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The Goddess and the Scene of the Crime

Part Four

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"The Brunette expressed her discomfort over me leaving in such a hurry, but my mind was elsewhere. It was already en route, and Michelle was in there too. All the way in. All other concerns went away as quickly as the idea to leave was injected. And then there we were... First class, cocktails, and physically intertwined. That second flight out of the city felt different and much more comfortable. Days earlier, we did not know each other and traveled more as acquaintances rather than partners. However, the new trip was more fulfilling than I could have imagined. No sooner did we take the plush seats, and Michelle looked at me with teary eyes and a smile which expressed her joy at being isolated once again. I could not help but agree. Sitting with her at the front of the line was bliss. We folded up the armrest and made ourselves into a pretzel as others boarded. God damn was that one of the best feelings, and all else in the world once again flew out of my head. There was only us.

We had no idea of a return (tickets were one-way this time, so as to leave us out of being scheduled by anyone or anything), and we did not have a reservation anywhere in town. We decided so quickly about the trip in the first place that we did not plan any destination. That did not really matter. We just needed to run and the flight was the priority.

As Michelle buried her face into my neck, I began to gaze at others walking onto the plane. As they came on board, I could see the differing styles and walks of life. Executive types, young couples, everyday people... they entered and sought out seats and stowed their bags. Michelle held me tightly and mused that the plane would be much more comfortable if we had been alone. In a way, I told her, we were in our own space that no one else could enter -- physically or otherwise. All we needed to do was converse with the staff on occasion and relax.

The attendant approached with her dark eyes and asked of our comfort, to which I replied that we were want for nothing at that moment. I took her hand and stated that Michelle and I were right where we needed to be. The trip was a risk and an undefined period within our lives, yet the coziness and satisfaction of being near each other and around unknowns was wonderful and torched all of the responsibilities which plague daily life. We escaped yet again. The attendant smiled at us and promised to be where we required.


Michelle's big doe eyes sent me into orbit every time

Being back on the plane so soon was wonderful. The flight home days earlier was filled with a mix of love and stress, the combination of which could be uncomfortable at times. This flight, however, was quite the opposite. Knowing we had more time together away from anyone who knew either of us nor cared of our actions or situation was nice.

On the other hand, Michelle had no idea of what took place just the night before. I hesitated to tell her about it for two reasons. First, she did not need the added stress of worrying even more about my emotional stability, and second, I still needed time myself to process the whole shitaree. Although Michelle and I were in heaven on that flight and streaking away from home at remarkable speed, the events with the Brunette were still paying rent in my head. There was no denying the severity and dramatic nature of my dashing away. Michelle did not need to be brought into such a thing. I cared for her, just as I cared for the other one.

Our arrival at McCarran was somewhat lighter than the previous trip. We were not as polluted, and our comfort level with each other was way up the fucking scale. All the way, in fact. Due to the preceding many days, we found a level previously unattained with each other -- meaning, she and I were in need of each other's company to the extent that nothing else in life could have served to help to that degree. The plane was cozy, and the flight only added to our attraction and security. And the attendant once again did not fail to please. She read us from the beginning. Her look and attitude told us she was our type, and judging by the previous trip that was a very dangerous combination. We loved her and the situation, despite the implications and resemblance to the day with Diane.


Her waist was often home to my hands

By the time we arrived at the terminal, Michelle and I were ready to separate ourselves from the mass and isolate for a little while. The car dropped us back into the goblet and I checked us in while she relaxed at the Island. We wasted no time making our way up to the 30th floor and into the comfort we both badly needed. Once organized, I called upon room service to provide some hors d'oeuvres and two bottles of scotch. Upon the server's arrival, Michelle was already into her lingerie and lounging about the bed. At that point in the evening all seemed very well and our separation from the mass of society began to sink in deeply. And we felt a great appreciation for that fact.

Our snack gone, and a few icy glasses of alcohol absorbed, Michelle began to fill the tub that sat next to the huge windows. She expressed to me her need for warmth and coziness, and I could not help but agree to relax in the hot water for a while. The feelings within me swelled as the water rose over my knees. She lost her clothing and stepped into the tub while gazing at me with appreciative eyes. I took her hand and assured her that we would spend every moment together, no matter the circumstances. Honestly, Michelle was so beautiful that I would have suffered in the glaring sun for days just to glance at her for a second. Not a moment passed without me stirring at her appearance and calming abilities. She was a dream, literally. Upon exiting the tub, I felt the draw of Michelle's warm, open heart, and my first instinct was to slowly drop to my knees and hug her around the thighs. I held on for a few moments, looked up at her, and professed my love for what we had become. She gazed down at me from above and returned the feeling with her big, beautiful, and teary eyes. I could not imagine being more content than I was at that very moment.

The bath led us to the shower, and that pointed us in the direction of food. Considering all of the time spent together, we were able to sense the desires and needs of each other without words or even the slightest expression. The loving feeling of those facts continued to leave me breathless. She had become such a high point in my life. My heart was pounding from one moment to the next. Good god... an absolute goddess with the instincts and demeanor of an angel. I could not get enough of her in any way. I had begun to feel as if the only way I could be as close to her as my needs and desires dictated was to crawl completely inside her heart with all of me. The woman was simply becoming everything.


Amber is more than two inches shorter

After a bit more gazing with appreciative eyes, we dressed and took off for the elevator and the casino floor. Within the car, Michelle remained pressed up against me with her face in my neck. Along the ride we picked up others at various floors, and as they entered and noticed Michelle and I in the corner, I smiled and they smiled back -- as if the vibrations of our hearts were resonating throughout the resort. The feeling was indescribable.

We ended up strolling all the way through the property and most of the way across the Luxor's massive gaming area. Michelle wished to see if Diane was working at the time, and suggested we say hello on our way to... Wherever we were going. I poked my head into that plush restaurant and spied her near the hostesses. I gave Michelle a nod, as if to say: she's there, but be careful. That woman was gorgeous, but also dangerous, as we sensed during the previous trip. And there she was again, in the beige and white, looking ever the model. Her heels pushed the top of her head a good three inches above mine, and considering Michelle was roughly six-foot-one with the damned heels, I had become the shortest guy in the room.

Diane spotted me and approached to say hello, embracing me tightly and then rested her long arms upon my shoulders. Her eyes went right through me along with her typically devilish smile. She was looking at me as if I was a piece of fish and she was the shark. Holy shit. I immediately felt intimidated and nervous, of course. She could have intimidated anyone with her big cat eyes and playfully evil eyebrows. Michelle swung around me and hugged her, and the expression on Diane's face changed immediately. Aside from appearing to mentally ravage Michelle, her face also softened a bit and became less predator and more understanding. Somehow Diane had sensed that the two of us were much closer than during the preceding days. Her instincts were incredible to say the least. We made the typical platitudes available, of course, and assured Diane we would visit again. She still had the predatory look about her, but it was different from when we were at First. Her eyes were not so severely biased, and I was a bit more relaxed being near her loveliness. After a few minutes and a couple of additional introductions to the staff, we set out toward other venues.

Once clear of the redness of Cathouse, Michelle expressed her need to speak, so we dropped our asses at Flight for a chat. She told me that her heart was swelling with feelings for me and while in the company of Diane she felt a tinge of jealousy. I was taken aback and responded that I felt Diane was more interested in her than me. Regardless of which way that situation may have swung, we were both more comfortable away from that place. The fact that she felt jealousy spoke to me deeply. I knew being together was good for both of us, but until that point in the trip I had not realized the extent of her feelings. No matter what I sensed and saw in her eyes, there was much more underneath. We then decided to avoid others and remain attached to each other. I had no doubts that we could have grabbed a mixing bowl and dove in with Diane and her desires, but Michelle and I felt balanced enough to cease consideration for anything more complex. We again intertwined fingers, and took off to the north in search of culinary satisfaction. Yes.


Her thin arms and disproportional breasts... unreal

We ended up at AquaKnox for a light meal and a few drinks. The place was mostly empty, and was quite the opposite of the type of restaurant we had normally considered acceptable. The dining room opened on to the esplanade of the Venetian, and the less exposed areas were divided by frosted glass. We felt comfortable there, but did not stay terribly long. We discussed Diane's wondrous intentions and pondered over what may have taken place had we submitted to her outlandish wishes. By that point in us being together, the focus had sharpened enough to keep us away from others and situations which could have caused us any issues. We simply wanted to remain right up against each other and in as much comfort as possible. After a bit of discussion on the subject of us, Michelle slid over to me and again rested her beautiful head on my shoulder. The server could see that we needed exactly nothing, so she kept her distance unless we glanced toward her.

Sufficiently fed, we decided that on tap for the rest of the day was a taxi ride (to avoid the hideously long walk) and our room. I could not wait to get out of the public eye and have her all to myself for a while.

We exited the restaurant and said good day to the hostess and her endless flowing hair. The stroll past all of the canal shoppes was nice and quiet. Once into the Palazzo end of the casino, the noise level rose only slightly. Michelle paused us for a second and suggested we cap the meal with a glass of wine in the cozy Double Helix. Off to that bar for a visit, and shortly thereafter we hit the taxi stand. I then asked Michelle if she would pose for me again, to which she replied with a kiss and a bright smile. 'Anything, my love.' Oh gawd. I just wanted to glue myself to her forever. We arrived back at the center of the universe a short time later and made a beeline for the elevator. Once in the room, we took to the plush loungers for a little bit and ordered drinks to be delivered. The quiet in that room coupled with the lovely view toward the southeast was enthralling. The Mandalay was known for isolation, and our room felt like the pinnacle.

Michelle went into her case of endless lingerie for a couple of outfits, and then sat with me on the end of the bed for a few moments. She asked if I felt the choices she had made for the trip -- regarding her dashing with me, twice -- might cause irreparable damage within our lives. I was taken aback temporarily, but assured her that we could dissolve ourselves back into the world smoothly, provided we were capable of spending long periods of time apart. That statement seemed to comfort her somewhat, and she responded by taking to the sheets. Oy God and Jesus.

How in the blue fuck did I run across that woman by chance, and at a time when my being receptive to nearly anything was at the bottom of the fucking food chain. How?


Her posing was so beautiful... she pushed every limit

I pondered that thought for a little time before turning my attention back toward the incredible goddess. I could not help but consider the possible ramifications of us throwing the world to the dumpster and skipping town twice. And to have thought about all of that while sitting right in the center of the scene of the original crime was beginning to become mind-boggling. And then I glanced over toward Michelle and saw her hair flung all over the bed, her shoulder jutting into the air like a sexual knife, and the one eye not obscured peeking at me as if to invite anything. Jesus Harold you-know-what, I had to explore her fully, and ensure she was to remain treated like the partner she had become.

I could no longer think straight nor make sense of the simplest of issues. My mind was clay again, but in a better place. I ran my hand down the inner part of her thigh, she raised up into the air, and threw that enormous mane over and down to the top of her ass. Once I saw that movement take place, I lost all control. I planted a kiss at the small of Michelle's back, turned her to face me, and dove the fuck in.

All of it, everything, and anything."