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The Girl at the Car Wash

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"I ran across a woman of rare form recently. It is an uncommon occurrence to find a masterpiece in motion, and even more so to have even the slightest pause to take in and consider said masterpiece in the harried world of today. In the analytical context of numbers and ratios, this observation is very different from an emotional response, and becomes more of an exercise in mathematics. While it is true that in just a short time such observations and calculations are nearly impossible, it is incredible to consider just how many of these difficult descriptive terms can be worked out in the mind while simultaneously being both amazed and dumbfounded. I would, in fact, describe her as the near pinnacle of human art. In the following analysis, I will attempt to put into words and numeric terms precisely what my eyes took in throughout the course of a mere 11 minutes.

I was exiting my vehicle at the car wash and she passed directly before me on the way to the cashier, all the while ignoring her surroundings and choosing instead to yammer incessantly into a cell phone without distraction. At first glance, I failed to note anything out of the ordinary, but as she passed further I quickly realized her dimensions and form were anything but average. She stood nearly my height in flat shoes, with a thin, spaghetti-strapped top, which revealed perfect skin tone and the musculature of a biathlete. Her form further stood out because of a very large and extremely well defined pair of breasts attached to her otherwise slight build. It was obvious that the sight of this woman was not going to be easily shelved. I knew she was a rarity and would require some study, as the mechanics and numerical properties of her body were incredible, to say the least.

She appeared to be in her late twenties, likely a nude tanner, and was wearing a thin pair of drawstring khaki pants to her mid-calf and a black halter with roughly 4 to 5 inches of midriff visible below. Her long legs connected themselves to the ground via a pair of crisscross string-tied open shoes without socks. Her hair was light brown, seemed bleached enough by the sun to appear streaked, and was in a straight tail tied quite high on the back of her head. She was dressed to be comfortable in the sunshine, and carried herself as if everyone was formed just as beautifully, meaning she would not stand out in any manner.


After speaking with the attendant and informing him of the type of attention my car required, my mind was awash. She had already visited the cashier and I had just glimpsed her floating toward the waiting area to take a seat, all the while oblivious to the change in environment as she moved through the car wash.

After a few seconds to compose myself enough to realize just exactly at what I was actually gazing, I moved toward the waiting area. I noticed others standing around, all conveniently sunglassed, passing the wait as comfortably as possible while simultaneously utilizing their concealed-eye advantage to take in the sight of this woman. She, in contrast to the attention being offered her in quantity and from multiple directions (not the least of which was a superfluity of appraising glances from the attendants within the wash's employ), seemed to ignore all and gabbed away with her call partner.

Even in warm weather, the clothes that a woman chooses to wear for comfort can be deceiving, and hers were just that. While standing, her pants were somewhat loose and low to the hip line, making difficult any decent estimate of a waist-to-hip ratio (or any measure of thigh angle and taper, for that matter), and partially diminishing the hip-to-heel distance which is always a helpful number. The small halter-top and what appeared to be bikini straps underneath allowed for a very useful assessment of the form of her torso, however, and that was where the numbers became sharp.

The mechanical relationship between her upper arm, shoulder, neck and upper chest area denoted the balance required during free-weight workouts. Her arms showed some slight vein definition typical of very low upper body fat. A shallow section of her musculature was visible between the forward deltoid and lower clavicle, which is fairly rare to see on average, but also seems prevalent on women of thin body structure coupled with enhanced breasts. This was clearly in the range of a 14-15 inch radius -- roughly equal to the shoulder blade curve -- and served to nicely define the sloping pectoral muscle and very pronounced breasts. This indented area of her upper chest formed a fantastic slope leading gracefully around to the inner clavicle, above which a taper of smooth skin and muscle towered several inches up and slightly forward to define a neck of impeccable form. That was combined with the very balanced skin tone qualities found in fashion and glamour models enjoying worldwide print.


Her arms were quite thin overall, and very lengthy at her side. They displayed the natural taper leading downward from the deltoid, and narrow elbow joint typical of the female form. They showed none of the common distortion resulting from being held at her side. Even the slightest fat or muscle tissue around the triceps can mar the relationship of the triceps and latissimus dorsi. Any symmetry relating to her upper arms was nearly impossible to see because of the restricted viewing, coupled with the fact that she would not quiet her torso long enough to paint a decent mental portrait. Shoulder symmetry was fantastic, however, and is typically the result of an obvious effort toward crafting herself to perfection.

As they were very well outlined in the afternoon sun, large breasts provided a stark contrast to her otherwise thin body and distinct lack of fat. I did my best to gain as clear a picture of these as possible considering my surroundings. (I do not wish to come across as a man obsessed with the bust line or upper body lingerie, but the breasts are a very important section of the whole of the female physical appearance.) I also tried to garner a look at her from the rear to form an effective comparison of the breast separation, width, and base diameter, but the limited amount of time did not allow that type of maneuver. There was also the distinct possibility of suspicion likely to materialize while taking in the sight of a woman of such uncommon construction in a very public situation. Nevertheless, the short halter fit her quite snug and left little doubt that she had enhanced her breasts, via surgery, at some point in her life. I cannot be sure of this, but the law of averages dictates a strong possibility. They were both very large and very round, vertically and horizontally, and showed no evidence of the garment within which they rested. (I had assumed it was the top of a swimsuit, but that would surely be visible from the outside, as most styles are not designed to be concealed beneath other clothing. If it was in fact lingerie, the seams and shape of such were hidden very smoothly.) The size of her chest was most certainly out of proportion with the remainder of her body, but not to such an extent that would be considered excessive. Forced to guess, my estimate of her garment size would be a lower bust of 32-33 inches in diameter and entertaining a cup size likely surpassing a 'DD'. Considering her position as bent slightly forward and her continued torso activity, the possibility of an educated guess was nil. Had she been standing with an erect posture, the figure surely could have ballooned to 'DDD'. In any case, considering modern measure, this distinction is nearly meaningless given the all-too-often blurred line between diameter and cup. Her breasts were very uncommon, however, and did a splendid job of accenting her entire vertical structure, and this on a woman who stood all of five-foot-nine.


She continued to concentrate on the phone conversation, flipping quickly through some clothing sale flyer while relaxing her frame perched on the warm concrete bench. Her position almost directly facing my location afforded me a lovely view of not only her waist, but also her hips and upper thighs. These became more visible as a result of her pants pulling snug while sitting. I wish I had known if the optimum hip-to-waist ratio of 0.7:1 was applicable, but suffice it to say I was gazing at no more than a 23" waist, with a beautiful taper up to the lower chest and a slight widening at her hips. The ratio between her hips and waist seemed more exaggerated -- because of her seated position -- and probably undercut the norm at 0.65:1 or less. Other examples of a narrow waistline coupled with a seated distortion of the thighs have yielded a slight increase from the baseline of 0.7:1, and she appeared to fall within this range. In support of this figure, and lending to the entire lower body picture, was the differentiation between her paired knees and a distinct inner gap at the mid-to-upper thigh. This appeared to be a distance of 1 to 1.5 inches and curving inward toward her hip. Summed with the beautiful curve of her outer thigh to knees, this represented a form seldom equaled on models of which I have spent time considering.

The overall picture of her shape, seated and noncommittal, was staggering, and she appeared as a mathematical and aesthetic representation of uncompromising construction. It was clear that she had spent a lifetime preparing for presentation in daily society. Her large glasses and beautifully manicured nails only added to the fact that her appearance in public carried utmost importance above the day's business. It is unlikely that the thought of her impact on others' vision left her head at all.

As I fell into my disregarded auto and prepared to continue the day, the thought of the benefit of seeing such a definitive demonstration of mathematical beauty and numerical harmony was truly inspiring, and surely one of rarity."