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Final Flight II

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"Jesus Harold Christ on a fucking rubber crutch, Ellie lunged at me as if the sky was falling on our heads at that very moment. She had the most beautiful silk lingerie in dark green against her fair skin. My mind lost all clear thought as she moved to me with arms outstretched and huge eyes. Immediately the kitten pressed her lips to mine just as my last visit when she nearly attacked me. Tongue plunged, her hand rubbing the front of my pants, and in the full-length mirror I viewed her little round ass sticking out as if she was posing for a Russian photographer. Holy shit, I nearly could not handle her coming after me like that when I had considered that we would likely not be physical. Further, more passion, until finally she dropped and pulled at my clothing like a woman possessed by a group of Succubi. Ellie sat there on her knees and little toes, staring, caressing me like Andrea, and wording her need to show me just how important I was to the world. She knew I needed to hear that the past could be turned around and made into pleasure and my body was beyond damage. I loved it and immediately wished to gush my heart at her for all I was worth. I tried to speak and received a finger to my lips along with a smile.

'Let me, mister.'

Wow. Ellie did as she pleased and sent me to the stars and back so quickly that I began to lose the ability to stand. She felt my legs trembling and slowly backed me to the chair, continuing with words of appreciation at my being in town and seeking her company. I felt guilty -- just like in the past -- at her being so young, however she was an adult in every way and took control by her own decision. Relaxed, I sat there while Ellie showed me just how important, sensitive, and viable those parts of me had become. The past melted away, I watched her motions, and finally gestured that she was pushing me to the end. Nothing. Ellie continued with both hands, soft lips, and loving motions until I let the slingshot happen. She remained, nearly still, with fingers below never stopping. More, slower, and then a smile. I could not imagine so much loving care coming so quickly after she entered the room. I had no idea her head was going in such a direction and was made to feel more loved than I had in months. Wonderful. Ellie rested her head on my leg and held on in silence. My mind was gone.

I held her hands trying to calm my breathing and take in the wondrous love she had just given me. My thinking was as unclear as after Andrea did the same for me on that flight from Orlando. I quietly expressed my appreciation over and over while keeping hold of her little hands. After a while she looked up, smiling, and told me she wanted me to be happy, relax and enjoy her affection. Such a sweetheart. As my energy to do anything seemed depleted, I asked if we could lie down.

'Wanna have a nightcap first?'
'Sure, if I can walk.'

Ellie laughed and nodded as she dressed herself. We freshened a touch and then went downstairs toward the Island. We settled in, ordered a cocktail from the gorgeous server, and I decided to tell her that I had an upcoming meeting with Kelly along with my reasoning for wishing to see that girl in private.


'Are you that bad right now? Jesus.'
'It never goes away my dear.'

Ellie did not take issue with my decision as much as I had thought would happen. The main problem was to be careful and avoid dropping myself into a similar type of soup from which I had been trying to crawl when she and I had first met. The two days we spent together were illustrated as a clear example of her point. I could not disagree. My lunging at Kelly was similar, although the intention was to see her closely and in excruciating detail. I just needed it badly, all the time. Vegas is well known for being stocked full of attractive women as most dress nicely for the atmosphere. Each example of beauty pushed at my desire and became traumatic time and time again. Ellie knew my being in that town was both good and bad. No worries, she told me. Huh? Really? Ellie clarified that I was free to do as I wished and her only concern was further damage to myself over the possibility of throwing all of me at a woman. Again. Hmm... I told her that to see was the point. She fired back with the sex being so close with clothes mostly off and the fact of my weakened condition. I could not deny that the desire had been out of control at times and that I would do my best to curb it while alone with Kelly. I knew it would be tough, but the feeling of that meeting in my hotel room was that she was unfamiliar with me, meaning we would likely not head in such a direction. The idea was to see her. Ellie was not concerned over my desire to indulge and what that could lead into, only my well-being heading to the future. She knew I had a difficult time in the past by allowing myself to get too close. All I could do was assure her that I would do my best. Big hug. Slam and jam.

We returned to the high floor (yes, high, because I was a snob and would not lodge below the twentieth) and I asked if Ellie would stay with me. Her clothes came off indicating a yes, so I lost mine and killed the lights. Into the sheets wrapped like a pretzel-spoon, and I ran my hands all over. I missed that since Natalie and her endless affection. Off to sleep as Ellie whispered her joy in seeing me well after all that time.

We awakened together all wrapped up as if we were one. Ellie looked so beautiful lying still with her big eyes staring at me full of emotion. I ordered coffee and pastries as we rose to shower. For some reason the morning seemed odd, like there were bad things either inside my head or just outside the door. I could not shake the sense that something was wrong or going to go very wrong soon. A bit of a knot which was displayed in my eyes. Ellie saw right through me as always. The hot water helped a bit, but her affection took the fucking cake. I had to address her being so wonderfully sweet toward me while I felt like nothing more than a head case. Shut up. Really? Yikes, that little kitten had a strong head and stronger will. Just shut it and be positive. Fuck. I did my best. Out and dry with my eyes welded to Ellie's body all soft and warm. I just fucking stood there and stared.

'Jesus honey, you ok?'
'Sorry. I missed being near you.'
'You are so sweet.'


Ellie moved in for a kiss and then dressed herself in anticipation of sitting together with coffee. The trolley arrived and conversation ensued. She wished to hear more about my return home which was a difficult story. I gushed about family, the Brunette, and those days in Natalie's little home. No detail was left out. Ellie's big eyes were full of emotion as she stopped me and lunged for a hug. She stated how happy she was to know that I made it through the loss of Andrea, but was a little disappointed in my latching to Natalie. I really could not help it due to having no value within myself. Ellie understood as much as she was able, responding that I simply had to find a way to lift my being up and out of the need for female companionship as a sole supporting way of life. No. I took all of her words and fired back that such a state was no longer possible for me. I had been beaten down to the point of being so weak that the only road out had to be lined with comfort. Yes, a woman, if not more than one. A relationship was so alien to me that at no time did I seek one. Just closeness for as long as it may last. And that included the simplicity of sharing quiet coffee with Ellie. But I still needed the drug and made a tremendous effort to leave those words alone. I pushed it away even with her sitting there looking like a delicacy. Pushed. Still, the others swirled through my head along the same line. We finished our light breakfast as she rose to leave. First opened earlier that day and Ellie's schedule was to keep her busy into the late afternoon, and possibly the evening.

'Don't get all silly on alcohol, my dear. And I will see you tonight.'
'Okay kitten.'

A hug and Ellie was out.

Kelly flashed in my head. My plan was to go visit her in the big, haunted lounge again and sink in for what I hoped would be more conversation. The woman fucking agreed to let me gaze at her beauty behind closed doors and I had to remember Ellie's request that I be careful not to lose myself. I did not know what to expect, so meeting Kelly again and talking seemed like a good idea. I straightened up and wandered out the door.

The morning casino feel was always nice... Peaceful in a way. Quiet machines, open floors, and very few table games operating. The main area was beautiful from floor to ceiling, with the architecture showing off the rich nature of gaming in that city. I walked through to the pyramid and noticed the House not yet open. And then Ellie's cute words directing me about drinking too much. Heh. She was adorable even when telling me how to spend my day. The kitten just knew me too well after that drunken affair months earlier. I kept rolling through and headed across the bridge. Nothing open. Aurora? Did Kelly work that early? Fuck it, I figured, the bar made very good coffee. Onward.


There was Aurora jutting out beautifully into the lobby. Empty lounge, aside from the male bartender setting up. I took a barstool and greeted him with an order of coffee. Out came the phone so I could record some thoughts, and just half an hour into my typing in the quiet I received a 'hello again'. I turned to see Kelly looking like a supermodel, and unlike the previous day, her hair was down. Holy shit, what a beautiful and fragrant mane. I stumbled to say hello. My head went sideways at her appearance with the black dress hugging her body just as I wished to. Jesus she looked good standing there smiling. A bit of a hug and Kelly trotted off with my brain flying up her dress like a deranged pelican. All at once I felt the heroin pulling the sense out of me. And I mean fast. Fuck did she look dreamy. Breasts bouncing, ass gyrating, legs gleaming. The coffee was not what I needed by a damned sight, although I had to respect the kitten's wishes because I appreciated her wisdom and had no intention of slurring myself into a reprimand. Fucking hell did I need a drink, though. A double. Nope. Coffee for the time being.

Kelly came by a short time later and asked me if we were still on after her shift ended. Yes. Fuck yes. I didn't give a good God damn if anything else happened that day. My thoughts were so wrapped up in that woman's willingness to avail me of her beauty that I likely could not tie my shoe. Seeing her there for work was unreal. My eyes were running all over her like a handful of marbles scattering across a hardwood floor. I looked and dreamed. The sex? Yep... All of it was in there too. The idea of her clothes coming off and me seeing details up close had been driving me up the fucking wall, and upon her appearing that morning looking stunning pushed me to desire running my tongue all over her skin. Everywhere. Her dress was painted on, pushing her chest up and out, and hugging her thighs enough to bring immediate pressure. I had no saving throw against wanting to be physical. Nothing. Kelly drew me like Andrea, and though I did not know her, the eyes and sweet voice told me she was someone special. We connected a bit and made a plan to meet. Unbelievable. When Kelly returned, I gushed.

'You are so beautiful. And I mean very unique.'
'You're sweet. Would you like to move to the lounge?'

Hell yes I did, and the reason was obvious. Kelly visited often and we spoke more about numbers and her vast beauty. I ended up having two cocktails out of a need for numbing somewhat over the idea of leaving the goblet again. I knew it was on the horizon and going home seemed the last trip I wished to take. Kelly came by mid-drink and sat perched on the edge of the chair with impeccable posture. The positioning of her arched lower back and knees together was amazingly attractive. I gushed more and she smiled. We spoke about that and other things, including the nature of her work. After drink number two I decided to find some lunch -- aside from the heroin right next to me -- and cut off the booze for a while. I told Kelly that I would return soon, otherwise our time and place were set. I was hoping that meeting would not derail my brain enough to get hammered. The idea was heavy, and I mean weighed down like an overloaded freight train. I had to think. Up and out with several glances back. One of them saw her blowing me a kiss. Holy fuck. Just... Damn.

I cruised to the big Irish pub two resorts over and plopped for lunch. No alcohol, just water. I bantered with the tall bartender here and there, continued jotting down thoughts on the phone, and took off less than two hours later. Seeing Kelly that morning had me at sixes and sevens over the obsession and my addiction, so naturally, and being the junkie I still was, my words ended up flowing into the beauty territory and eventually innuendo. She fired right back at me over and over. I loved it. Feeling all heated up by dreams of Kelly meant I had to cut it off and make tracks home. One more flowing compliment and I dashed the fuck out. She was smiling as I rolled through the big glass doors. All the way back past Aurora, through both casinos, and up to my room. The entire walk had my head fucked up over being close with Kelly. The idea was to maintain a distance and attempt to study her until I could stand it no more, and then cease. Was I capable? That was impossible to predict. My track record with women had been sketchy and usually depended upon my level of depression and yearning for those arms around me. I felt heavily in such a direction sitting next to Kelly, and that in turn sent me flying at the pub. I nearly threw myself at that bartender and likely would have been badly shot the fuck down. Somehow I managed to shift myself from those legs and back to the wonder of Kelly and the comfort of Eleanor the kitten. While moving past Aurora I did not see Kelly at all which made me realize our meeting was close. Time to head back and relax.

Minutes passed like hours. Dreaming. Was it real?


A knock at the door.

How many fucking times. Butterflies, as always. A woman on the other side taking time to see me. Her precious time -- and the intention of allowing me to focus upon her physical self in order to fulfill my strange sense of obsession. I stepped across the room, swung it open, and there was Kelly with a nervous smile. We hardly knew each other and there I was inviting her inside. And to see her in jeans with a buttoned blouse and hair down? Holy crap. I asked her to take a seat so we could talk. And boy did we talk. She asked the one question I could not possibly answer and I told her as much. I simply did not know where it began. Kelly seemed relaxed perched there on the sofa. Gorgeous, too. My eyes wandered along her legs more than once before I asked if she minded. A flat no. She expressed appreciation for my complimentary manner due to only being leered at during her work in the lounge and casino. She stated that my eyes were different, like I was performing research rather than trying to get into her clothes. And then the clothes became the subject. Oy God, that blouse within which her chest rested prominently. Her outfit reminded me of Juliette in many ways, with soft jeans looking elegant and dressy enough for any dining room, the blouse appearing tailored to her torso, and the shoes pushing just enough for me to see everything in its exaggerated state. I tried to avoid gushing too much for fear of embarrassing her, so I kept my words light. Kelly seemed a tad nervous at being there, so I suggested we spend time speaking over dinner. I still had the kitten coming by after her shift so the clock remained at the front. Kelly had not visited many of the south end restaurants so I made the command decision. Out the door. A lack of holding hands made me sad but I understood.

We sidled up next to the service bar at my home away from home. None other than Stripsteak. One scotch and one glass of Cabernet, salads, and their wonderful appetizers. Kelly seemed more at ease, and after a bit more getting to know each other, she flatly asked what I wished to see. I laid it out and she agreed with eyes full of wonder. Never before had someone asked to look at her shape in such a manner and throughout the evening that intrigued her. I assured Kelly that one word from her and we would cease. No worries, she trusted me. Wow. I closed the check and she gave me a kiss as a thank you. And then, walking past the fucking hostess, Kelly took my hand gently. We held just like that all the way to the elevator, up to my floor, and into the room. The gesture was warm, and something I had been missing for some time. Once in the room I asked Kelly to sit in order to go over a few things. Off came her shoes, and in the process I was afforded quite the gorgeous curves. Her waist was tiny like Ellie's, and when she bent I saw her inner thighs at several angles. Kelly did not sit. She turned and told me to take a seat. Huh? Both her hands moved to the top blouse button and...

'I trust you, ok?'
'Ok. Thank you my dear.'

One by one Kelly lost the snug blouse buttons and revealed to my eyes her beautiful blue bra... Lace, bows, and demi cups holding her breasts lovingly. The blouse was pulled around and off as her chest pushed toward me, and below I saw part of the reason I asked to see her form privately. Kelly's waist displayed nothing above the seam of those jeans which floored me. That was so uncommon that I had to pause her and focus upon what I was viewing directly before me not two feet away. Nothing... No distortion, pressing, flesh over the edge, nothing. I was stunned by the lack of anything which had become typical of a male or female into the thirties. The lines leading from her low-rise waistline to her shoulders reminded me of Andrea. I told her as much as she smiled toward my verbal affection. I asked her to turn halfway around, looked upon the transition from the tapering back lines to her hips, and the radii over which I agonized and tortured myself for years. Back to facing me with an embarrassed smile and one hand to her lips. I made a point of staring at Kelly's eyes for moments before expressing my profound appreciation at her willingness to indulge my odd sense of need. Jesus Christ on a cross, the woman was an enigma. Artwork before me. Pause.


'Are you uncomfortable?'
'Not at all. This is just different, that's all.'
'One word and we stop.'

I took both of Kelly's hands and smiled softly to let her know how important the whole affair was to me and her comfort was a priority. She gestured toward her waist with big eyes, so I took the initiative and loosened her beautiful jeans to see the front of matching lingerie. So cute, those little bows, like a toss back to the early part of the last century when a small accent like that bow made a huge difference on an otherwise plain garment. I stared a while before pulling further down. Kelly bent to help me with her leggings and those breasts were right there... bulging, dangling, with the beginnings of one areola peeking. Oy, that was lovely and unnerving at the same time. Back down to her feet where I gently removed both legs and folded her pants. Wow. Just wow, with Kelly's face partially obscured by her slender hands again and a tentative smile beneath. Jesus fuck did she look beautiful standing there. Blue again, with thin lace around the sides and a triangular seam pointing to the heroin. Her legs were a wonderland of curves... In, out, and back in before opening to that space above. Kelly finally lowered her arms, placing hands on my shoulders and staring right back at me. I again assured her that seeing was the key, nothing more. I then asked if I could move her a bit.


God damn, that was sweet. She was patient and calm, so I took her hips and turned her to face away again. There was a seam running down the center between her cheeks which diverged toward the bottom and that tiny material wrapping her so beautifully. I placed one hand on her lower back and pulled slightly with the other in order to accentuate everything I was seeing. Holy Christ, she looked dead-on like the models over which I agonized. Kelly was not insanely tall, either. Her legs were slender to the point of making her seem taller. I gently straightened her back and pulled the seam to center it from my perspective. Kelly did not move a muscle even with my fingers tugging here and there to position her. I then rotated her back toward me and asked if she would move a bit so I could sit on the floor. Yes. Oh fuck, I sat there on my feet and stared. My urge was to trace her inner thighs for remembering because I knew the moment would disappear soon enough. I could smell the soap on her skin, see where she had shaved, and upward were those round breasts defying the stomach below. Moments later I stood and grabbed the thick Mandalay robe, draped her softly, and gestured for us to sit.

And then the questions.

Kelly wished to know what I saw. Any of her vast beauty was difficult to describe. I explained that what I was seeing could not be reproduced after years of trying. She asked if photos helped, but I made it clear that the flatness creates different details that do not match seeing the same shapes in person. I also told her that the opportunity to stare at a woman right in front of me did not happen often. The situation was personal, even intimate, and required much trust. The beginning of conversation about the subject can be risky and had gone bad for me more than once. And then Kelly asked about the sexual aspects. Oh, there was no getting around that. None. My head had a place where I had to cram the physical desire into a small space and keep it away. Not easy at all. But important if I was to be that close. I told her that the natural reaction to seeing such beauty and exposed skin on a beautiful woman pushed me toward sex. There was just no avoiding such a thing, and I also pointed out that control over such need was not easy, yet so necessary. She understood and appreciated my words and feelings. I asked no more of her and revealed that due to me being so horribly lonely for a long period of time I had to maintain a distance. I also pointed out that her sweetness was something I would not soon forget. A kiss on the cheek, the robe back off and tossed to the sofa...

'Ask me.' Smile.


Fuck. I had been trying to keep an even keel with regard to touching or asking, but Kelly seemed comfortable enough to allow me more. Wow did I ever have to maintain myself. Like a proper junkie, I rose and led her to the big bed and instructed her to lie down in varying positions. She followed along wonderfully as my head slammed me with mental pressure. I moved her around and stared, until finally I needed to touch. Oof. I asked, Kelly granted. She looked so relaxed being moved around and her breathing was shallow. I traced those lines of my life and tried to steer my brain toward the mechanics of her form rather than allowing lust to take my sense away. I continued all the way along the inside and outside for some time, and each trip north brought my touch further in toward those two curves that are above all things in my universe. Staring, gently moving my gaze from left to right, across and back. My brain melted away and the world became only what I was seeing. I was reminded of Andrea and Ashley, and the appreciative manner in which they responded to all of my needs. Kelly stayed there comfortably, after a time focusing one eye on me as I carried on exploring the meaning of me. I kept myself there as close as I could without losing control, and eventually I faltered and asked that she don either the robe or her clothing. My desire was overwhelming. The scent of her skin, her hair all over the place, those numbers whipping me into a froth, and the all-too-familiar pressure mounting like a storm on close approach. Kelly not only declined covering her beautiful body, but went a massive step further by standing us, facing me with eyes locked to mine, and reaching around her tapered back to unhook that gorgeous blue bra. Holy fucking shit in a Goddamned frying pan, I froze, unable to utter a syllable.

'I want to show you.'
'Um... Okay.'

And there it went. My God, Kelly had become so eased of mind that she lost it to the floor, my eyes dropping from hers to two globes that I did not expect to see. Right there in front of my eyes, with Kelly looking to me for approval as to how her upper body appeared to my well-researched eyes. And boy did I approve. We spoke briefly to alleviate her concern of how she looked to me and then Kelly asked me to do as I pleased... The rest of what she was wearing could be removed by me if I wished. Oh that was completely unnecessary. My point was to see her curves unrestricted and the lingerie was a part of that by creating contrast and interrupting the lines from top to bottom. My brain wrestled, I became a bit less comfortable, and that led me to ask that she redress. Nope. Kelly slid them off, turned, and leaned just as earlier, pointing her most intimate of spaces right at me. Upon seeing the heroin directly before me, I calculated that her intentions had changed. Again I softly caressed her lines, yet the second time I went further as her breathing increased. Still I kept a distance from what I knew would propel my head into orbit, although without words I felt that Kelly wanted me to have her in every way. Listening to her slight moans at my touch pushed the line I had held further away. I moved down to the floor and went to her gently until realizing that my suspicions had been correct. More, and with my hands sliding up her stomach toward those gorgeous breasts until Kelly made those sounds I loved so much. The junkie hit the vein, the pressure hit the roof, and we became unlimited. My goodness.


'Are you certain?'
'Take me.'

Holy shit, that was that. In the back of my mind I knew the Ellie hour had to be approaching yet I could not stop feeling Kelly's desire to be intimate. As we began to hold each other close, she felt my pressure and seemed overjoyed that I had become comfortable enough for me to let go of apprehension. Still I was concerned, however, that another beautiful woman forced my body to respond. I paused again with my arms wrapped around her thighs and my lips pressed to her ass. And then she spoke.


'Be my nine, and I will be your six.'

Fuck me in a Goddamned coin purse. Say no? Say yes? Undress? Remain dressed? Kelly pulled me to my feet and dropped herself down to unbutton my jeans. Kissing me, caressing, looking up with enormous eyes, fucking hell... I let go. Within moments she wrapped her lips and removed all doubt. To the bed and into the position she requested. I could not stop myself and the upcoming Ellie visit flew away. I had no idea of the time as Kelly rolled through orgasm after orgasm and went to town on me as if the sky was falling. Not much later I signaled her that she was close to making me explode but she kept right on going. The feeling of her hand was tender and exciting, warmth I had not experienced in quite some time, and then there it went. Blown up. Kelly kissed and tickled me until the sensitivity drove me to pull her away. We flopped.

Pain. Quiet conversation. More pain.

Kelly laid there next to me looking beautiful, hair smelling like fruit, breasts relaxed and pointing away from each other, and one of her hands still touching. I grabbed it and pulled away causing her concern. She adorably asked if she had done something wrong, but I assured her that was not the case. I basically pushed forth that I had been damaged long before and sometimes the difficulty returned with before or after feeling desire. She immediately move herself to place her lovely face right there and kissed me all over. Jesus, what a tender and loving gesture from a woman I did not know just a day prior to us all over each other. I told her my intention was the exploration and nothing more. Kelly responded that she wanted me from the second little encounter we had in Aurora. Wow. No shit. Me? Hmm.

A bit more time passed before Kelly had to leave, and I told her she could expect a visit soon. Smile, smooch, dressed, a long, warm hug, out the door. I cleaned up a bit and sprawled on the bed still reeling from such an encounter with a dreamy woman who seemed as caring and loving as she was beautiful. I dozed.

Two hours passed.

Where was Ellie?"