we needed each other's attention and nothing more. All the while her fingers were smoothly caressing my hands and arms, with the occasional glance over my cheeks and neck. I was heating like a blast furnace in Death Valley from her touch, and Juliette could see it. She seemed to be warming up as well. The closeness increased as we spoke of all manner of things. Eventually she left her chair to sit upon my lap. Arms around me, lips along my neck, and legs crossed with heels dangling. For crying out loud I wanted her so badly that I thought my heart would shoot out of my chest and splatter on the nearest wall. The desire was like a cryogenic burn in the best possible way. My head began to swim and my words faltered. She simply giggled and assured me that my behavior was perfectly fine.

'I want you all over me, but I want something else first.'

Oh gawd, what the fuck could it be? Just a drink across the street to offset the caffeine. Okay then!

'Let's roll... Now. Please.'

She laughed at my intensity and confirmed that she was in heat to the top of the mercury. I did not know if being physical together would be wonderful and then devastating, or the other way around, or whatever. Maybe none of it... Maybe better... Maybe worse. But fuck all if I wasn't going to attack her like a fucking mad dog in spite of everything. I just needed and wanted her to the extent that missing out would have meant losing my mind completely. And then I heard her words of desire and the one gasket remaining within me blew the fuck out. Gone.

'Take me. And don't give me back.'

We left the little bar and strolled toward the Nile. Her hands were all over me and mine on her. Again... Vegas. Up the big escalator again, and that ride found her turning to face me on the way up, but one step above. Yep, she put that big, beautiful pair of breasts in my face while kissing the top of my head. No fucking gaskets left, damn it. I contained myself as much as possible while my brain began to lose power. That woman was the embodiment of beauty, grace, sexuality, and any superlative which can be applied to someone looking so unreal. She had everything. Her hair swirled all over as we crossed the bridge and I felt myself picturing her in all manner of ways. Watching her long legs move along with the narrowness of that waist and her breasts bouncing within the light material was killing me without mercy. Jesus. We went back through the Excalibur and across to the big pyramid, and then through the casino to that cozy little bar where our first conversation had taken place. Two glasses of wine, and two barstools. Juliette seemed to be calming a little after becoming so unbelievably hot just across the street. Or, maybe not...

'Go up to our room in twenty minutes. No sooner, my dear. Twenty minutes.'

Um... ok. And then a breathy whisper into my ear...

'Everything that is taking place in your mind is going to take place tonight. Twenty minutes, lover. See you soon.'

One deep kiss and yet another caressing gesture, and Juliette strolled to the inclinator looking just like smoking-hot liquid sex on heels. Damn everything, it was going to take place. All I had to do was wait. Ugh.


The curves of her ass

Twenty minutes. I waited and sipped. My mind was around the world in eighty seconds. Jesus fucking Christ... Everything spun within and my desire peaked. I sipped. I waited. I must have glanced at my watch fifty times in minutes. Was it running? Had time stopped? Gawd. She wanted me, and she wanted to do everything of which I could dream. That was saying a lot. I pictured her all over me, and a few desires stood out and had me at their mercy. Holy crap I could not think clearly. Back to the watch... Almost.

Finally the time was at hand and I tossed cash to the bartender. He looked back at me and nodded as if to say... 'Godspeed my friend.' To the inclinator and to my dreams I trotted. As the machine lunged sideways I found my hands shaking uncontrollably. I fumbled to find the room card as the motion ceased. I could not process anything but Juliette's gorgeous body and the endless possibilities awaiting us. Along the hallway and I glanced toward the open railing to my right. I could see the top of the giant obelisk pointing toward heaven. I saw the people below on the attraction level appearing as small as ants. Closer to the door...

Upon reaching the destination of a lifetime, I could not concentrate and make the key card work in the fucking slot. Over and over I slipped it in and out (In and out! For fuck's sake!). Red light... Sliding, sliding, sliding... Red light. Holy God I could not get in the Goddamned door.

And then it opened, and standing there was Juliette clad in lavender lace against her olive skin. She pulled me inside like I was on fire and kissed me deeply. She took a step back and her fucking nipples looked as if they could cut the door in half like butter. Then she turned and led me toward the living area, stepping as if she was on a runway. Her legs called me. Her ass called me. Every part of her called in my direction when she stopped and spun around. She quickly unbuttoned everything I was wearing and threw it to the walls. And then she pushed me to the sofa. And climbed upon me. And she grabbed my face plunging her tongue into my mouth to what felt the end of the very fucking planet. And then...

... We go back to the bartender at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport."