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The site has topped 30,000 lines of code, just in case that means anything to anyone. Our work continues to expand upon the mind of the owner. To us, the number is a milestone of sorts, especially given modern society's need to place a value upon everything so subsequent quantification can be realized. Whatever. 30k. Lots of space for a small corner.

The blue elements within the framework of the content have been darkened a measure, and the Maltese Cross at the footer now matches the previous font theme. In all, eleven slight changes have been made to further highlight the purpose of the site and darken the look slightly. Monochrome is boring, so we will keep color here. Also, the little crimson 'back-to-top' triangle has been replaced by a lovely gray open-frame arrow, again following the dark scheme. We like it.

The archive is going to remain as the index for past entries, however we have relocated all of the titled forms and each has its own page. The reason for this is length... the archive pages from the past two years have become overly long, and such a condition makes every edit difficult and increases load times dramatically. The change is complete. Also, the archives from February of 2015 to the present have been removed due to all of the writings now appearing separately. The difference is very nice, as things move around much more quickly.

This second series of essays chronicling the events leading to admin's fall from grace has left both him and the staff at an emotional loss. The music we hear in the office lends to his diminished state within society, as well as the somber mood as things move along toward a conclusion. We feel that the exploration is important, however it seems to be destroying the man and causing enough pain to lead him in the direction of killing the entire site for good. There are still a few parts to the story, but unfortunately if the unfolding of that period continues, we may lose the owner completely. In the meantime, we shall continue here until a decision is made in the positive or otherwise. A small amount of time may pass before we are allowed to publish further, meaning things are on indefinite hold. Ouch.

One other item... 'The Darkest of Beauty', which describes admin's first connection with the Raven, has been taken offline for extensive rework. The essay is several years old, and in the beginning was only visible to the Raven herself and the staff. The decision came from on high some weeks ago to pull it until such time as the content can be adjusted. We will publish and announce the readmission when time permits.

The Damage Path

Part Ten

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"Longer we relaxed in the heated patio, and that meant longer gazing into each other's eyes. I asked if Andrea was still sliding after our vacation extension, but she said everything was fine and the time for consideration was nice and calm. Her facial expressions told me as much, just as her big eyes showed that after days together she finally found the ability to put things in perspective and focus upon our adventures. Andrea also asked to visit the Magic Kingdom a second time. We sipped the remaining alcohol, thanked our bartender, and told him that we would see him again. Smile, handshake, out, shuttle stop, with Andrea in front of me holding my arms as they encircled her body. I looked forward to the Monorail as it had become somewhat of a haven for us. Quiet, smooth, comfortable, and yet another opportunity for her and I to be in close contact. Lovely. We boarded the wrong train at the TTC and were winding our way toward Epcot before I realized the direction was incorrect. Andrea giggled and smiled, telling me that we would eventually get to our destination, but the trip was just as nice. I could not disagree.

As we arrived at the Epcot station, she swung that picturesque body against me and whispered desire. Oy God help me. Were we going to smother each other on the rides again? The thought was enticing, though I did worry on occasion about being careful within the fold of so many families. We stood out fairly well anyway due to being dressed nicely, but ravaging her had to stay away while near others. Talk about a fucking tall order, the woman was unreal and delicious to no end. I squashed it and asked if she could behave in the park. Giggle. Yes.

'The room, love. Later.'

Her eyes were huge and on fire. I pushed it back to stop any potential blood flow before that familiar feeling sent those signals to my brain that seemed unstoppable. Andrea let it go as well, leaving us to pursue the enjoyment of the Kingdom. Still, the sex was always there... In my head, and at the ready. Jesus.

Gliding back to the very-familiar transit center found us absolutely puppy-eyed and with intertwined fingers. Andrea told me several times of her love and appreciation for what we had become, leaving me a pile of mush and feeling as if nothing in the world could draw me so forcefully. Her heart was bonded to mine, slicing off the road ahead and providing a world previously unimagined. All aspects of life were effectively being surgically removed from my psyche, with only her loving, caring presence left to carry me along. Dangerous? Fuck yes, but so necessary. TTC. We switched trains as usual and continued through to the Kingdom. Out the door and into the machine. Andrea paused us halfway to the Plaza and grabbed my face with a smile.

'We are going to be fine, love, just fine, ok? Trust in it.'
'Ok angel.'

Off we went in the direction of those wondrous dark rides in Fantasyland. All of the waits were decent, with Andrea against me the entire time. Hand in hand we rode and enjoyed. Afterward the Mansion called again due to that excellent semi-private Doom Buggy seating. All the while I could see deep emotion in her eyes and I knew exactly why. On and off since her telling me we would be ok the subject of us saying goodbye was discussed, and the more our words were exchanged the closer we felt to an easing of that gloomy time. Andrea knew of the consequences regarding both of us ignoring life and veering ourselves to an elaborately laid-out escape from everything, and covering the difficult idea of an end to it was not real fun. We had already extended the Polynesian stay and brought up an additional trip elsewhere, and that meant more disregarding sense. The massive upside was our constant communication. Andrea remained thoughtful and insightful, helping to keep us stable despite the crazy circumstances. She was wonderful, and for the second time during our trip I dreamed of bringing that angel home and holding tight. I did not want any reality slammed at us, so the idea went away quickly. Immediately after such a fiery thought, Andrea looked at me, smiled, and...

'I love you.'

Everything gone, replaced by loving eyes and intimate touches. God damn sonuvabitch, she took me away from bad and my heart skipped like a child fresh off for summer vacation. As we boarded the cozy buggy, my head was awash with her heart and what it meant to me. Days earlier I could not have imagined a woman lifting me like Juliette, yet Andrea had become even more. I loved her dearly and needed more, reminding me of those moments in Pensacola when she stated as much. It happened... we found much more of the need satiated by days together in the lap of luxury. She rode the epic tour through that Mansion with both arms wrapped tightly to mine. I could not fathom being happier than those moments. Jesus fuck did I ever love that angel.


No resistance whatsoever

After seeing the adorable Little Leota for the second time, we walked slowly to the closest bench and dropped our asses to relax a bit. I thought of all the reasons which had me stuck to Andrea and thanked my lucky stars for meeting her on the fucking flight from Dallas. That series of events was unimaginable and such a fleeting chance that wrapping my head around it was impossible. Right next to me was a person of unending kindness, compassion, affection and the enormity of love. She was the world -- my new world -- and it simply had to continue. The end was something neither of us could deny, yet we still pushed it away with great force born from mutual need and desire. God, she was wonderful, soulful, caring, gentle. Fucking hell anyway. Forward with all disregard, but understanding of our place. We enveloped each other, completely, and I stirred inside as if she had been the absent key which I yearned would enter the lock inside my sensitive heart throughout life. Christ in heaven, it fucking happened. An angel.

Andrea stared a long while before asking that we hit some higher speed stuff. Big Thunder, incoming. Off our heavenly bench and toward that rollercoaster. The queue was typical which allowed us the time we enjoyed as much as the attractions themselves. We held on and spoke quietly of every aspect of us. I looked into her eyes and saw the deep appreciation she felt for our adventure, and our many moves in keeping the universe in line with what we felt was important. The subject of that first trip to Vegas came up several times, providing sharp memories of us sleeping next to one another and feeling the tinge of those initial moments of contact without any urgency. Andrea expressed more than once how much the idea of being isolated aligned with her dreary situation prior to meeting me. She was alone, experiencing depression, and felt out of touch with genuine human togetherness, not to mention dreaming of a connection that never took place in her life. She also told me that our being so happy was changing her outlook. Oy crap. What about the end? Fuck that. Move along. I went into deeper reasoning for me running to Florida and the futile attempt at displacing my addictive and saddened nature. Naturally, I self-fulfilled all of the devices which pushed me down during the trip and eventually found that I could unload myself to her and find solace and understanding. Andrea took my hands tightly and stated clearly that anything I needed or wished was her charge. Wow, and that dramatic telling was mine, too.

The ride went by with our hands together. Andrea and her adorable voice, laughing, smiling, her hair everywhere, and me next to her... appreciating all that she was. When we exited, I listened to those boots hitting the pavement and felt her arms around mine. She always held on, and I returned the gesture as if to tell her how I felt without words. We walked through to Tomorrowland and into the big mountain for another speedy shot, that time through space. Once again the line found us staring and smiling. More we spoke of things to do as the queue slowly plodded along. Each time we turned a corner and switched back in the opposite direction I noticed others looking at us (mostly Andrea and her vast beauty) on and off, but cared not. I was so fucking lost in love that the peripheral things taking place felt as if they were a world away. I just did not care and barely paid attention. Anyone staring at her was justified anyway. I would have.

Inside the darkness. Andrea moved in front of me -- my favorite -- and I explored her waist. Jesus fuck, her ass was against me which drove my brain south at more than the speed limit. She twisted and whispered of the room again. Wonderful. Along down the hill and into the blue lighting of the huge loading area. Boarded, excited laughter, lift, drop. What a rush that legendary ride was. Afterward, we instinctively moved toward the entrance, and I found myself having a tough time keeping my behavior rated PG. I wanted her more than ever and she knew it. Heating quickly, we slumped into the Monorail and began to glide toward bliss. Andrea smiled playfully and asked that we have a cocktail or two before ending the outside activities. Nice, but I needed her all over me and drinks meant a longer wait. I could see by her expression that the wait was the whole idea. Ha! Nope. No way. I whispered into Andrea's waiting ear all of the activities in my head and she responded with heavier breathing and a very quick yes. One kiss and everything flew away. To the big room without further delay, and into a place of dreams. Andrea, that fucking angel, wrapped around me, and causing the rest of existence to fall away. And just as she stated hours earlier, every fucking thing. Andrea removed her beautiful clothing, revealing skin and lace. Her orange lingerie drove me up the fucking wall with desire. No padding at all in that bra, and a thong decorated with a little bow matching the one between the cups. And then I cupped the cups and lost myself in her scent. Holy shit. She crawled onto the bed and stayed on all fours, arching that tapered back and looking at me as if I was dessert. I threw all of my clothing in whatever direction and slid underneath that beauty, centering myself on her ass. And just as I raised one hand to touch her tenderness, Andrea's mouth took me and slung my remaining sense into a meat grinder, along with waves of passion in its wake.

'You like?'
'Holy God, yes.'

We ravaged each other eight ways from Sunday, leaving us slumped in a pile of damp loving care. Andrea held me against her golden skin and stated that after more days at the Polynesian she wished to fly back to Nevada. I agreed immediately, partly due to my inability in figuring a further direction. My mind was clay after enjoying our deeply emotional physical gratification, so anything she said left me trying to think in any fashion. After seeing her unreal beauty and feeling her affection, I likely could not have added two and two. Jesus Harold Christ in a punch bowl, Andrea captivated me and provided a type of happiness and contentment I never knew. My heart could have exploded. A long while saw us lying together and loving our situation. Her skin glowed and felt like silk in my hands, and those fucking dark eyes paralyzed me. Big, beautiful windows full of soulful sparkles, and staring back like I was the galaxy. I loved her like nothing else in the world. And then she spoke again in that tender voice. I watched her lips move and saw a grin.

'Drinks, love. Get dressed.'


Her delicate sex I could not avoid

Freshened up, we trotted toward the Monorail in hopes of something comfortable. My legs were nowhere near being up for much walking, however that was far from my control. Andrea took command in the room, and her decisions were still at the top. I went with it. We discussed the nice bartender at the House, but the hour was much later than our typical visit there. As we boarded and sank into the car, I suggested we simply cruise the esplanade and find something similar. A cute nod and smile melted me for the umpteenth time. I stared at the beauty next to me as she sat with her hands all over mine. Hair, nails, eyes, shoulders, breasts, thighs... spinning me with the realization that I may never look upon such form again in my life upon parting ways with Andrea in the future. I was partly saddened, but that feeling was lifted by her suggestion of a return to the promised land to extend our romance. And again I considered bringing her home. That idea had too many facets to process in my post-sexual condition, however it fleeted anyway. Prying my head away from the view of her being pulled to my waist and moaning in ecstasy was difficult. I kept the thought of home to myself as usual, due to the necessity of avoiding excessive stress between us.

The train flew along quickly around Seven Seas Lagoon, and we rode the entire circle -- as was our way -- before exiting at the transit center. Physically intertwined, with Andrea's head on my chest, we waited for the shuttle. No words were spoken, just holding and breathing. My heart had grown exponentially throughout the course of days, leaving life so far behind that consideration for the same was not even close. I held her, swelling with love, and dreamed of more time spent together. The shuttle ride was as the wait.

Bongos came into view as we strolled along, beckoning us to the picturesque bar. We sat, hand in loving hand, and stared into each other's eyes. The tall Brazilian bartender approached and smiled, took our order, then smoothly walked toward her duties. Andrea said she loved the beautiful Cuban theme and wished to sit a long while. God love her. She crossed those long legs allowing me to explore her midsection with wide eyes. The incredible difference between her waist and hips had me hypnotized many times, and those fucking stretch pants killed my psyche. I was still in disbelief over her love and desire to be with me, but the thoughts did not really matter once her gaze met mine.

The bar held us a few hours, along with various snacks and cocktails. We talked about everything in an attempt to relieve the difficulty in separating... whenever that was to take place. The more the subject was covered, the more my mind was eased. We had to maintain dialog rather than ignore the situation or the resulting damage would be crippling. After a while Andrea asked that we abandon the topic for some duration and refocus on enjoyment. I could not disagree with any of that angel's requests, so it was happily dropped like a hat. Another pair of cocktails and my thoughts returning to that other pair -- the one inside her warm orange fucking unlined bra. Oy. She smiled while twirling her dark hair, causing all concern to be tossed. Smiles.


All fours all the time

We left that comfortable bar and headed back out toward the shuttle. I looked forward to the Monorail every time. The afternoon had been very productive with regard to our futures, so leaving things alone for the remaining hours was best. Andrea's idea of strolling around World Showcase when the sun was setting sounded wonderful. We shuttled our asses to the transit center, stepped directly to the waiting train and dropped into the seats in as much contact as possible. The ride was as usual -- lots of staring, smiling, holding. Andrea was sitting there with eyes locked to me, taking my heart the whole way. I looked at her slender fingers around mine and began feeling worry over separating. She saw it, took my face and said it was ok. Not to worry, just enjoy. Oh boy, what a tall order.

'I cannot help but think about it.'

And then the water works began. Fucking hell, anyway. I did my best to calm things as a knot began to twist inside. She suggested going back to the Polynesian for some quiet away from others, so we rode the loop through Epcot and all the way back to the TTC. Train change, one more ride, and we arrived home in somewhat better condition than after my initial statement. Into the room, Andrea lost her jacket and pulled me to the sofa. She pushed me to sit and then climbed on top holding my face. With the beginnings of tears and a grin, the angel addressed me with all seriousness and literally straightened me the fuck out. Her words were sharp, eyes bright, and she sounded happy to be putting our entire world into perspective. God damn, the days ahead began to look better and more comfortable, bringing me out of the dark and allowing everything to ease enough for further enjoyment. Oh my goodness, the woman lifted me off my feet and provided what I needed so badly. Love swirled within me, and Andrea kissed me deeply with whispers of adoration.

'Yes love?'
'What now?'

Andrea pulled me and shoved my ass to the bed, ripped her clothes off quickly, and for the tenth time smothered me with affection. All over the room for God-knows-how-long, we went to town on each other and left nothing out. Exhausted and dripping with joy, we took to the shower and cleaned up lovingly. Andrea's eyes were enormous and very emotional as she continued to tell me softly of what I meant to her. I soaked up every syllable and expressed as much in return. Out, dry, dressed, and off to the rail we cruised. Her outfit was impeccable -- black low-rise jeans, leather boots, skimpy tank, and that jacket which fit her so well and showed off every single fucking curve. Her tapered thighs sent my brain to the moon, and that shapely ass again created patterns of lust within. I fucking watched her walking in front of me and sense flew. She turned, smiling ear to ear, and snatched my hand tightly. Back into the comfy seats and heading for Epcot, lost the entire way in our little world, and with my love for her amplified even more. God.

The Monorail arrived in front of Spaceship Earth with the sun at a threatening angle. Off toward the lagoon we strolled, hand in loving hand. We made our way slowly to the midpoint and stood gazing at that massive geodesic dome glowing with colored lights. I turned to her and held tight to that tiny waist, expressing my happiness at what we had become over the course of mere days. Andrea smiled with that fucking gorgeous face and snuggled to my waiting shoulder. Several moments we remained there enjoying us and the surrounding beauty, after which the stroll continued. We went around to Le Cellier again and entered to a packed scene. Oy. Back out of Canada and into Great Britain to find the same. Oof. Andrea said fuck it anyway, so we finished the circular route and went back to our rail in search of something acceptable. Upon reaching the TTC, she suggested an easier destination and led us back to the House. We shuttled, walked, and sat at the main bar for a change. There was plenty of room and tons of time left before they closed. Finally comfortable and warmer, the drinks went down along with some tender shark. She and I discussed the coming days for a while when an idea popped into my head. I hesitated to bring it to the angel because it had to be thoroughly planned. Andrea derailed my thinking so many fucking times due to her beauty and affection that I could hardly focus anyway. But the plan slowly formed despite her command of my attention. I went over some details as we swilled whiskey, and the more the detour cleared, the more I found myself dying to surprise her. There was plenty of time. Andrea looked like a well-dressed heaven sitting beside me. Picturing her on a beach in that Goddamned bikini was nearly too much.

'What are you pondering, love? Good things?'
'Very good, angel.'

She smiled and placed that cute hand to her mouth as I went along detailing yet another leg of our long adventure. Vegas was in there as a possible stopover to avoid an excessively long flight, and the hotel choice was clear. Those massive marble showers in the Venetian were too enticing. Double Helix, First Food & Bar and the array of dining choices cemented that stop and pushed me to arrange more. Onward my head went toward the flights and stays, while Andrea sat wondering what I had in mind for us. The evening went on as such, with some conversation and another two rounds of drinks, and details being routed through me like a New York subway map. I calculated our best pathways and finalized ideas into a crazy, sideways excursion to keep us on point with the bliss. Considering all of the discussions between her and I covering the imminent return to life, I knew we would move along happily. Andrea sensed that I was deep into it and let me be, for the most part. Her sensual flirting did not cease for a second, though. I loved it more than the enticing vacation being assembled in my head.

We said our goodbyes to the staff and reversed course back toward some nighttime excitement. Yes, the Kingdom. The waits and rides were just too much fun to resist. On the shuttle Andrea pressed gently to learn of what was stirring in my head, but I would not let it out. The woman could have turned on the charm and swept me into a sexual frenzy, after which I would blurt anything she wished, but that did not happen. Arriving at the transit center, I received a smooch and the look on Andrea's face as if her enjoyment was on a high. We disembarked the little shuttle and boarded our favorite mode of transportation. Sinking in, she grabbed hold and again rested her head on my shoulder.

'Can we stay on the train a while? I love this.'
'Ok angel.'


That wonderland of a waist

Around the lagoon twice. Off the train and into the Magic Kingdom for our fourth visit. We decided that all of the slower rides would be nice, and first was that beautiful mansion and its stunning array of wonders. The line was long -- as we anticipated by the crowds along the path to the French Quarter -- but we cared not. Every moment was an opportunity to be physically welded. And that line was no different. Her beauty was stunning and had me catching my breath more than once. Those fucking jeans and the little slice of paradise inside began to warm me fully. I had to keep it filed away for the most part because just a few seconds of the right type of contact and I would have jumped her in the faux graveyard. Jesus, Andrea was a fucking food group. I stared as she smiled and saw much love in those eyes. Big, bright, gorgeous windows telegraphing all of herself to me. We stepped into the elevator and she instinctively moved in front of me like always. I sniffed her mane and wandered all over that waist. Ten seconds, blast furnace. Andrea heard my breathing, turned slightly, and whispered sweetness and sexy words into my ear with a grin. God damn it, I wanted to fuck that woman all through the ride. I told her to ease up for fear of me losing my shit in a Disney park, and that led to nothing more than giggles. More caressing through the remaining wait, and then snuggles in the buggy. By the time we meandered into the graveyard, she was glancing my thighs and sending the blood south. Fuck me in an ice cream cone, I flipped.

'Please, my dear.'
'Sorry, love.' Giggle.

Little Leota and her ravishing look and adorably doomy speech. Out. Strolling. Dreaming. Loving. And straight to Pirates of the Caribbean. Another long line had us clinging and speaking softly. So wonderfully warm. As we moved slowly through the queue, Andrea pressed again for my thoughts, but I would not budge. More cute giggling and squinting eyes from that beauty. I loved it, and her. After some decent time we boarded and I watched Andrea perch herself and pair those fucking knees. Holy God in a bucket of water. She watched me staring, smiled, and grabbed my hand. We floated past the first pirate with his excellently-themed dialog, dropped to the second river, and then everything hit me like a crash test vehicle to a roadblock. I loved her endlessly. I loved every single aspect of being together... From sleeping nude and wrapped to the silly laughter and soft touches. Sex like I had never imagined. Physical beauty beyond belief. Tenderness in her gorgeous, emotional eyes. Understanding each other without words. Tremendous love and support when she spoke. All of it flew into my head and I swelled with the knowledge that the angel felt the same. As we floated and ignored the entertainment, Andrea saw the feelings in my eyes and absolutely melted against me.

'Oh my God I love you so much.'

Jesus Christ in a rain gutter, we were lifted even more, and that was something I thought impossible. We held tight, with big eyes and warm hearts until the ride's conclusion. More dark rides, and fatigue drew us to the Monorail, along with a strong desire to be nude and touching. God help me, I felt as if my heart would explode. Andrea had become a dream, and everything went away that did not align with making her happy. Head on my shoulder, fingers gently intertwined, holy crap to the nth. Fire. We rode the loop three times without a word and finally exited at the Polynesian. Into our big room and the hugs and makeout session began. Jesus, Andrea was stuck to my skin and clinging lovingly. We stripped each other to nothing and lounged under the covers holding tight. Her long legs were smoothly caressing mine and that beautiful hair was everywhere. We remained mostly still a long while until I had to have those globes in my mouth. Once upon her in such a manner, Andrea caught fire and took me in every way imaginable. Holy shit, it was wonderful. Snuggling completely, we drifted into sleep. The woman was incredible, warm, loving, beautiful, and so thoughtful. Every fucking thing.

Morning. Day five of DisneyLoveSexWorld.

Andrea was staring at me when I opened my eyes to her lovely skin. Again there were no words for quite a while. She smiled and greeted me with a kiss. To the shower and lots of soapy, Slippery, loving care. Afterward, we relaxed for a bit and outlined some things to do, including Andrea's beloved pancakes. She also wanted to visit the outdoor House bar for some time, and in saying so I went further into how much we were alike in terms of atmosphere and comfort in public. Splendid. I promised to get her breakfast soon, so we had to scoot. But first, she made a display of getting dressed for me. I stared as each item of clothing was donned. The green lingerie, dark blue stretch pants, silk button-down sleeveless blouse, and string-tied open heels to the tune of three inches, which again placed her above my head. Andrea killed me without compassion with her outfits and loved my appreciation for every stitch. She walked to me looking like heaven and planted those lips to my neck.

'I love the way you look at me.'

Jesus God in a fucking windmill, a long day was on tap for yours truly.


The cups I cupped

We left the comfortable room, hanging laundry on the door. The Monorail station welcomed us as always. There was a wait due to some timing issue on the loop, so we took to a bench and held on. Andrea's knees were together and I stared. My mind performed calculations of the compound radii being so beautifully displayed along her thighs. She simply smiled in appreciation for my interest. All at once I wished to kiss her intimate parts, but alas the pancakes took priority. I told her of my desire, leaving her to smile and whisper that later I could have her again, but we needed to eat first. Okayyyy.

The train arrived, we boarded, I stared and dreamed. That had become our typical way on the Monorail. The TTC was a short ride leading us to a waiting train on the Epcot loop. Along the rail we flew, holding hands and anticipating a nice day. Spaceship Earth grew in the distance as I marveled at Andrea's loveliness and devotion. We spoke little along that route, instead sitting quietly and running fingers all over fingers. I could not help but glance at her chest several times causing her to smile with that cute hand shyly to her mouth. The fucking view was wondrous... The thin bra allowed her breasts to move around at each change in direction or rail junction, and the dark silk smoothly showed everything. The green straps were slightly visible on her slender shoulders. And then the gap below, and nothingness in between. Fucking hell, I had never seen the likes of her form so close, nor had I been able to fondle and love such beauty before in my life.

Into the park, and the little cafe where we enjoyed breakfast a few days earlier. Afterward we decided to remain there for a time and hit a show along with the fantastic Test Track. When we walked from on place to another, I fell back a few times to gaze at Andrea, and as usual she turned and smiled, all tight clothing and flowing hair. God she was beautiful. Others looked as well, pushing her to stick to my side and wrap those warm arms around mine. We enjoyed the excitement and wonder that is Epcot, cruised back to the station, and journeyed to DD for the bar. The idea was to arrive upon the restaurant opening for a good seat, and some conversation with our favorite bartender. Not to mention our own loving words which no one outside our capsule was allowed to hear. Of course.

We sidled up and greeted the gentleman as he smiled upon seeing us again. Andrea extended a hand, shook his hand while smiling, and turned her full attention back to my eyes. God love her. The bartender's appraisal ended with a glance to me and a nod. Very professional. Our closeness continued for some time as we spoke of our situation again. Andrea asked of what I had in mind the previous night, so I revealed my idea for flying our happy asses to Maui. Holy shit, her eyes were huge and gorgeous, with the plan causing her to take a moment and let it sink in. I added the stopover in Vegas which led her to request that we take one step at a time and avoid booking too much. No problem. Andrea brought up the possibility of us saying goodbye in Vegas as it was the first place where we enjoyed being together and unrestricted. That floored me a bit, although it had to happen at some point and the Venetian was a thoughtful idea. I could not disagree, so the phone came out and I secured yet another flight and hotel reservation. Damn, I could not help but drop a few notches at her words of us separating. Andrea saw it and held me, whispering that all would be well when that took place. A bit of sadness formed in my eyes, however she took it away and replaced the feeling with love just by staring at me with those gorgeous windows. Big puppy eyes again, and those fingers wrapped in mine.

A few martinis later, and I found myself leaning toward slathering that body with my tongue. I gazed at Andrea and showed off my strong need, that beauty responding by asking for our check. We thanked the bartender and exited up against each other. To the shuttle and the transit center. To the Monorail again, and sunk in with her legs across my lap. Those slender hands were glancing my upper thighs and inflaming me completely. I caressed her legs and the touching was driving me out of my fucking mind. All the way around the lagoon we stared at each other, and upon arriving at the Polynesian we stepped with purpose to our room. Inside, Andrea grabbed me and kissed passionately over and over while rubbing the front of my jeans. She was driving me absolutely insane with the attention.

'Get them the hell off, love. I need to swallow you.'

Holy Christ on an aircraft carrier, I tossed my clothes and she dropped and went to town on me with all gentleness. Fuck me, I was awash with her affection and nearly lost my mind. Before I exploded into her mouth, I pulled her up and began to quickly oust those beautiful jeans as she ripped the blouse off and tossed it to the wall. I backed her to the bed, laid her beauty at the edge, pulled the delicious green thong off, raised those legs to the air, and dove the fuck in. Her breathing was all over the map as she reached the first of several orgasms, and my blood pressure felt as if I would pop like an oversized tick. Onward with my lips and tongue, I sent her over the edge more and more until raising myself and plunging inside. Andrea moaned beautifully and called my name. Pulling... Pushing... Loving. Moments later she looked up and spoke, all breathy and soft...

'In my fucking mouth.'

I did as she asked after dropping her ass to the floor. Seconds, shaky legs, arrival. Over and over she moaned and kept her lips wrapped for minutes. Andrea fell back to the carpet, those supple breasts bouncing until rest, and put her hands to her face, laughing. Jesus fucking hell we were in a hurry. I laid myself next to her and caught my breath, with arms gripping her thinness.

'God damn, sweetheart.'
'I fucking love you, and I needed that.'

Oy gawd, what a woman. I stood up and placed her feet together so as to stare. Standing there for moments, I took in all that she was, receiving a bright smile in return. Eventually Andrea arose and hugged me, and then wished to go back to the Tower of Terror. The urgency of our sexcapade out of the way, we could focus upon enjoying the parks again. The weather had warmed slightly, too. Walking around and exploring sounded great. A quick shower to rinse the dew, lots of staring, and her donning the clothes and making me want to go back to that thong and swallow it. She was too yummy not to consider it at any given second.

We rolled out the door toward the smooth rail and waited. Naturally, I shoved Andrea in front and held on. Hair, like a breeze into my nose. I pushed her mane aside and planted my lips to the back of her towering neck causing her to state that too much of that would likely put us back in the bed. Oy. I backed off but stayed wrapped. When the train arrived she towed me to the seats, ass back and forth and swirling in my eyes. Good Christ. Andrea smiled as we sat and told me how much she loved those rides on the Monorail. So did I. The trains held much conversation and sweet eye contact, especially due to us staying aboard past our destinations and taking the long way around whenever the mood struck. The current ride was no different, with Andrea smiling devilishly and making goo goo eyes at me the whole time. Fucking shit, what a face to be looking upon me in such a manner. Disbelief, and love. Period.


Passion burning us alive

We rode the lagoon loop twice before exiting at the TTC, boarded a shuttle and rolled back to the Studios. Upon reaching the inside of the park, we turned right toward the Tower. Andrea stopped us suddenly with concern in her eyes. Taking to a bench, I gripped her hands and remained quiet in hopes of learning what was in that pretty head.

'Me too, angel. Me too.'

She leaned to me and placed her head on my shoulder. I awaited her words while smelling the cucumber and feared being away from the vast comfort and understanding we shared for so many days. The thought of a flight was nice because of how we met, however the destination meant an end to the most warm and wonderful experience of my life. That was not pleasant. Longer we stayed there as I pondered how much I loved Andrea along with the endless warmth of her embrace, both inside and out. As the feelings flew through my heart, she strengthened her grip and began to quietly sob. All I could do was hang on and wait. Knowing what the issue was did not really help. I was going through the same worries and trying to reconcile all of it, combined with caring for Andrea and her sensitive heart. Within moments she calmed and finally looked to me for solace. Those big, beautiful eyes were wet but she managed a slight smile, looking as if she needed to apologize. God damn it anyway, even with teary eyes she looked so fucking beautiful that I nearly cried on her shoulder. I asked Andrea to try to relax, her hand easing its tightness and her head returning to its resting place. I held her there quite a while and wondered as to our coming days. More Disney, a flight, more Vegas comfort, and then... Heartbreak. Fucking crap. All of me was forced into wishing for anything else. Would we leave Florida soon? Would I boost the hotel again? Was Vegas a good idea? And the worst thought ever... What could happen to me once Andrea went away? Frightening, saddening, fucked. I was supposed to be a whole person and not needing another soul to keep me up, but in truth I felt as half. The other half had become someone I loved and cared for, and the one person I desperately needed to maintain my life's direction. And happiness. That is the very top of the unhealthy lifestyle tree and the additional branches one should avoid in order to survive. A whole individual, and something I had never been able to achieve. Yep, I was defined by what Andrea provided me. Wonderful.

Reconciliation was not happening. Too much rationalization. Just too much.

'I love you.'

God damn it, Andrea looked at me as if I created the beauty of the world and took the remaining sense away. I told her the same and asked if she would be ok, and her reply came with a smile and a wish to continue to the Tower to push the bad away and return to the fun. When I stated that the enjoyment was her warm and loving company, the tears returned a bit, along with that grip. Fuck. She was still smiling, though, and when I saw that familiar twinkle in her eyes I knew we moved past it for the moment. Andrea did not budge for several minutes, dried her eyes, and requested we carry ourselves from that bench and into the themed queue to snuggle. I kissed her hands and stood, and we sauntered along to the Tower. Once in the slow line, our attention left any discussion of Vegas in the dust. Thank fucking Christ, but I knew full well that not much time would elapse before some sort of breakdown occurred. Damn.

Into and through that most excellent of attractions, with our exit feeling as if the pit of worry had left for a while. Andrea's excited smile and gorgeous eyes told me the same and boosted me enough to return my heart to that place I needed so badly. We rolled around the park for a time before heading back to our favorite mode of soft, loving transportation. We rode the shuttle to the TTC and boarded the train to the Kingdom -- our flirting place. For what felt the tenth time, we stayed in the plush car a few times around the lagoon before departing and holding each other along Main Street USA. My love for her had apparently been broadcast through my eyes because when Andrea looked at me she melted. Wonderful. We rode a few of the smaller dark rides before walking toward the favorites -- Pirates and the Mansion. Upon entering those queues, the contact soared us above all else and provided the lift we both had to have after the heaviness of the park bench at MGM. And I mean constant, complete affection from one end to the other of each ride. Andrea returned to the goo goo eyed creature from which I could not unglue my eyesight. I made clear my appreciation of her being with me at each step. During the slow crawl through that fantastic mansion, I received loving words including a request to dine at the House of Blues again. Naturally I would have gone anywhere or done any fucking thing in my power to make her happy, so I agreed happily, and received another request immediately upon those heels...

'When we get back to the resort, fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Take me, love. Take me. Please.'
'Count on it, my dear.'


The radii of my life

She grabbed me and wrapped those long arms around mine as we strolled toward the exit. Along our slow path I began to picture the last time we would walk together. My lifting ceased and the sadness began. Andrea sensed it and saw my eyes. Stepping into the train, I fucking fell and told her we needed privacy. She agreed immediately and we rode, holding tight. Station, exit, hotel room. We found our cleaned and pressed laundry displayed across the bed, forcing Andrea to move everything to our closet providing space for closeness. As we sat, an image I did not fucking need was televised within me and I dropped like a rock from a high-rise. That's right... Juliette and I making love while she cried heavily and looked like the edge of the world was upon us. Fuck everything, that memory would not leave me head nor could I stop picturing the same with Andrea. I began to cry in her warm shoulder and her radar picked up my heart immediately. I curled up while she removed my shoes and shirt. Over and over the waves hit me like a wall of solid sorrow without limit. I knew where we were headed and could not fucking stop the torrent of sadness. The moment was as many days away as we wished, but there waiting nonetheless. I was ill-equipped to handle such a difficult and damaging situation, the likes of which I felt would kill me quickly. One of the most beautiful visions I had ever seen was Andrea's gorgeous ass in front of me, and that became my biggest fear -- watching it leave me forever, along with the heart and soul of an angel. For the second fucking time in the many years of my depressed, sordid existence, I was up against the reality of losing love that had opened the world and my heart. That wall needed my head rammed repeatedly until the fucking blood left me without consciousness. I saw nothing aside from loss and the massive unrelenting pain which accompanied such a separation from my tender heart.

Andrea laid next to me quietly as I tried to calm myself. The flooding carried on for a little while before my eyes let up their sadness. We were not there yet which helped a little, but for some reason I feared the end enough to keep me away from any clear thinking. I wanted to enjoy the resort and parks more. I wanted what we had for the past several days to return and free my head from any negativity. She held on, staring at my face with a softness I cannot describe. Her eyes showed so much caring and appreciation for my company that I began to rise up and let the words become more organized. That wall hit me hard.

The beauty next to me was reduced to those dark eyes and their thrall upon my heart. Her sensitive and loving manner toward me provided a silent understanding and allowed her to await me calming and finding the strength to speak. I finally did, and in doing so I produced a smile. I told Andrea of my love for her and the incredible help she had been to me. I also apologized for breaking down so terribly in the midst of our day. She smiled yet still did not speak, instead giving me space to go on. I did... I absolutely gushed to her. All of the trials throughout years were laid out while she listened and held my hands. A long while had me softly revealing my dependency and fear of being alone. Therapy, medication, tons of money spent purchasing temporary companionship, everything. I felt as if parting from Andrea would end me, and that was not the first time. By that point in the day I was wide open, raw, and receptive to any attention. Time passed as we laid there until she finally addressed me with loving words and eyes big as life. As that angel let it out to me, I began to see that our fears and concerns were shared. That eased the difficulty inside somewhat and opened me even more. Knowing we were so alike seemed to assist both of us and keep our romance afloat despite the expectation of splitting up. I could not believe how deeply understanding we had become. The shared love and caring was overwhelming, and when Andrea eased her speaking we were able to place everything neatly aside and take ourselves out of the dark, returning to our well-lit capsule and holding to what we both desired. I loved her dearly, and she returned that love with the same -- warming me again.

'It will happen sometimes, love, but we can make it.'

Huge eyes and a soft expression. She was right... Survival was under our control. Her words helped dramatically and slowed my rollercoaster of emotions. A little while longer lying together and our lips met, sending any possible further discussion away immediately. We kissed deeply for a long while which eventually led to the clothes flying and Andrea turning into a wild, naked creature attacking me without limit. Smiles, giggles, positions, lips. Jesus fucking crap, all over again until we needed rest and another shower. Damn, we removed the trials and flipped the day on its ear and to our advantage. There was no way in holy hell I could resist her physically. Too beautiful, attentive, and passionate. Andrea was the pinnacle of everything.

I watched her dress with an excited smile that matched hers, after which the image of her blue bra and matching lace thong became stamped upon my brain. Those fucking c-cups and their nipples pointing up drove me absolutely insane constantly. Her outfit again looked impeccable, all silk, leather, denim, and shapely nails. Andrea never tied her hair, either. That flowing mane was a world in and of itself. I slapped on my clothes and freshened myself for more Monorail love along with whatever the remaining day had in store. Dewy-eyed and wrapped together, we exited the hotel which began with trembling sadness and ended with shivering sexual bliss. Fuck yes, we were back in that place without equal. Her walk toward the rail left me yearning to run back to the room and jump her shit a second time. Jesus... Andrea and that ass had me spinning within the limits of carnal dreaming. I successfully switched it off upon reaching the platform and others awaiting the train to fun. We boarded, sat, and snuggled, eyes locked and loving.

'Where to, love?'
'House of Blues, baby.' Smiles.


Her unending and dreamy form

A short ride to the TTC, and instead of taking a shuttle we cruised the Epcot loop in hopes of a shorter bus ride to Downtown along with more time in the cozy train. The second train welcomed us and due to our position in the queue, we were seated opposite a group of four. Shit, but no big deal. I longed to caress her top and those warm breasts covertly, but alas I was completely submarined by two other adults and two children. Damn crap fuck. That though was immediately shut down in favor of Disney-ish atmosphere. The gentleman across from us was intent upon staring at the shapely angel next to me but I did not care. Understandable considering her goddess-like dimensions and impeccable clothing. He glanced at me, to which I reacted with a nod and grin to let him know it was ok. And then Andrea decided to fuck with my mind by whispering into my ear her desire to orally gratify my body upon our return to the Polynesian. God damn it anyway, I did not need a fucking erection in front of strangers with children. Andrea giggled with that cute hand to her mouth and I began to fucking sweat with sexual need. Thank Christ we were close to Epcot because I had to escape and breathe fresh air. As we glided and slowed at the station, I politely stepped aside to let the family exit, and then dashed out and down the stairs. Upon distancing myself from people I turned to see her laughing uproariously and stepping to me with that chest bouncing. Holy shit, Andrea successfully embarrassed me and loved it. I was happy to be with such a playful woman and told her as much when she came to me and hugged. Over to the shuttle and a shorter ride to DD, grinning all the while.

We sidled up and cozied ourselves at that big bar and asked the stunning bartender for two beers. Andrea smiled and told her we would be staying a long while. No worries, the beauty stated, and then surprised us by absolutely hitting on Andrea, hard. Devilish eyes and a grin out of a King novel, she offered herself up like an entree. Jesus, I was so taken aback by her forward words and look that I needed a moment to let it sink in. There was no hesitation whatsoever, leaving Andrea without words for a moment. The bartender, Julia, was absolute in her desire to swallow Andrea whole. And when Julia set our glasses on the coasters, the exchange of words took place...

'Thank you, that is very flattering. I am on cemented the other side of the fence as you will see.'
'Let me know if you change your mind, gorgeous.'

Wow. The other bartender cruised by and looked at us with sympathy. I gestured for him to approach, and quietly asked of Julia's personality. He responded that the girl was very outspoken due to the adult atmosphere, and had been reprimanded more than once for her behavior toward visiting customers, both male and female. I told him we were far too relaxed to be offended or irritated at all, however he went to the register and switched our tab to his key anyway in order to avoid any entanglements. Hmm. When Julia returned I stared at her with a smile and told her there was no problem with her trying to get Andrea to respond. She simply grinned and leered at the beauty attached to my side, while Andrea maintained her hold and closeness to me. Wonderful, every second of it.

After sitting a long while and enjoying the surroundings and each other, Julia slid over and stated that she wished to learn of 'what you have in there', nodding toward my waist. Oof. Andrea grew eyes of Satan, leaned forward and told her clearly, 'He is mine, including all parts attached, missy'. F word, what a look on Andrea's face. As Julia turned and fled, Andrea faced me and smiled while taking my cheeks in her hands and planting those full lips.

'My love.'

Holy shit in a shot glass, that loving soul took me yet again. Her eyes were huge and emotional, looking like a puppy about to slobber. Bliss again. Sumbitch, she was wonder-fucking-ful. In response to Andrea's sweetest of gestures, I gushed all that was in my heart and did not let up the flow for a second. She stared through me with slight tears and held me tightly. I was overjoyed at her successfully taking my sadness away and my subsequent telling of my deepest love for her. We sat there and tried to absorb the oddity that greeted us at the bar and made plans for some later entertainment. The thought at point was the fucking Kingdom for the snuggling lines and laughter. All of the prior visits to those fantastic dark rides had us attached and glowing, so more of the same seemed a great idea.

The bar remained welcoming for quite a while before we thought to leave. The male bartender went out of his way to ensure we were happy and comfortable, likely concerned for how we felt after enduring Julia's unreal yet futile efforts to snag one or both of us. Andrea looked so content sitting close to me, I just adored her and all that she had become. We still had more days and nights ahead before dashing back across the country, so relishing each second was paramount to all other aspects of life. And did I ever keep her head full of my feelings. Fucking constantly. Andrea saw all of it in my eyes.


Everything flowing

After filling ourselves with good food and lots of booze -- along with each other -- the decision was made to cruise the rail toward our favorite destination. The bartender thanked us profusely and again apologized for Julia. Andrea assured him that there were no ill feelings whatsoever and we would soon visit again. As we exited, I looked back to wave and caught sight of him doing a faux wipe of his brow and smiling. I projected a thumbs-up and grabbed hold of the angel for the walk. Shuttle stop, short ride, and the Epcot station again. Into the plush and holding on, we goo-goo-eyed our way back to the transit center for another train to the fun. More loving caressing, less words, but no shortage of conversation through gazes. The ride went by quickly so we rode the loop again, during which Andrea absolutely buried her face in my neck and slathered her lips and tongue to my skin. God damn fucking timing. I immediately needed to do the same to her skin, but further south. The blood rushed, she backed off with the affection, and smiled just as earlier when she sent me to the stars with words in my ear. Laughter followed, and she leaned to me with an adorable apology. So fucking cute.

'Later, love.'

Upon reaching the Kingdom, our walk was slower than ever. The choices had been clear as to things we wished to experience, leaving us strolling carefree and comfortable. We visited the typical queues again and enjoyed affection like prior visits. I expressed interest in fucking Little Leota right out of her miniature wedding dress, causing Andrea to absolutely lose her shit with laughter. We had so much fun that nothing was visible outside our capsule of love. Onward through the park. Andrea looked like the epitome of beauty with her inner self shining through and lighting my path. The heart I discovered on a Virgin flight became my universe. There was nothing else.

Upon our arrival at Pirates, Andrea stepped in front of me to let me hold tight. We walked the entire queue from the outer chains all the way through the many switchbacks and to the six lines still glued together. Along the way I saw many others staring at her with mouths open and eyes wide. Every few minutes she turned to face me with her long arms wrapped. Her eyes were closed during those moments as we moved completely awash with love. I was so comfortable up against her body that I felt nothing could cause harm. Andrea appeared to be as happy as I.

We boarded and sat hip to hip and I leered at her thighs as usual. Her head on my shoulder, both hands on mine, and my arm around her lovely shoulders. No speaking, just holding. After the pirate head's warning and the waterfall, she began to whisper in my ear of everything I meant to her. Damn, I became overcome with emotion and wanted to absolutely climb inside her... All the way to that big heart. My love swirled, her arms held. The remainder of the floating had us doing the same, after which the rise to the exit was again quiet. Off the boat, arms wrapped as always and toward the dark mountain for one shot before leaving our beloved kingdom. As we slowly made our way through the Plaza, Andrea started to look worried and somewhat avoided meeting my eyes, causing me concern for her feelings. I stopped us at a bench and perched her ass. Taking a rest next to her, I grabbed those hands and inquired as to what was going on in her head to cause that change.

'Scared again. I love you so much and I can't get the split to stop nagging me.'
'We are going to be fine, angel, and better for experiencing this part of our lives.'
'Ok love. I trust you with all of me.'

At that point I knew that my words were not forced, yet I feared the future too. Talking and facing that day was important and helped us to maintain perspective and focus. As much as I wished to keep pushing it away, there was too much on our collective shoulders to simply ignore. I held on and smiled, bringing her up again so we could continue. I calculated that one of our remaking nights was going to be a rough road, too. As much as I knew that, I still also knew we could each move on with wonderful memories. Filling my head with her helped to put a smile on my face and send that angel my loving eyes. I saw her brighten a little and suggested we roll to the mountain for a thrill. Andrea kissed me and made it clear that the thrill would be when we returned to the Polynesian. Oh my, she put the sexiest look on her lovely face, stood, and pulled me up. We hugged, held each other for moments, and continued into Tomorrowland where the fun awaited. Into the queue, wrapped.

Along we traveled through the many switchbacks, gazing in wonder and appreciating all of the scenery and affection. Time and again each of us whispered into the other's ear with words of love and talk of our return to the room of dreams, where we had enjoyed physical connections like no other location. Thoughts of the early moments within the Venetian came up several times, leaving me panting for her delicate sex and skin. We nearly drove ourselves crazy yearning for privacy and the space to do what we so badly needed. I faltered over and over staring into her hungry eyes and sensing the heat she brought to my heart and body. We barely contained ourselves within the line and decided quietly that the shot through space had to be the last. The Monorail called, along with many positions.


God she was beautiful

Into the darkest section of the queue and my face was buried in her fragrant hair. Every now and the when the dim lighting allowed, my hands wandered up to her bra -- inside the top -- with Andrea pressing her ass to my body and making me insane. More than once I thought of exiting that line and running back to the room. We eased off as the light level grew and stayed glued together. Again I saw others looking at her and simply smiled. The woman was unreal and chose to be with me. My head swam. Andrea's hair flowed. Blood pressure, for fuck's sake. We boarded and rode, laughing through the mountain, and then scooted out toward the main entrance. Our destination had been clear.

Monorail. Hands. Eyes. Her legs across my lap.

We strolled our steaming selves into that room where Andrea tossed her beautiful jacket to the sofa and embraced me as if we had been apart for days. Her soft lips were all over me, which pushed us to the bed. I watched her peel off everything but stopped her short of removing that beautiful blue lingerie. I needed to caress the material and drive both of us crazy with desire. Slowly the bra came off and those gorgeous globes were my dessert once again. Andrea writhed and moaned my name leading us into lovemaking for the rest of that night. Afterward I laid there staring and reflecting upon everything the day held for us. I felt no worry, just comfort. Three more nights meant plenty of time for us to work on our fear of being apart, and more physical interludes to enjoy. As I looked over her face and hair, I was reminded of Juliette's huge mass of dark hair. Andrea was similar, yet with darker eyes... Nearly black. Her leg began to smoothly glance mine as she smiled, so I wrapped her with myself, pledged my love, and closed my eyes.

I awakened after what felt like seconds, and to the sound of Andrea crying. Not good, but I knew why. She looked so sad that all I thought of was holding her. Immediately the crying sex with Juliette just short of that dream leaving my room at the Luxor gripped my psyche and sent me into similar territory to Andrea. I wrapped my arms and she pressed her wet face into my chest and held on for life. A long while passed without a sound other than sobbing. I looked out toward the terrace and viewed nothing due to darkness. Five in the morning, warm and soft, yet beaten by our imminent parting. As she finally calmed, her lips found mine and we stayed still and kissed as if the world was ending. I felt her hands tightly around mine, her long legs sliding back and forth from bent to straight, and her nipples in my chest. There was no blood flow (which was a first being so close), but still I smelled her skin and thought of everything we had enjoyed the night before. Slowly she caressed my cheeks with the beginnings of a smile.

'Morning, love.'

Soft voice and enormous eyes gazing at me like I was the world. And then the cutest expression ever...


God she was so adorable. Her small words made me mushy and I felt as if I would melt and flow right off the bed. The hour was way too early for breakfast, leaving us lying there and soaking up the quiet. I ran my hands all over her lower back and ass, feeling the thin thong strap which began to warm all of me. Andrea responded by pushing against me slightly and deepening her tongue. Longer and longer we stayed there kissing and fondling, causing me to want her in every way. I was overwhelmed by the sadness so often leading us to physical pleasure, however I understood the need for escape from downward thoughts. I went with it and increased the desire in her eyes until finally she flipped around and pulled my shorts off. Plunging, caressing... I lost it and grabbed at that beautiful thong with the dire need to taste her tender delicacy. The addiction to that act was at an all-time high and I resisted not. I gently dove into her labia and she pulled herself up and let out moans of pleasure. Back down for a long while as I felt her shaking through one climax after another. More and more, longer I stayed with my mouth planted to her sex and pleasing her for what must have been a dozen fucking orgasms. She again pulled her mouth from me and hugged my legs, laying that pretty head on me to enjoy. And the moans drove me nuts until I had to dive. I squirmed my way out from underneath, pressed her lower back into an arch, and entered that dreamy place for seconds before she yelled for me to let go into her warm mouth. Jesus Harold fucking Christ I could barely stay upright as she spun me until I fell back in a pile of sheets. God damn, it was wonderful. Just like earlier, her mouth and hands stayed on me a while as she smiled and looked up with huge eyes. A few kisses and Andrea joined me on the pillows. We intertwined fingers and had no words. Six o'clock and she finally spoke...

'Let's shower, my love.'

I could hardly fucking walk and she saw it, giggling.

'I make you happy?'
'Holy fuck, angel.'

More cute giggling and into a hot shower where we slowly de-sexed ourselves and relaxed. I tried to keep steady after such a knee-buckling experience but could not pull the image of Andrea looking up at me as I pulsed and stared. Her beautiful sex was in there, too, along with the early tears. Another giant stew of emotions simmered inside and I tried to organize everything to ensure a smooth day ahead. She dried, slathered lotion all over, grabbed burgundy underthings from her bag and pulled them onto her golden skin. Holy crap in a fucking coffee mug, she looked like liquid sex standing before me with her long arms behind her back. I fucking stared like never before as she put her feet together and remained still for minutes, smiling. Her huge hair was up in a towel and those cups were looking upward as if to reach for the ceiling. Longer I gazed until approaching Andrea and kneeling to admire her unbelievable thighs. She placed both hands on my head and gently pressed me to her thong. I surrounded her legs with my arms and took in the moment. When finally looking up at her, I saw the words 'I love you' mouthed silently. Good God, we became something I had never dreamed. To my feet, one kiss, and we dressed. Just as I thought we were out the door to our loving Monorail, she floored me...


Skin and hair

'You are wonderful, love. I am still unsteady.'
'Ditto, my dear.'

Out and to the big station. Andrea wished for the nice cafe at the Grand Floridian, so we boarded and rode the lagoon loop. The resort restaurant had just opened. Breakfast and discussion of day six of our otherworldly vacation. Afterward we went back to the rail, switched loops at the TTC, and glided to Epcot again, all puppy eyes and fingers the entire way. Andrea whispered to me her feelings and tried to apologize for the morning tear session. I told her very nicely that we had been in the same bowl of cold soup from time to time, and the thoughts and fears would continue as the day approached. She agreed, smiling a bit, and felt that to carry on glancing the issue might help us avoid a breakdown. Andrea then went on about us being so good for each other and her love for me was increasing. Fuck me on a train car, as sweet as our romance was, I knew the blowup was not going to be pleasant. She smiled more and professed her deep appreciation for all we had become. And there it was... An even higher level of us as one, and further into my heart she was cemented. I returned the love to her and our cloud in the sky continued.

The train cruised its rail along toward Epcot as we spoke quietly of everything. The station came and went but we did not give a shit. Upon reaching Epcot the second time we disembarked and held close toward Spaceship Earth and its familiar queue. Sliding in, we kept to ourselves and exchanged many words without uttering a single one. Andrea stared at my hand in hers, glancing to my eyes often. I took hold and placed her in front like always, arms wrapped. God love it all. Others stared, we enjoyed. The ride meandered and we kissed through the whole God damned thing. Unreal. I told her I wanted to bend her over the fucking railing outside...

'Go ahead, love.' Giggle.

The fun went on throughout the World of Nations a while, including the crazy boat ride in Norway. Time passed as we strolled, and then Andrea wished to shuttle ourselves away to the patio and our favorite bartender. The ride was quiet and full of the usual gazing with fingers all over fingers. The shuttle reached its destination and we rolled straight to the House, greeting the gentleman as he smiled at our arrival. We sat and began to speak about Nevada. Three more nights at our hotel meant more exploration of our favorite activities before flying back across the country. Andrea said her worry was subsiding for the time being, but mine was still nagging in the background. I pushed it back as far as possible in hopes of keeping our day on a high note. The bar was a comfortable place to relax and hash things out regarding the trip. We also discussed appreciation for the nature of Disney World and its ability to help set aside whatever was going on outside and enveloping us in comfort and enjoyment. The decision to fly to Florida after the Venetian had turned out to be ideal. I thought about all of it as Andrea sat next to me holding me between her thighs. Warm and wonderful.

The bartender came around for the last time before we headed out and thanked us again. He asked Andrea for a hug, to which she glanced at me for a nod. He rolled out from the bar for the quick gesture, shook my hand and smiled. Class, to the last. As we exited, she asked if I minded, prompting me to toss her own response from days earlier...

'I know how you feel.'

God love her, and me too. As we walked slowly away from the cozy patio, Andrea asked to browse around the Downtown awhile. No problem because anything we did was us being close. Around the shops, and toward the west end past Fulton's. Nothing really looked enticing aside from her clothing, so we did not stay long. Back toward the shuttle and Monorail.

The train welcomed us as always, and again we were seated in the forward car with others. I feared Andrea lighting off my engine but such embarrassment never materialized. Instead, we held close and socialized with our fellow passengers. Another family of four sat in their comfortable clothing, anticipating Epcot. We were opposite them, dressed in satin, silk, denim and leather, with jewelry and dress shoes. We probably looked odd from their point of view, however Andrea stood out like a model straight off the cover of a magazine. Her hair was all over and caught the eye of the young woman across from me. She told Andrea how beautiful her hair and clothing were, causing that cute smile with one hand to her mouth. God damn she looked adorable. We conversed more about our trip, their home and vacation, leading to a dinner invitation at Fulton's sans children. Huh? What was that? Andrea immediately spoke for both of us and accepted. Really? Oy. She then turned to me with bright eyes and said company could be nice. Mmkay, loveliness. I was unable to deny the angel anything in the world. Dinner with another couple seemed odd, but again... the word 'no' was not in my vocabulary with regard to Andrea. I spied the woman's husband covertly glancing at Andrea's crossed legs and shoes and did not take offense at all. I would have been staring, too. She was unreal.

The rail led us to Epcot where we parted company with the young family and stayed on board. Introductions, handshakes, bye. Andrea and I moved out of the cockpit and into the big seats further back when she began to laugh. Yes, that whole thing caught me off guard but it mattered not. I was hoping that there was nothing strange about meeting people, receiving an invite, tossing their kids aside and getting together for a social meal. I suggested to Andrea that they might be swingers, after which she laughed her ass completely off and asked if I wanted two mouths on me. The fuck? Chrissakes that was funny, but... Um... Nope.

'Just yours, lover.'


Aimed right at my face

Onward along the floating rail in comfort. We felt that the Magic Kingdom was our favorite, so off to the TTC for a loop switch and back to the fun of those legendary attractions. The slow meandering through all of the people was just another opportunity to keep close. We arrived at the entrance and stopped short of the railroad bridge where Andrea took both my hands and professed her feelings in spades. I was without words as she spoke of our matching hearts, shared comfort, and joy in every little detail of being together. Even the daily organization of our things in the room was enjoyable because it was just one more thing we did as one. Her soul shined through those big eyes and I thought my heart would burst. Damn. One long hug later, and we continued along toward Fantasyland.

Peter Pan's Flight. The line was long, and being one of the oldest rides that meant simple, wrought iron railings along the queue. As we held tight toward the second u-turn, I felt a tap on my shoulder, spun, and saw a young man smiling at us. He leaned to me and said, 'Jesus, dude. Where did you find her?' Ha! Andrea overheard and laughed, after which she replied to him and his two friends that we were born to be with each other, so meeting was merely a matter of timing. I relayed our finding each other on a flight, along with the two subsequent flights which effectively removed us from reality. 'Damn.' Yep, what else could be said? He went on that she looked like a model, expressing a thumbs-up and shaking my hand. Oy... I knew Andrea was unbelievable, but did not fathom trying to get across all that had transpired since the first flight, nor the idea of someone vocalizing in such a manner. All three of them were young, none taller than her in those heels, and seemed very much attracted. I had no concerns whatsoever due to us being so intertwined, and the conversation was rather humorous. The line went along with occasional glances from them along with Andrea completely glued to me. So nice. We boarded, rode, held on, and laughed at the guy in line being so gaga over her.

'Am I really that much?'
'God yes, my dear. More.'

The exit found us soon after, hand in loving hand. A few steps toward Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the three amigos caught up and asked if we would join them at a bar in DD later. Hmm... why? I figured their interest was Andrea, and my facial expression showed as much. I said nothing in response. She took my arm in both of hers and asked of their interest. The spokesman said they were merely looking for some fun, after which Andrea stated clearly that our time together was very important and we did not have reason to meet anyone. Wow. They smiled and walked off, disappointed. We continued enjoying the classics and spoke of the young men trying to get closer, along with Andrea taking control quickly and shutting them down with finality. Hilarious, and a bit strange, however I cared not due to us.

We swung our asses toward the favorites, rode, strolled, ate ice cream, and eventually made a path for the rail. Our walk was even slower than on the way in. Arms, eyes, wonderful. Andrea pulled us into the train and snuggled. Moments later we arrived in our little home and kissed our way across the room, flopping down and smiling. The day had been long yet still had one more event which I had been considering throughout our walking the Kingdom. Yes, dinner with that couple. I kept dreaming of her burgundy lingerie and wished to see more than the exposed bra straps. Andrea had a few blouses which were mostly similar, leaving my imagination swirling with images of her ass in the air and all of that smoothness to myself, and the view of those golden globes hanging down awaiting my attention. Her low-rise jeans barely hid that little thong, too. The entire picture was stunning. Dinner soon, so my mind pushed the sexcapades away until later.

Lying there speaking softly, we came to the conclusion that after our last night we would indeed fly back to Vegas. I had already booked everything, however the idea had been in the air floating to that point in time. The subject was tough but calm, effectively removing our unending physical desire and placing it on a shelf. Andrea looked so beautifully thoughtful during our discussion and she calmed me dramatically. Our idea was to return to the Venetian and make ourselves as comfortable as possible while keeping sight of us parting at McCarran some days later. I suggested three nights and received a smile in return.

'Maybe more, love.'

Dinner hour was approaching and causing me a bit of discomfort over meeting that goofy couple. Andrea saw it on my face and took me in hand. She spoke of us stepping outside our mostly solitary routine and seeking some conversation. I remarked that they appeared to be squareheads and the type was far from that which I could identify. Andrea giggled and told me to behave. Ha! God damn she made me laugh. I responded that she needed to keep her hands off my pants during dinner or I would throw her gorgeous ass on the tablecloth and drive her nuts in front of the entire restaurant. More laughter, after which we agreed that making nice with those two was not a problem. We gathered ourselves, freshened up a bit, and left the little haven for the big rail.

After swapping loops for Epcot, we spoke more of Vegas and the need for understanding that our capsule had to be slowly opened during those days. Andrea came up with the idea of spending an entire day apart to see if we would each fall to pieces over the separation. That was a very good idea, although I felt that my heart would break being without hers nearby for that much time. I had been so dependent upon her for solace that fear was not far away. She looked at me quietly for some time with emotional eyes and her hands all over my arm, eventually moving in for a long kiss. The woman had a way of pulling me away from any discomfort with those soulful windows and warming my heart immediately. I soon realized that the station came and went. Oops. Andrea just laughed at us constantly overlooking our stops. We sat and held each other warmly and rode along until Epcot. From there the shuttle bus dropped us at Downtown, where we strolled to the east side. Our dinner dates were waiting -- all comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Ugh. At least Andrea and I were bringing some measure of class into the restaurant. We ceased our loving discussion of the Vegas leg of the trip and greeted the dorks. Introductions, handshakes, and on into Fulton's.


Her curves drew me like nothing else

Andrea suggested the bar, however for conversation a booth seemed better for a group. Plus, the young couple informed us that they were not big drinkers (what?). We all waited a short time and then sidled into a booth. Neil sat quickly next to Andrea, leaving me to dine alongside his wife, Angela. Oh boy, what did we do? Did he really jump next to my angel? Hmm... at least I was across from that loveliness. Having Angela next to me was a bit unnerving as I knew nothing about either of them. Swingers? At Disney World? Hee.

Andrea proceeded to order the two of us bourbon, and the squareheaded couple had iced tea. Oof. Whatever. We sat and small-talked a bit before ordering which set me more at ease, including, of course, Andrea gazing at me with that adorably devilish smile. My mind did well to avoid her thong and associated deliciousness which allowed me to relax somewhat. At no time did I worry about Neil's intentions due to the angel looking at me confidently and removing any possible doubt about hers. I knew better anyway. The conversation carried us into dinner, and I saw that their meals were huge and dramatic, while Andrea and I had just a salad. The whole picture of our foursome must have been hilarious to the servers because two were overly tourist-like and two were seated as if awaiting a stage show in NY. We were just so vastly different in every way. I did my best to be polite until the alcohol loosened me up some. Andrea, also. Oh boy, from that point on, my words became more focused and a tad flirty with Andrea, with the other two marveling at our vocal nature. Angela seemed to be looking upon me like I was dessert, her hand glanced my thigh, pushing me to immediately pull Andrea toward the restrooms for a little discussion. We hid in the hallway and I told her that my swingers comment on the Monorail was likely the case. She only laughed and stated clearly that Angela needed to leave me the fuck alone. Yikes! I loved her so much. Andrea smiled through our covert meeting and appeared relaxed with no worry whatsoever. She marveled at the fact that earlier I mentioned they may have wanted more than dinner and then it began to happen right across the table.

'I will take control of this, love.'

Ha! Big kiss and back to the booth and those fucking hopeful squareheads. We approached the table as Neil appraised Andrea, leaving her face gazing at me and smiling in a manner I loved. We continued to make nice throughout the slow meal, while leaving any flirty talk out completely. Angela stayed focused upon me, while her husband kept his eyes all over my angel. Andrea stared at me no matter the subject. As time went by, I began to feel uncomfortable for the first time since latching to Andrea at Pensacola Airport. She saw it and immediately shut Neil down, in so many words. He pleaded with her gently, going on about her being so 'hot', but his efforts failed. Andrea reached to me and grabbed my hand, stating that the two of us were not only inseparable, but also we were seeking nothing due to finding everything within the other. Those goofball travelers had no chance whatsoever of being close with either of us. Andrea's words summed up all of it and left them sans hope of connecting. They were nice, but no one could enter our world and force a change. Love, caring, understanding... Every fucking facet had been fulfilled. Still, we were pleasant toward them no matter the intentions. We had no reason to be unkind, and other than the angel locking them out, the rest of dinner was fairly comfortable. Any issue which had entered me disappeared quickly. No more hands on me, and not even a fleeting hope for Neil to touch Andrea. What a couple.

We kept drinking which seemed to make the others a bit uncomfortable. Andrea's vocal flirtation toward me -- along with those dark, focused eyes -- slowly became too much for them and they mentioned it might be time to exit the steamboat. Yes, please. We took care of the servers and slammed the remaining bourbon. Angela let out a quiet 'oh my' as we left the booth and sought some fresh air. Upon reaching the outer lobby, Neil stopped Andrea gently and pleaded to see us at their hotel. Her towering height allowed her to drop her arms on his small shoulders and express a definitive no, adding that he should not ask again. Neil could only falter, mumbling about her looks and outfit, while Angela and I simply awaited exiting the restaurant. The poor guy stood there looking up at her smiling, but in the end Andrea was on another planet. Ours. Sorry, dude. Hee. What a fucking woman to be with me. Jesus.

Out the door, we walked with the squareheads toward the shuttle bus and spoke lightly of the resort and their days left with the kids. I sensed that we deflated their hopes but did not really feel concern. Their lifestyle was something I never understood, and considering just how deeply connected Andrea and I were, there was no possibility anyway -- even if we were open to it. Still we talked about everything related to the parks, eventually leading us to say goodnight and board the shuttle. The squareheads trotted back toward Downtown as we pulled away. Back to the Epcot station, two rails, and just us. Yes.

Inside, Andrea asked me to undress her to the burgundy. Holy Christ. I did so, with her staring into my eyes the entire time.

'I love you my dear.'
'I love you too, angel.'

We slid into the bed and wrapped ourselves tight. Soft, quiet words of loving appreciation, closed eyes, sleep. Dreams.

Hours later I awakened and fell off the edge of the fucking planet. The end was near, the bliss had become too much, and all I could see was the damage about to kill me. Andrea and her endless love, intimacy like never before, closeness which lifted me above all else, and the fucking end of the world approaching. She slept quietly against me as the fright and worry took me like winds from hell. I had no chance of preventing a flood of tears, no matter how long I tried to stare at her slumbering peacefully. The middle of the night usually found one of us repositioning to stay upon each other without issue, but that night I failed to locate any semblance of comfort being all over her soft skin. I kept falling into the knowledge that our beautiful capsule was soon landing in a bad place. Vegas was coming on the horizon, and the combination of us in the Venetian finding our first isolation from the world along with the idea of splitting was killing me without compassion. We had been so joyful having all the time we wished for exploration and happiness, and soon it would go away. The clock failed to slow no matter my heaviness of need. The end was just too close despite two more nights at our beloved Polynesian. It was not going to be pretty."